Brandy’s Mom Sues The Kardashian Family

Sonja Norwood, mother of R n’ B singer Brandy, is suing reality television family the Kardashian’s, claiming that they ran up more than $120,000 worth of expenses on her credit card when Kim Karadashian was employed as Brandy’s stylist back in 2004. According to documents obtained by, Ms Norwood alleges that Kim “was authorized to make one (and only one) purchase on behalf of the Plaintiff, using Plaintiff’s American Express credit card. Neither Kim nor any of the other Defendants were ever authorized to make any further purchases on, or charges to, Plaintiff’s credit card.” The lawsuit claims that Kim disclosed the details of her credit card to other members of her family, and that “each of them, have improperly, and without any permission or authority whatsoever, made charges to Plaintiff’s credit card, claiming to be employed by Brandy or Plaintiff in one capacity or another.”

Norwood states that a total of US$120,653.65, “calculated thus far”, is owed by the Karadashian’s, and that they used the credit card to make purchases in their own stores ‘Dash’ and ‘Smooch’.

At time of writing, there had been no response from the Kardashian family and no official comment made by Brandy or Sonja Norwood.



  1. Why is she suing now it happen in 2004 is she mad because kim with reggie bush and not with her no good son. :hater:

  2. :iagree: with the part of you saying why is she suing now. I mean is she just realizing or is there some info that we don’t know about. Oh well, I hope justice is served to the correct party.

  3. If this is true Ms. Norwood is entitled to her money and I don’t blame her for suing the tramp to get it….And on another note Reggie Bush calls himself dating this sleeze (Kim) after she has mad a porn tape with Ray-J where she pleasures him orally for the whole world to see…What kind of man would want a skeezer like this for his woman, I’m sure all of his homeboys and teammates have watche his girl get down on tape… SOME negros are sooooo stupid.

  4. In another article I read it appears charges were still being made to the card as late as last year-2007.

    In 2006, the suit says this klan racked up $62,793.83 in unauthorized charges. In 2007, they supposedly blew another $57,841.82


  6. [quote comment=”20478″]Why is she suing now it happen in 2004 is she mad because kim with reggie bush and not with her no good son. :hater:[/quote]
    I seriously doubt that Ms. Norwood is mad over the fact Kim is screwing Reggie, why would she be mad over some jump off who made a sex tape with her son…If she was making charges as of 2007 she most definately needs to pay up!!!…If she’s so called dating Reggie Bush he should be taking care of his ho rather than her spending her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s money!

  7. I cannot express in words my dislike of the Kardashian family. Not to mention, I am soooooo disappointed in Reggie Bush! How could he be so stupid? I’m not against interacial dating. I’m just against these rich black men choosing women that they THINK are trophy girlfriends when they really can’t compare to some of these hard working sistas out here. (Maybe I’m just bitter because my longtime fiance’ left me for a white/latino woman a year after he got drafted. After she betrayed him, he came running back!)I guess black folks still don’t know a gold digga when they see one. I can tell by how the Kardashians treat each other on their reality show that they are liars and back stabbers. They don’t even have loyalty to their own family members, let alone anyone else that comes into their path.

    Bottom line, they’ll do whatever they have to do to maintain that lavish lifestyle of theirs.
    I only wish the Norwood family wasn’t so preoccupied with everything else that they would have discovered the fraud sooner. If you think about it, Brandy has gone through a lot over the past three years. This fraudulant case was probably put on a backburner until they got the more important lawsuits out of the way.

  8. You know when I first heard about Reggie and Kim I was like “What” how could he go out with some one like that, but honestly I dont’ really know anything else about her accept she had a sex tape with Ray-J that wasn’t even intended for the public. She “Seems” easy but I don’t really know her……What else has she done so bad….?

  9. You know what, Kim is being accused of a crime. So I would like to refrain from saying she is guilty of anything until we know the final court ruling. She actually has a very nice and approachable demeanor. I just think that there’s something sneaky about her. Personally, I get frustrated with her claim to fame. She dates brothas that are in the lime light and a lot of men act like she’s the best thing since sliced bread.

  10. Her family owns a couple of clothing stores, she has a reality show and she’s a model (her career was sparked from the tape of course). She’s dated Nick Cannon, Ray J and a few other people in the industry. There’s really not much more to know about her.

  11. NOPE! :thumbsdown: My pride won’t let me do that. I still care about him though. When some people get money, they change. They don’t realize who their true friends are until they hit rock bottom or they get betrayed. The Kardashian family are opportunists. Reggie is very similar to my ex. He was mesmorized by the idea of getting something that he couldn’t have when he didn’t have any money. Kim would never be intersted in Reggie if he was a regular guy on the street. That’s why I always support my black sistas. We go through so much. We have to be strong. Society gives us no choice.

  12. [quote comment=”20496″]NOPE! :thumbsdown: Reggie is very similar to my ex. He was mesmorized by the idea of getting something that he couldn’t have when he didn’t have any money. Kim would never be intersted in Reggie if he was a regular guy on the street. .[/quote]
    Teeda, you couldn’t have said that better!…..That’s why most of these black men go out and get them a trophy trick when they make it big….Just like money can buy them the type of car, home, and material things they couldn’t afford it can also buy them the type of women who normally wouldn’t give them time of day, and sadly these coonish fools flock to those type of women rather than a real natural sista….Reggie looks like a fool right now, people are laughing at him, and he doesn’t know any better because he’s young, dumb and rich…Someone needs to tell him Kim is not a catch….When any man can go online and watch your girl give oral sex, that’s not a prize possession.

    And kudo’s to you Teeda for standing your ground with your ex. :thumbsup:

  13. Yes I kind of agree that Reggie is still young 22. And she may be a bit of a trophy girl for him. As a matter of fact Ray-J said that Reggie dating Kim is not a good look. But on the same token, Ray-J shouldna given that tape to the public, I heard she was very distraught over it.

  14. Chin up Teeda, at least you figured out your Fiance’ before he became your husband :thumbsup:

  15. She probably waited to sue because a suing a person who doesn’t have the means to pay the judgment is useless. Now that the Kardashians have money, she can actually collect on a judgment if she wins. I would also guess that the statute of limiations is approaching and so she has to bring suit now to avoid waiving her right to sue.

  16. Y’all need to stop worrying about who Reggie Bush date because while he was in high school and college the only type of females he talked to were only white females sometimes mixed but they better be close to white looking but never DARK . So it is not a surprise that Reggie Bush is went someone who is non-black. Why cry over Reggie when he wouldn’t cry over someone in his on race.

  17. No one is crying over Reggie specifically. He is just an example of a common trend that wealthy black men are a part of. Naturally as a caring person, my first instinct is to try to protect people from being taken advantage of. Brandy and Sonja Norwood were allegedly fooled by Kim K. Its only a matter of time before she does that to someone else.

    Money brings out the worst in people. This story is just one example of it.

    I am happy with my life now, and believe me, I’m not crying over any men sweetheart. 😉

  18. umpf, sound like mama Norwood hurtin for cash now that Brandy ain’t pullin much dough after that unfortunate accident which killed someone. Nonetheless, mama Norwood is entitled to get back any money that was not spent in the best interest of the Norwood family.

  19. I could care less about Reggie too, just another coon for the public…I just think he looks stupid as hell…In all honesty is all about the money because without it he’s just a average looking dude, nothing to lose sleep over….And speaking of money Reggie be better watch is back because the white folks are stil trying to get him for some illegal shadey deals he made back in college, plus he had a suck season with the Saints & didn’t even make the playoffs, so his glow is already wearing off…I give Reggie two more good years if that long.

  20. Oh wow. Never would’ve known. I don’t know about any of this drama with some Reggie Bush guy or whatever (All I know is he plays football) , but I do know that if her and her family stole that money then they definitely need to pay it back. Heck, the way they act, it wouldn’t even hurt them to say “Alright, here you go, leave us alone.” and squash the entire thing. I personally don’t like Kim much because I see so little reason for her to be getting attention.Just what does she do now? I don’t think she’s anyone stylist or organizing closets or whatever she does.

  21. Brandy does look nice in that pic. I hope the norwood family gets all of thier money back. If these people are so rich,why do they need to steal from the Norwoods’?

  22. I am happy to see this post handled so maturely. Glad sistas didn’t come up in here wilding out , calling Kim names. Teeda made some excellent points and more sistas should handle the whole Kim K thing in the same manner.

  23. You know what that just calls for a but whoopin… Get the money back but someone just plain needs to get boxed…

  24. :iagree: that Sonja Norwood was waiting for the right time to sue and retrieve her $$$. But why didn’t she just cancel the credit card? Did she not realize that these purchases were being made over the past few years :confused:

    Brandy looks really good in this picture :thumbsup:

  25. Well, maybe she was just informed her ACCOUNTING RECORDS. The woman was probably reviewing some personal spending/accounting records and ran across a charge that she did not recognize. Kind of like when I had a flexible spending account in 2002 through my corporation, which re-adjusted my tax situation for 2006. It’s not like she has pocket change like everyone on this post. :hater: :booty:

    Kim’s father is a high-powered attorney, but her family does not make as much $$ as one would think–certainly not as much as some of her famous friends. :lol2:

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