Brandy’s Official “Human” CD Cover



  1. Not really feeling the cover, but all that matters is the music! Can’t wait for the cd, she never disappoints. :brownsista:

  2. Brandy is always simple, and i like simple I think “over the top ness ” can be a turn off
    I genuinely like brandy, not because she is so much every where that i have too, its like so natural for me to like her, does anyone else feel the same? Its like: “I like brandy”and it comes out of my mouth and it is as natural as “hello”.I’ ll cop the cd this is one brownsista i want to spend money on, since i’ m blessed enough not to feel the recession i’ ll cop as many copies as i can girl 😉 :brownsista:

  3. I like it. She looks beautiful. Lola you are right, she never disappoints.

  4. B rocka has a line of hair, and its great my auntie use the bohemian curls its bautiful ,
    If you wear weaves check for more info

  5. yes brandy!…im feeling it and she looks very pretty go girl!

  6. Has Brandy had a nose job or something? She doesn’t look like she used to. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I know she’s older now and all but something just seems off. She was gorgeous with her braids back in the day.

  7. @UnalteredBeauty…… Her nose does look abit different, but I think its just the lighting and the make up….

    But its good to see Ms Brandy back, can’t wait for this new albu 🙂 m to drop cause I absolutely loved Afrodisiac…. :thumbsup:

  8. She hasn’t fixed her nose. New pics of her are online and her nose looks the same. Folks need to stop being so quick to start rumors. Brandy has been out and about getting her pic taken all week and her nose was still big. Common sense also dictates that these shots were probably taken months ago in preparation for the album. You all are always quick to call photoshop on artists so why not now? Clearly make-up, lighting, the angle of the shot, and photoshop all played in role in the way her nose and entire face looks on that cover.

  9. Very pretty. 🙂 There’s so much good music coming out this Fall. I can’t wait to hear it all.

  10. She didn’t change a thing come on now people that’ s the same brandy from afrodisiak :thumbsup:

  11. @ Voice. It is the same Brandy from Afrodisiac but to me those ‘Brandys’ aren’t the same Brandy from earlier in her career (i.e. Moesha). Maybe it’s because she’s lost the weight and it shows in her face. Maybe it’s because she’s a little older. *shrugs* I don’t know.

    And I wasn’t starting a rumor Sashay_Shante; just asking a question.

  12. Every CD cover is photoshopped these days and this one is no exception. I will be checking out the new music, even though I didn’t “love” the first single, Brandy is still my girl. @Unaltered Beauty, I think its a little of everything. She is alot older now than when she did Moesha. And recently, she has dealt with alot of stress in her personal life.

  13. beauty maybe because she grew up and so did her facial features!
    i love first n luv and that album will be mine

  14. she needs to bring back moesha….
    :bowdown: that show was the sh!t :bowdown:
    and im telling you it would help bring her back tot he top! oh how i miss that show…it was just getting good to!!!!!!!

  15. Sashay_Shante’ I don’t think any one is starting rumors, I think it was an honest inquiry. But yes the other poster above is right, all Album covers are photo shopped, we all know these people don’t look like that! 😆

  16. wow she looks wow! a lil photoshopped but she’s lookin’ good !! :brownsista:

  17. I’m SO ready for “Human”. Brandy’s energy is different, you can tell that she’s at peace or at least getting there. I can’t wait to discover what this beautiful woman and mother has to give artistically. If y’all ain’t seen her HOT97 interview it’s available on YouTube. She’s very honest about her experiences, her journey, and I love her even more now. I’m feeling the new Brandy. She has my full support!

  18. LiveNlearn Definitely B’ s Energy always seemed positive to me, and i love her music always did 🙂 and she is just a genuinely Nice person

  19. Brandy has always been a breath of fresh air. I like the new song and hope her album is successful.

  20. Yay Right here is number one :hifive: B

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