Braxton Family Talk Show

Are you ready for a Braxton Family talk show?

According to Shadow & Act via The Huffington Post, the Braxton sisters have secured Rob Dauber (Oprah, The Rosie Show & The Wendy Williams Show) to oversee production of a daytime talk show the family reportedly has in the works.

The chat fest will be modeled after ‘The View’ and feature a gossip segment called ‘Spill the Tea,’ as well as segments on relationships, fashion, makeovers and celebrity guests.

Word has it Mama Evelyn will also be tagging along and will be featured in an ‘Ask Mommy’ segment several times a week.

No word which network the show will be appearing on or if all sisters, including Toni, will be involved.


  1. I’m happy for the Braxton sisters but I doubt Toni will tag along. Tamar won’t either if her singing career takes off. I would support them. Love Evelyn. So full of wisdom.

  2. Why does it have to be a mess? Why do we automatically expect the worse from ourselves? Would you have said that about the Kardashians?

  3. Yeah, I would say that about the Kardashians and the Braxtons aren’t any better. They’re all hot messes.

  4. Great move…Tiny has a talk show…if they don’t make it about Tamar and what she does or doesn’t do…if Tamar dial it back just a bit…she was good co-hosting with Anderson Cooper…interview with Wendy…Mama Braxton just has a “mother’s heart” that will resonate well with viewers…stretch that 15 minutes…Elisabeth Hasselback of the View came off of “survivor”…Trina should niche “fitness” and activewear (vibrate colors, neon lime, yellow, fushia, etc)…Gabe would help her sell a lot of merch…get the checks, that’s all I hope for at the end of the day!

  5. This could be good if they did it right, because they all have very different views on things. Should be interesting.

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