‘BFV’ Season 3 Premiere Party

Season three of ‘Braxton Family Values’ returns tonight and I am super excited. This is the only reality show I can stomach and that is 100% because I am a longtime Toni Braxton fan.

The sisters were back together last night to premiere their new season and yes, Toni was there. As were all the sisters, including a very pregnant Tamar.

Among the list of other notable celebs to make an appearance were Lil Kim, former ‘Basketball Wives’ cast member Jennifer Williams and fashionista Angela Simmons.


  1. My heart bleeds for women like Tamar and Lil Kim. Tamar is just a step above where Lil Kim is when it comes to the plastic surgery. Here are two sisters who were beautiful just the way they were. But neither had enough self-love to thwart the images that bombard women about beauty and this is what we are left with. Tamar looks fine on TV but in pictures she looks horrid. Only in black and white is her face softened. When she smiles her whole face just goes to hell. Same for Kim. No one has photoshopped these images and she still looks tragic. Kim should rethink the makeup, especially the red lipstick. She should also stop making that pouty face which only adds to the horrible-ness of what is now her face.

  2. I like Traci’s dress minus that belt thingy. Everyone looks happy. Lil’ Kim…. Is she swole just in the face or…. Something’s not right. I’ll be watching tonight!!!

  3. no matter what picture these sisters take together, Toni always stands out as a STAR and i love it!

    cant wait to watch….i need a 2 hour premier…

  4. Lil’ Kim Look’s Stunning.. As for the rest they aight.. jk… Toni is always so beautiful and Tamar.. well that’s Tamar for you

  5. Lil Kim does not look stunning.
    She used to.
    She was a beautiful black woman at one time.
    Now. My heart just goes out to her. If there is a surgery to undo what she did she should have it.

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