‘Braxton Family Values’ Returns

With season one of ‘Tamar & Vince’ officially a wrap, it’s now time for the return of ‘Braxton Family Values.’

Continuing on with season three, ‘BFV,’ returns in January with eight new episodes and even more sibling rivalry.

According to WeTv tidbits, Tamar is estranged from her sisters, Toni will only appear in a handful of episodes and Trina gets even more revealing than in season’s past.

Check out the preview below.


  1. It looks interesting! I can relate to Tamar in some ways, I think her Mother puts more demands (overly harsh) on her than the others because she can be quite loud and disruptive, but her heart is way bigger than Toni, Towanna or Trina’s. Traci also keeps it real, but keeps her opinions mostly to herself. It was just a short clip, but sometimes parents can make one sibling more responsible than others to shield the others because of their personality traits, fears or esteem issues.

  2. or Tamar is just the last child and can be a Brat at times, and at her age, no one has time for that especially when there are 4 other sisters who are more well mannered.

    her behavior is a bad reflection on her upbringing so it probably bothers her mother, that she didn’t raise her that way.

    regardless, i will watch this show, i cant take Tamar and Vince…too messy, them and they’re friends.

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