‘BFV’ Season 2 Coming Soon

With the second season of ‘Braxton Family Values’ set to kick off next Thursday, November 10th, more and more details about the season’s premiere episode have started to leak out.

It appears Toni did indeed get her new home in Los Angeles, prompting this response from sister Traci who comes for a visit: “This looks like a Toni Braxton house. Is this what it means to be bankrupt? Sign me up! Did you see the size of that pool?”

Another issue that will be explored this season is Tamar’s ever growing ego. According to Toni and Evelyn, Tamar was season 1’s breakout star- unfortunately; the attention may have gone to her head.

Toni: “Tamar can’t handle success. It goes straight to her head. Our family got a lot of press last season, a lot of exposure but I do think a little of it has gone to Tamar’s head- bit of a diva… Because she is the youngest and she has been able to say whatever she feels and we can’t say anything to Tamar because she is feeling very powerful.”

Evelyn: “Tamar can say whatever she wants to say to her sisters, however, she cannot say what she wants to say to me. That’s where I draw the line.”

Toni’s love life will also reportedly be a source of contention during season 2. Word has it Toni and estranged husband Keri Lewis may be working on a reconciliation- something sister Tamar does not agree with.


  1. Whats going on with Tamar does not surprise me. She already had a big head last season so that sounds about right. I hope Toni and her husband do reconcile. They have been married 10 years andd have 2 children together. A relationship that has lasted that long in Hollywood deserves a second chance if its possible. Forget what Tamar says cuz nobody asked her.

  2. @unalteredbeauty-I 2nd that motion!!!!

    This is too, my guilty pleasure and I will be there for the season premiere. In addition, I also hope that Toni and Keri can work it out, that would be beautiful plus they make a GREAT looking couple!!!!

  3. I LOVE THIS SHOW frankly because you CANT “script” family drama… and i see they are taking the gloves off this season.

    Tamar thought she was the outspoken one last season… but it looks like the “Tamar” in everybody is coming out and i cant wait!

    the Kardashians need to take notes!


    omg yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!

    “Forget what Tamar says cuz nobody asked her.”

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