Bria Murphy In The Spotlight

Eddie & Nicole Murphy’s eldest daughter, Bria Murphy, is looking to get her shine on like her talented parents. The 19 year old part time catalog model is being featured in her first video, playing opposite Gucci Mane in his Benny Boom directed video for his first single, Spotlight.


  1. ughh smh gucci mane anyways she’s cute looks like Keyshia Cole in the 3rd photo

  2. I agree ughhhhhh !!!
    why did she decide to debut with him of all people.

  3. I thought she looked like Keyshia in the third pic too. You can really see both of her parents in her.

  4. I agree, you can really see both parents in her. Very pretty girl. Gucci Mane????….maybe she’s a fan… I can’t say the same

  5. She looks like Shola Ama, a British R&B singer in the first pic.

  6. She’s a gorgeous girl. Looks more like Nicole than Eddie though.

  7. She is a very cute girl.
    She favors Monica & Keyshia Cole, to me…

  8. I agree she is cute. and thank God she looks more like her mom. If Ed didnt have money can u imagine what he would look like now. Cash saved his look….I’m jst saying…

  9. She does favor Keisha, she could be Keisha’s little sister almost in them pics..

  10. gucci coming up but i still can only take him in features, not whole songs.
    and she’s a very pretty girl…

  11. She cute!!!

    She got a Keyshia Cole and Monica thing going on…

    She looks like them…


    I hope she don’t kiss him… his lips look HORRIBLE and all cut up looking…. those lips might cut her!!!

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