Bria Murphy’s New Look

Eddie Murphy’s eldest daughter, Bria Murphy, is ready to set the modeling world on fire. The 5’9 inch beauty is following in the stiletto heeled footsteps of her mother, Nicole Murphy, and has officially signed with LA Models, the same agency that manages America’s Next Top Model winner, Eva Marcille. Photos of Bria were posted online recently and though the images are stunning, one cannot help but notice the obvious changes in Bria’s face, particularly her nose. Bria definitely got her nose from her handsome father. However, that nose, prominently seen in these photos, is nowhere to be seen in these recently taken professional pics. Of course it is no crime to have one’s nose done- it is however a little disappointing that someone as young as Bria would do so for the sake of a modeling career.


  1. Actress Elise Neal admitted to a nose job in an interview last year and said it was almost a given that if a black woman wanted to work in Hollywood she would need to have her nose “fixed.” After that I started paying attention to black women’s noses more and noticed that almost all had pointy noses regardless of their complexion or actual racial background. If you guys pay attention from now on you will notice the same thing.

  2. I remember when this woman was a little girl. Man, I’m OLD! 😆

  3. I can’t see the difference, save for the angle/tilt of her head…I don’t see “the point” 🙁

  4. Bria definitely had her nose done and everyone is talking about so I don’t know why people are shaking their damn heads. I don’t know why the women who post here are so sensitive and uptight. Her nose has been tweaked and she probably did it because of what people were saying about her nose. Do a Google search on Bria Murphy nose job and see what you come up with. Maybe had we blacks not been so hard on her she would not have felt the need to go under the knife.

  5. Nose job or not she Is still a beautiful girl and the photo’s look nice too….she still look like Keyshia cole to me

  6. I love her legs! But her look reminded me of Keri Hilson.

  7. It has to be a really good job because I don’t see it. Sheezus.

  8. Yeah everyone is talking about her new nose. I hate to say this but I think people expected her to grow up prettier because her mama was so light. People just associate lightness with beauty and assume a pretty mama will automatically lead to a pretty child.
    How could you not see the differences in this girl’s nose? It is as clear as the nose on her face 😆

  9. who cares if she got a nose job! She is gorgeous! Why do people always have to point out peoples buisness…DAMN! I wish her all the success!!! 🙂

  10. So clearly some ppl have never heard of contouring w/ makeup…

  11. These photos her head is tilted down. The old photo, its tilted up. Doesn’t that make a difference? 😆

    I’ll concede though. I don’t honestly know. I can see it with others sometimes and sometimes not.

  12. She looks dam good whether she had her nose done or not! What does it matter anyways???

  13. Very beautiful. I guess she is fulfilling the career her mom has dreamlied about having. LOL! Nicole claims to be a model, and i haven’t seen her in as much as a Valupack ad.

  14. WOW! Their daughter is very pretty. The last time I saw her, she was a little girl (6-9 yrs old)……I am feeling really old right now. Anyone know her current age?

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