Brothers : A Movie Review

Today I was torn. Torn as to whether to support the 1st Black Disney heroine, or take in a serious drama with a stellar cast. I chose the latter (and Jake Gyllenhaal LOL) with no regrets. Brothers was an excellent movie, and here’s a brief synopsis fo those of you who haven’t seen it: Capt. Sam Cahill (Tobey McGuire) is deployed to Afghanistan and after being presumed dead, his grieving wife Grace (Natalie Portman) and their two daughters are comforted by his black sheep brother Tommy (Gyllenhaal).
I thought the trailer gave the movie away, but the movie is far deeper than the love triangle that is portrayed, and McGuire quickly makes you forget Spiderman in what has got to be the best role of his career. I give this movie five stars!!


  1. Oooh! “best role of his career”?!
    Nice review. Makes me really wanna go peep it now. Thanx!

  2. I thought “Brothers” was a great movie. McGuire’s perfomance was very moving.

  3. This new brown sista writer loves to write about white people doesn’t she?

  4. I mean no offense but why the hell is this here. Hell white people didn’t even care about this movie I mean it looks interesting and all but what does this have to do with black women exactly?

  5. as a veteran, it sparked my interest from the start. i think this was a good subject for a film to raise, because many military families have had this experience, black & white alike. -a very brave undertaking i say.

  6. To Cicely and It’s Me,

    The world is a lot bigger and more diverse than you two seem to realize. Just because this is a site aimed to black women , that doesn’t mean we all think the same or like the same things. I respect your opinions, but free your minds, it’s almost 2010. And if you are tracking what I write about accurately, you will see that the majority of my pieces have been on people of color.


  7. thank you Rene i felt the exact same way, I’m gonna see it in the new year.

  8. I saw the trailer for this movie & it looks great. Hopefully I can see it by next week.

  9. Yolanda, you should be fired. The audacity of you to skip over a historic movie like The Princess and the Frog, only to give your money to white folks and come back here and gloat about it is disgusting.

    We know how large the world is and how very unaccepting of us it is which is why we come to places like Brownsista. Maybe you should find another place to write for. I know I will keep complaining to the owner until you are gone or get it together.

  10. @ Cicely i totally agree wit you. We come to this site to recognize our brown people!

  11. This movie looks like a tearjerker.

    I don’t go to the movies often; only really to see those big blockbusters that kind of ‘have’ to be seen on the big screen. Features I look forward to: Avatar, Sherlock Holmes and there was another I can’t recall at the moment.

    Movies like “The Brothers” I feel are so intimate that I wait until DVD release. I didn’t go see “Precious” though I said I would because, well because I just wasn’t ready to cry and Lord knows I BALLED LIKE A BABY while reading the book.

    I know there’s the issue of supporting ‘our’ films, but sometimes you like what you like so you go see what you see. For me though, I like the big action-y flicks on my BIG screen (the theater) and the rest I save for home.

    With that said, glad to hear “Brothers” was/is amazing. I hear also “Invictus” is an awesome/powerful piece. It puts me in the mind of “The Power of One” which I believe also starred Morgan Freeman, years ago, opposite Stephen Dorff (his first real-breakthrough role). I say that to say this, it, too can wait for the privacy of my own home.

    I saw “The Princess and the Frog” and I loved it. It was typical Disney prior to the Pixar invasion and know that I love the Disney/Pixar features, but I really love that 2-D animation because that’s what I grew up with. My favorite? Cinderella and then The Little Mermaid runs a close second. LOL.

    @ CICELY,

    Disney is run by white-folks…so when I saw the Frog-feature, I gave my money to white folks. And so did the rest of everyone who ventured out to view it. I think the whole of Hollywood and its studio entities are owned/runned/manned by “white folks”…with the exception of Tyler Perry’s studio, of course. 😉

  12. To those of you who object to non-Black movie postings, go to your Google search-engine, type in the words “Shadow and Act” and vwallah! You will find a haven for all film and television black starring and in those few instances, black directed and black produced. It’s a wonderful site for movie buffs of color…

    I don’t see anything wrong with Yolanda’s post. I mean, there might be army wives here who may know of someone who was in this situation…art imitates life and vice versa, no?

    Be blessed.

  13. It’s totally rediculous and ignorant of people to ask why is this on here, she (the author) can post whatever they’d like even if it does have to do with anything other than a “brownsista”. It’s not right.@CICELY- How do you get upset because a GROWN person chose to watch a non black film? It sounds like hate and it’s almost 2010 broaden your horizens and try to be more open minded. So my question to you how was the “Princess and the frog?” lol. So I guess she never needs to post another comment about Alicia Keys because she is half white.

  14. I totally totally agree with Cicely…every where we look in our everday life they are not discussing issues that concern us so why should be come to brownsista and there not be a write up about a historic movie like the Pricess and the frog. Also why the hell do people have to be labled as ignorant if they have an opinion?!!!! I visit a decent amount of blogs and this one is the worst for attacking people when they share their opinion…
    Also @Kanyade a movie like the Color Purple was directed by a white man Steven Spielberg and I am sure the studio that made that movie was owned by white people but that was a great movie that showed us and talked about our experience regardless of who made the movie.

  15. Cicely, I do plan to go and see The Princess and the Frog, but due to it being the first week in theatres and being overly crowded I opted to save it for another week. Plus I was in the mood for a drama with real people dealing with real issues, not hand drawn cartoons! I am happy that the movie did well and hope that everyone of all races will support it and make it one of Disney’s most successful films. And I do have my ish together and as far as me getting fired? Ain’t gonna happen. I do appreciate your comments though. People like you make my job worthwhile.

  16. To Tanya:

    Black women never know a good thing until it is gone. Many sista magazines and websites have started trying to go multicultural and most has lost their following and not picked up those white and Latina fans they thought their new direction would bring them. In the end they failed and if this is the new direction of Brown Sista then they will fail too and I will be right here to say I TOLD YOU SO.

  17. This my first time they had a white posting on here. Im not mad at you Yolanda. The movie looks really good i have to see it myself.

    No i did not go see the princess and the frog either. Im going to see it this weekend.

    When i seen precious i had a loud mouth woman in the back of me. So i will not go see good movie on it first opening.

    @Yolanda keep doing your thing.

  18. OMG what is the big deal? So what she reviewed “Brothers.” Does Yolanda loose her black card now? Thank you for the heads up Yolanda because I plan on seeing it myself. I also want to see “Up in the Air” with George Clooney. I guess I’m not “down” either huh?

  19. @ TANYA,

    I hear ya. I agree with everything. I know all about The Color Purple. Your example only likens mine; it just is what it is. Where the money leads…back to some white entity. I agree. I was only saying in response to another that either way it’s still supporting a black film that was white financed/supported/created and that’s okay!

    Black Hollywood in terms of studio-power is nil-next-to-none with very few examples like Perry and a few others I can’t recall. There’s a movie about Toussaint that Danny Glover has been trying to get financed to produce and possibly distributed for years now. I want to see this movie so bad but Hollywood ain’t hearing it because the victor, the hero was/is Toussaint who ain’t white. LOL. SMH. Anyway, I refer the film buffs once again to “Shadow and Act” an awesome site that keeps us updated on us and our projects in addition to mentioning other films, too; like “The Brothers” 😉 I’m sure.

  20. @Yoshi thanx 4 the preview wasnt gonna put it on my must c list if it werent 4 you,I love Tobey and will catch it in jan 2010,even though its an American story its also a human story at the end of the day,everyone can relate coz we all know or have someone who is a peace-keeper in our lives….my best movie of Tobey is Cider something oh! gosh i 4got its title the one with Eryka Badu and Charlize Theron ,dnt know what is happening to my memory thiz days i’m still 26

  21. @ 17150918 yes you might not like what Cicely has to say, but everything is not about hate. my goodness broaden you vocabulary.

  22. Ok TUTU what was so kindergarten about my vocab.? And I said it SOUNDS like hate didn’t say it was.(so that meant I could’ve been wrong)

  23. Before you all go see “Princess and the Frog,” check out this Racism in Disney clip from Youtube:

    If you all still want to go see “Princess and the Frog” after seeing the video, I understand–this movie features the first black disney princess.

    However, after seeing this video, I was disturbed by disney’s practices, and I don’t trust that racism will be absent in “Princess and the Frog.”

  24. I’ll watch the video later, TASHA so thanks for the link. I saw the film and yeah, were I to really look (wouldn’t take much) I could see/find the ‘racism’ in the film. I mean, it’s post-antebellum South for crickey’s sake! Of course there’s going to be some overtures and undertones of racism, not only against Black but also the Cajun (check the firefly and his ENTIRE FAMILY…yeesh) LOL I will watch this vid though soon 🙂

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