Brown Sista At The 2009 Academy Awards

Viola Davis & Taraji P. Henson The 81st Annual Academy Awards were held last night at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California. Brown Sistas Viola Davis and Taraji P. Henson were both nominees in the Best Supporting Actress category- but lost out early on to actress Penelope Cruz. Ordinarily I would have turned after that, but chose to stay tune to catch performances by Beyonce and Queen Latifah. Beyonce performed a medley of musical hits with host Hugh Jackman, while Queen Latifah paid tribute in song to actors who passed away in 2008.


  1. Bey’s dress is hot, love it and she rocked it really well…and her makeup with the winged eyes and nude lip was really nice and the pulled back hair was a really nice touch and her performance was one to watch, really well done…they all were really nice and well put together…Btw, i really like how u put together the photos, looks well organized…it was a really good and memorable show.

  2. Alicia dress was just her, classy yet so sexy, she nevers disappoint me
    But her hair was a big no, i like her ,natural is the way to be the hottest
    but btw us Licia some people are just born naturally stunning you do not
    Need a weave or a wig πŸ™‚

    Taraji i was sad she didn’ t win but oh so happy
    she is being recognize by the way of a nomination,
    her look was so classy …

    Viola davis, I just saw her in “Madea goes to jail”
    I like her skin, but her smile not so much, either way
    she is a great actress, she just gets it…

    Queen latifah looked gorgeous and there is one thing that i loved
    the camera was not on her while she was performing
    but i could not move away from my seat, or roll my eyes in boredom
    she was the best performance of the night, her voice is gorgeous
    Kudos to her for not using a back up track to sing i love u Tif

    My girls along with Halle (shout out) made me (even) proud(er) to be black,
    they were so classy, articulate and together I love them and the oscars
    would have been boring without them , Great actresses and musicians
    (Minus Halle and Viola Lol) Bow down to you queens

  3. God has blessed black women.
    Viola, Taraji, Alicia and Bee all looked beautiful.

    Don’t worry Viola and Taraji, this is just the beginning, it can only go higher from here.

  4. I’m so sorry, how could I forget the Queen….Miss Latifah herself was beautiful, and Miss Halle never disappoints.

  5. Bey’s dress was fugly.

    Alicia was lovely..

    Queen always brings it..

    Taraji looked great and so did Viola..

    Halle looked fab as usual..

  6. i sorry A-KEYS dress was hot .the color was hot on her .an the makeup nice to ,but that lace front was a hot mess

    the queen .i liked her performance dress but not like the red carpet dress her performance was ok but sad ..i was sad when the showed b-mac


    JOHN & A.R RAHMAN i loved there performance it was real nice from the drums to the dancers very live

    beyonce ..that dress was a mess i just told somebody that that dress looked like the top of my comforter.. just like it.. her golden glob dress was better her performance she song from a recordin the hole time an it was corny an she song a little bit of “at last”

    ok off the subject but i notice evey since etta said what she said about bey that her version of “at last “has been playin in comercials,t.v shows an its a new show a bout to come out an they been playin it to everytime i see it somebody tryin to let her know.. what up

  7. It was a good show this year and although they dnt win, Taraji and Viola have been recognised by the Academy for their efforts. That’s big in itself. :bowdown:

    Man i want Taraji’s necklace..recession and all.


  8. Beyonce girl…… :bowdown: Yes ma’am!! You worked the stage as well as the red carpet.

    Alicia’s dress was so blahh to me….When she gonna put some more music out???

    Halle looked fab…LOVED her dress!

    And the Queen looked cute too. Didnt love the dress but thats still my girl

  9. Alicia looks beautiful as always but that weave of hers got to go. Also Halle, Taraji and Queen look beautiful as well.

  10. Viola’s dress is lovely but the hair is a tad old fashion.

    Taraji is perfection. Everything works – the dress is soft and fits fabulously!

    Alicia’s entire looks is sssoooooo pretty! Love everything about it.

    Beyonce – I am sooooo disappointed in this sofa material she is wearing. She is too pretty to be in that costume. She didn’t have enough make up on the red carpet and too much during the performance. Her face was sweating bullets. Lately her fashion is way off.

    Queen Latifah – simple and elegant.

    Halle – gorgeous but i would loved to see her in another color. But she can really do no wrong!

  11. I didn’t watch the Oscars, but everyone in the above posted photos looks beautiful. I agree with other posters…A Keys looks stunning, but that wig is a not cute. I always gotta give a special shout out to my favorite actress…the QUEEN!

    Also did anybody hear that Madea Goes to Jail was the highest box officer EVER. We doin it in ’09! :bowdown:

  12. Queen Latifah looked FABULOUS!

    Taraji was stunning!

    Alicia looked ok – the wig & make-up was so wrong.

    Halle never fails to impress.

    I see the stans are in denial πŸ˜† Bey’s dress was ridiculously UGLY! One critic described it as wallpaper :lol2:

  13. BEYONCE LOOKED GOOD! especially during that performance she ran out to the center of the stage and was like “ITS ME!” and i was like YES BEYONCE, YES! HAHA i love when sshe acts over the top like that shes so good at performing, that whole skit was nice good job to everyone that was in it, i liked bey on the red carpet too, at first i wasnt feeling the dress but after seeing it a couple more times i see why people would like it, it was so beyonce but not over the top

    omg alicia looked soooo bad, i mean her dress was really pretty ( a little to much pink for me) but the dress itself was nice but her make up was wayyyy to much, i mean i felt like if i knocked on her face it would crack, and the full wig she had on was not the answer…i was thinking, maybe her hair stylist messed up and at the last minute they had to through that piece on up there….i mean you can tell thats a full wig, i can find the same thing in beauty world i like her much muich better with some tracks and wearing it bone straight

    i liked queen’s performance she has a very nice voice, im happy she became classy and left that rapping stuff

  14. :lol2: :lol2: Another critic called Beyaki’s dress “side of the road sofa.”

    :stop: Her performance, sexually charged as usual was lame. She was lip synching and tried to dig at Etta, but got egg on her face when the camera panned away she was still “singing”. Beyaki is a pork mess. She needs some rest.

    But Oscars let her perform because she was cut from the opening act and replaced with ANne Hatheway.

    However, she did not belong in that musical. She didn’t contribute anything memorable.

    Poor thing, I understand Beyaki is trying to stay relevant for her blind stans.

    Alicia was sultry! Wow, just wow. I almost didn’t recognize her.
    Halle was cute and simple, not drop dead.
    Taranji’s dress was lovely, but her face wasn’t glowing
    Queen LaTifah look radiant and confident.

  15. Aww, Taraji didn’t win but what the hell…………she LOOKED good and now she has an oscar nomination to back her. Alicia keys looks gorgeous and Halle is a timeless beauty.

  16. I am a fan of Bey, but she lipped that performance. πŸ˜† Her dress is ok but I was looking forward to a strong performance because I believe Broadway is a good look for her but lipping the performances(of course, Hugh Jackman and The other girl lipped it too so I am not singling her out) was not a good look.

  17. @ Liyah— of course it’s a HOD original! πŸ˜†

    Bey-I loved the way the dress accentuated her curves. I was surprised how many best dressed lists she made, as I was not a fan of the print.

    Alicia’s wig was a mess and everyone thought so too. She had on way too much makeup as well. I did like her dress.

  18. Beyonce’s dress doesn’t look as bad as critics made it out to be. She looked very sexy in that red outfit and the top hat. And again, she showed that she can sing because almost all of the songs she sang were from Broadway musicals, and Broadway musical songs are not easy to sing.

  19. I really didn’t care for Taraji’s dress either, but jewelry, makeup, and hair was on point. I didn’t care for Viola’s dress either.

    Queen looked nice as well.

  20. I heard Bey was gonna perform at the big Girl Scout Jamboree next month too.

    She’s going to sing At Last.

  21. The Queen – can do no wrong

    Halle – glamorous

    Taraji – classic

    Beyonce – incredible makeup, tacky print

    Alicia – natural beauty, bad hairstyle

  22. ok what reviews are some of you reading..bey has hit every worst dress list out there..and rightfully so..Can you say bedspread? that dress was hideous! and the natural look she was going for didn’t work..she just looked undone.

  23. i honestly don’t understand what’s so wrong with bey’s red carpet dress? i just wish she would have wore more accesories, and maybe put her hair in a pretty bun.

    alicia wearing a lacefront? what is the world coming to? and she look like a straight up white girl. amazing

  24. cherrybomb so you think that skit was lame huh? okay but how do you get that she was throwing it in ettas face i mean she did do a movie about the womans life and recorded the song so she has a right to sing it if she wants to, you people KILL ME, did you hear the audience clap once she said at last? or do you beyonce haters only hear what you wanna hear. sexually charged? she didnt even make up that performance she just did what she was told and everyone lipped and i dont blame them with all that movement and everyone singing. you could really tell she was lipping and thats only because everyone knows that she usually dont she doesnt have as much practice with it as some other artists i know

    how would the performance look if everyone else lipped and beyonce didnt, then there would be a million comments about her being over the top and trying to steal the show…make up your minds people

  25. Mario, stfu, you are a classic stan. Etta had nothing to do with the musicals. she was in Dreamgirls and Beyaki wouldn’t dare publicly attempt And I Am Telling You….Beyaki saves that wishful thinking for the shower with her fat porky pig ass. She is washed up, lame, tired, overrated, overexposed, just a big fat blob gyrating her sexuality for attention.

    Beyaki has not ONE ballad in her erratic, ghetto-fied catalogue of her own to be proud of. She is and always will be hype, nothing but a stage prop!!!! :lol2:

    πŸ˜† Off stage, speaking, red carpet, intellectually, she is :noway:

  26. ^^^Ummmm…did you just have a nervous breakdown or you actually meant to type all that ignorance??? :bag:

  27. cherrybomb i know im a fan, thanks but you have issues to right that much hate about beyonce… i mean to have that much hate i would say you need help, but of course thats up to you i mean you could just say i didnt like the musical thing, but to write that much hate, im starting to feel bad for you and i dont know you…well i kinda do just from seeing what you type, very sorry….

  28. They look nice but kinda boring to me. My favorite is Viola Davis. I didn’t like Beyonce’s dress (tired of that silhouette on her, not feeling the color), Taraji’s dress didn’t do anything for me. I also didn’t care about the performances of the night. I just wanted to see the fashion and the winners…

    One thing that is tiring to me is to see those stars who go to all the award shows and leave you wondering “Why was he/she even there?”. Anyway, happy Monday everyone.

  29. I loved alicia’ s dress, her hair not so much, she still looked classier than most
    Loved viola’ s and taraji winner spirit they still clapped when they lost and for that i’ ll :bowdown: nice to see black women not being bitter for losing
    Queen L…stunning she was the best performance of the night to me, love her voice
    Halle look stunning Them four represented for me and i can only :thumbsup: to them

  30. To be honest, I love Beyonce but I dont love that dress. Its okay, try again next year.
    This is like Beyonce’s millionth time performing at the Oscars. I didnt really care for the performance either. I dont know if it was because of the lack of energy or maybe I dont really care for musicals, I dont know.

    Damn, I really wish Taraji or Viola won. My heart dropped when none of them got an award. Vicky Christina Barcelona my ass. I dont consider Penelope Cruz to be truly spanish. She is just a dark haired, dark eyed white woman from a White spanish speaking country. Now if it was someone of the likes of Eva Mendez or Jennifer Lopez, then I woudnt sound so harsh. So booooooo.

    I thought Alicia Keys looked different. When I saw her presenting, I was like who the hell is that? Why she wore wig when she can do that exact same hairstyle with her own damn hair? dont get it.

    Halle is a bad chick. She looked gorgeous and in my opinion upstages Angelina Jolie in the looks and dashion department.

    I loved the Slumdog Millionaire performance. It really brought some life to a dull show.

    If I was Meryl Streep, I would just stop attending the damn Oscars. I mean really.

    Taraji looked stunning by the way. You better work it girl!!!

    Viola looked beautiful too.
    Damn what a shame!

  31. Oh and i forgot,
    having previous winners talk about each nominee was the best way to make everyone feel like a winner
    that was very cool of the academy, because every women up there truly deserved it :bowdown:

  32. Everyone looked beautiful!

    Please don’t get mad but I think Taraji is weird looking and I don’t think she can really act. I don’t like Viola’s laugh and at one point i thought she was mildly retarded. Halle looks better with short hair. I can see why someone would mistaken Beyonce’s dress for a comforter. But, I like it anyway. Is it me or is Alicia bleaching her skin?

    Once again, everyone looked beautiful.

  33. Penelope Cruz is TRULY Spanish. People from Spain are Spanish and they are European/White. Spanish, like English are languages originated in Europe.

    Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes and any other person from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and the rest of the Spanish Speaking caribbean are all part of the African Diaspora. Somebody’s great grandmother is Black/African!

  34. To Sade- Yes Penelope Cruz is TRULY Spanish. She is from SPAIN. Eva Mendez and others are not Spanish, they are Latinas. Latinos are the people from Latin America like Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Venezuelans, Colombians… You get the point. Those people speak Spanish because their countries were once colonized by Spaniards (from SPAIN) but Latin America and Spain are DIFFERENT. Even their accent are different. Just like USA, native Indians are the original people of Latin America untill the Spanish people came to colonize them. Wonder how I know, I’m a Latina.

  35. Halle Berry lookd like a Doll, she looks so young for her age, she is a timeless beauty.

    Queen looks nice, she sung a nice song as well, very elegant.

    Taj looks like a hollywood movie star, I have a feeling we will see her there again!!! She is a great actress!!!

    Alicia Keys loos nice, her wig is a little to wiggy but her dress was nice!!!

    Lord Beyonce……I will agree with one of the ladies on here that says beyonce need to rest. She looked out of shape and very tired, I understand that she is in the business but it’s beginning to show. Her weight is the obvious and her performance was very sex charged, I think she feels that if she doesn’t do a sexually driven performance that its not a performance. The black dress is a hot mess!!! Who told her to wear that and if House of Dereon was doing any better that knocked it back down again….

  36. The Oscars are an insiders game. They throw in a few pop stars for ratings. I did not watch.

    I loved Alicia’s look, though. I am saddened Taraji did not win but it was all about Slumdog anyway.

  37. The show was different but the winners are all expected. Everybody that they predicted to win… WON. There wasn’t any major upset.

    I didn’t like the performances, not my cup of tea. I am the kinda girl who likes her oscar music to be classic, like Beauty and the Beast or something like that.

    Overall, I liked the sistas’ dresses but I wasn’t feeling Beyonce’s dress and Alicia’s makeup and hair. Halle Berry is beautiful as always but she skipped the red carpet and I love colors on her. My husband and I are just amazed on how people think Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman when we think Halle looks better than her, but anyway… let’s keep the real subject of this post here in perspective LOL.

    I personally didn’t like Whoopi’s dress but I admire the fact that she is unique and doesn’t like to conform to Hollywood’s way of life.

    Viola Davis was beautiful.

  38. Alicia looked tired, but i would be too, i mean she sold out her tour, and entertained her butt off, plus she never was a “i’ m so hot buy my cd” type of singer so she get a pass from me

    Viola, looked classy, she is just a little hard in the face, but i love her skin and sass

    i said a while ago that i see beyonce as a Broadway star even thought her mindless fan base probably don’ t know how to spell Broadway, please ignore that statement that i made … It only takes one time to look like a cheap oriental vase and a hot mess in a musical… that’ s a no for me

    Taraji was my best dressed of the night, teh shape color and line, everything was there and on point :bowdown:

    Queen latifah took the best performance of the night next to the indian musical crew they ripped it also but i wanted m.i.a to pop out on the stage and act crazy

    Halle, was stunning

    the show had it’ s up and down for me, but it was well put together everyone tried (too hard for some) their best so :thumbsup: to them

  39. I loved the Oscars this year. Beyonce needs to sit down somewhere she’s beginning to look hammish. Halle looked gorgeous. I was so disappointed that Taraji nor Viola won *sigh*. Slumdog Millionaire won big! :bowdown:

  40. Oh and beyonce’ s dress is not ugly, it is just ugly to people, because of the way beyonce is put on a pedestal and people expect her to do nothing but great things, so when she slightly change her style she is subject to critics, Tina knowles KNOWS how to make a dress to make you look hourglass and that is a talent in itself i saw beyonce’ s last video shoot photo and it looked like they didn’ t save willie the whale,so that dress is hot IMO, just not on beyonce, they over did the flat stomach big booty hip hop contest and its tired, she is still beautiful tho

  41. Ivory- Honestly, I don’t like Beyonce’s dress. Not because I put her on a pedestal but I just don’t like the fabric. Has nothing to with Beyonce herself, I wouldn’t have liked it on anybody else.

  42. If people would stop talking about everything beyonce does good or bad, maybe she would see that people are tired for now, and take a three year hiatus. But as long as people still mention her name whether good or bad, she knows you still care. all those that are tired of her could have just ignored her and commented on the other women. That’s what happened to Mariah a few years ago, and she came back better than ever, before ‘touch my body’, if beyonce irriatated you so much don ‘t mention her name AT ALL. All the hate is really irritating, on anyone actually!!!! If you have nothing nice to say, STFU coz it wont make any difference in anyone’s life.

  43. And don’t give me crap like, ‘this is a blog, i can do whatever i like’. I swear people these days make up any excuse just to do what they want and be mean. Just like the whole Rihanna and the idiot case, everyone has to justify the wrong thing to make yourselves feel better about the wrong you are doing in your life. This is brownsista, and I think Stephanie started it to celebrate women of color in entertainment, all of them, and not to hate on any. Black women please stick together.

  44. Taraji and Halle looked the best to me, just classic beauty. Alicia looked lovely minus the hair, she probably thought the wig was more glamorous for the event but her own hair looks fab when she rocks it. I am sure somebody in her camp told her and this will never happen again.

    Beyonce was just ok to me, I feel like I see this type of mermaid look on her most of the time, it is getting very predictable for her. It didn’t surprise me that she wore HOD, I bet her and Tina probably tried to dress some other celebs and couldn’t get anybody. Since it is her investment too, she gotta do something to support the line. Besides her, Solange and maybe Kelly or Michelle I have never seen any major celebs wearing anything HOD.

    Queen Latifah and John Legend did wonderful. Will looked fab.

    Even though no African Americans won I think they were well represented in the show.

    I liked how they did the presentations for the actors and actresses by bringing out past winners that was pretty cool.

  45. @Coco and Sanchez..thanks for clearing up the whole Spanish issue..because many people really don’t know/understand the difference. :thumbsup:

    All of the ladies looked good. Alicia’s hair didn’t do it for me, but the color of her dress looked beautiful against her skin tone. Queen’s make-up was fabulous. When I saw Beyonce come out during the musical, I rolled my eyes and thought, Here we go again… πŸ˜† Seriously..I need to be able to watch an event and not see her at every one of them.
    I loved the Slumdog Millionaire musical performance..that was hot.

  46. I guess the Fashion Police from E! didn’t like Beys dress here is there review:

    BeyoncΓ©, we just can’t take this anymore. Please stop assaulting us with your aggressively curve-hugging mermaid gowns. And it’s not just us you’re hurting; we’ve never seen you look so stiff and uncomfortable before. And what’s even worse than the gaudy brocade print is that you did this to yourselfβ€”the dress is from your own fashion label, House of Dereon Couture.

  47. I thought Viola Davis would win πŸ™ but now everyone knows who she is–so something good did happen.
    Viola, Taraji and Alicia look good-Alicia’s hair is crazy-not in a good way.
    Beyonce’s skin, makeup and performance-flawless. The dress not so much.
    Apparently Beyonce has been taking speech lessons, at the Image Awards she spoke really well.
    Latifah and Hugh Jackman look good.

    BEst part of the Oscars when past Oscar winners presented the nominees.

  48. whats up lady! im good, went to court…not in jail like madea! though i was scared they sent the poor little girl that had her case before mine to jail and i felt so bad for her, i honestly put my head down and started to pray for her…. how you been sexy lady?

  49. πŸ˜† Yawnsay’s living room carpet ensemble.

    That’s what I call trying too hard going terribly wrong

    House of Another Man’s Trash :lol2:

  50. @Mario lol you is a mess. I been good baby just enjoying life going on a ski trip this weekend but im not going sking going to look at the men lol. Do not want to hit no trees lol . Where you from again. That good that you is not behind bars. How old was the little girl and do you have to go back to court.

  51. @ fake voice STOP USING MY NICKNAME to talk about people i did not mention!!!! dont u see that i have an avatar n its easy to see u r not me

  52. Happy Monday! *side note* I now appreciate Mondays because I recently learned that some white’s call black people Monday’s, because no one likes Monday’s….so they say “I hate Monday’s”

    The Oscars were okay, I do like how intimate it was with the stage being so close to the audience. I really wished for Viola but this is the beginning for her, now her name is out there and being recognized. Black Star Power was in the house.
    Alicia is beautiful but her hair choice was not the best, less is more….. but she is still the baddest. Also, the make up was to heavy
    T. Henson looked real nice, her hair was really pretty and very natural
    Beyonce is not the same, I dont know if she is tired or getting older but it was not on point. I can understand lip synching but she was very obvious with it . The choice out performance outfit was not flattering to her body, her red carpet dress was okay but not for the Oscar’s…it wasnt glamourous.
    Halle brings it and she is just beautiful

  53. @ lady GIRL TAKE ME WITH YOU! haha we both can watch! at first when you said you going skiing im like girl whats wrong with you! sigh….the things we do for a little eye candy.. haha πŸ˜† im in NC and no more court yay! I LEARNED MY LESSON…beyonce better not get me in trouble again… the girl was 20 i felt so bad for her she was crying so hard and her husband and child was there

    @ voice yall gonna leave my babe beyonce alone! i agree that it looks like a bed comforter…i said that when i was on the phone with my girls last night on threeway gossiping about the red carpets

  54. I thoroughly enjoyed the show; thought everyone looked good with a few exceptions. (Beyonce that dress!!! STOP! LOL)

    But on the whole fashion wise? SARAH JESSICA PARKER. Hands DOWN. Her dress was so cute and so, just…arrgghhh I want her dress!!! LOL

  55. @Mario
    :stop: Why do you feel the need to defend Beyonce on EVERY single comment? Get a life..this chick is not paying your bills! And no, I did not catch the Grammys.

  56. The Oscars were nice. I too would’ve taken more classical music, although I loved the Bhangra!

    If I were Merryl I would boycott Hollywood. She is hands down, the best actress of our time and KEEPS getting s–tted on. I wonder whose toes she has stepped on…? But Kate Winslet said it best, she is in a league all her own, and she KNOWS it.

    Moving on, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman were NOT lip singing. Go back and listen to that high note she hit. That was clearly not even what she rehearsed. Beyonce is overexposed beyond belief. Her gown was gaudy, but original.

    All of the other women of color were classy, not selling sex, or acting like they were in heat, and it was refreshing. I wish more black male actors would have repped, but I am happy.

    Also, thanks Sanchez for clearing up that Latino vs. Hispanic thing. FYI, Latino= those colonized by Italians and Hispanic= those colonized by Spain.

    And for those who ruthlessly defend Beyonce, ask yourself, what does she do that is substantial to today’s youth? To the black community at large? What does she lend to the image of black women/women of color in the media?

    That is all.

  57. P.S. Why in the world was Miley Cyrus necessary to be interviewed? Why were those HS musical kids there? Was it just me, or was Heath Ledger’s face OMITTED from the Memorial tribute? And, call me crazy, but is Sean Penn’s sexy self still stuck in the Milk charachter a little?….

  58. Beyonce was so beautiful but not that dress. The performance was hot tho.

    Halle Berry she is so stunning beautiful.

    Penelope Cruz she is very pretty.

    Sophia Loren what can I say, the woman gets better with ageing, just a classic beauty at 74.

    Meryl Streep I’m fan of Meryl so I was hopeing she would win Best Actress, but I’m happy for Kate Winslet for the Award. This really a big year for Kate Winslet.

    And everyone look great, some kind of.

    And the Academy Awards was great in a long time

  59. prettylady818 actuallyi wouldnt make the comment about beyonce not paying my bills, i may be interning at music world entertainment SO YOU :stop: CUZ YOU DONT KNOW ME also yes she wasnt at the grammys at all so if you wanted to see an event without her there then its not our fault you missed it THANKS

  60. Mario you are a mess but I still got love for you lol

    I want to say first and foremost, my brown sistas last night were all lovely.

    Taraji looked very nice for someone who used to look drugged out with the red eyes and the black eyes. Her hair cut was very nice and have you notice that her diction has changed since she came up? lol Still love her though because it was a long time coming.

    I thought that Viola Davis’ gown looked lovely on her skin. Not a fan of the gown it’s self but the gold looked nice on her.

    Alicia Keys wig looked like those cheap synthetic wigs that you see at a local korean beauty supply store. Her make-up looked okay when she was on TV but when she was on the red carpet she looked like a porcelain doll. However she made it up with a very beautiful gown.

    Beyonce’s mermaid gown slayed me. Now I give miss knowles her props for wearing her own designs at the Oscar’s for promotion but I’m sorry she missed the mark this time. The gown looked like her grandma’s creole designed couch straight from the bayou. No no miss bey can’t go. However her make-up was great and the hair was befitting of the dress.

    Queen Latifah’s gown was very cute when she sang on stage. I loved it and thought she looked beautiful.

    Halle Berry’s gown was the best out of my brown sistas. I’m sorry but miss Berry just always gets it right when she dresses for these occasions.

    :iagree: Kanyade SJP’s gown was the best the whole night. I loved it when I first saw it on the red carpet.

    Can I just say Hugh Jackman looked so handsome and did such a wonderful job hosting this year. This so far is the best award ceremony thus this far.

  61. @Mario
    :lol2: it’s so cute that you actually think I care about what you do! Like I said before, get a life..defending Beyonce all day has got to get tiring at some point. It is hilarious that you chase me down because I said I’m sick of seeing her when far worse has been opinion remains the same. I’m through with you..have a nice day! :thumbsup:

  62. I agree with most of you. Beyonce’s game was way off last night from the sofa that died to make that awful mermaid dress to that terrible performance of corny songs. Her fans need to face it, she has become status quo. :thumbsdown:

    Latifah needs to stick to acting, rapping and repping Revlon or whatever. Singing is not her forte. πŸ™

    My ghurl, Alicia is probably still scraping the makeup off of her face. The wig with the tag hanging in her face and the chin strap (yeah it was that obvious) was a wreck. Classy chick still. :noway:

  63. miss andi k, heath died before the oscars last year so he had a tribute on the 2008 acadamy awards.

  64. prettylady818 honey watch what you say, you tell me to get a life because im defending someone that makes music for me that i enjoy, you on the other hand spend time talking trash about someone you dont like that obviously isnt doing nothing for your everyday life so why bother? i think you are starting to sound fullish…

    loveroflife i still got love for you too though you talking bout my baby! haha but alicia did look bad besides her dress and yes that wig! i can fine the thing down the street at this ghetto beauty world that they made out of an old furniture store, that thing is giganantic

  65. @Mario
    Get the facts straight..I’ve never NOT liked fact, I’ve made it very clear several times on this site that I buy her music. At the same time, I’m not afraid to criticize her when I feel it is necessary. I’m just not OBSESSED with her like you seem to be. πŸ˜†

  66. PrettyL18
    Just ignore them and their cheap goddess altogether it will make your blogging experience oh so better

  67. @Voice
    I hear you..but it’s just too funny to me how serious they are. :lol2:

  68. shoo it was funny for a while then i realized those people are going to kill themselves one day because of something we said they did not like, they are seriously deranged and i don’ t wanna be responsible for a fat chick missing her meal or a gay dude tearing his favorite tights shorts over what i said so from now one i ain’ t got squat to say to them or about it, so if you see a post from someone talking about it with my nickname that aint me , i suggest you do the same girl them people are depressed! πŸ™‚

  69. “..a gay dude tearing his favorite tights shorts over what i said”

    *dead* :lol2:
    I can’t even deal with this no more..

  70. the fact that beyonce is getting the most comments out of all the other 32o8438383 people at the show proves that she is the hottest chick in the game.

    when are you beyonce haters gonna learn that your opinions dont matter?

    you say you want her to go away……..yet she is still here and on top this is her 12th year and still counting

    you say she is fat…..yet IE and other numerous news and people rave about what a great body she has and how beautiful she is

    you say her performance is wack……yet her performance was the most talked about and praised performance of the night. Even Oprah asked Hugh what it was like performing with Beyonce.

    Beyonce has 80 mill in her bank account and she continues to make history. From singing for the president to performing for the 5th time at the Oscars. Beyonce gets the last laugh always. Where yo favorite artists at? Nowhere to be found.

    Beyonce-32o383473473477 points
    Her haters-0 points.

  71. if beyonce is fat!!!! then what is jennifer hudson, jazmine sullivan, queen latifah and fantasia?

    people, you keep on complaining how skinny hollywood is, and that young girls feel under pressure to be thin, yet when other people who are representing other sizes, you call them fat!!!!!!

    what are young girls supposed to think?

  72. All these beautiful brownsistas on this post and the majority choose to talk about Beyonce! Never fails. πŸ˜† Funny ish for real! Those who claim to not like her talk about her the most! :lol2:

  73. The show was great. Hugh was a good host cause he can sing and dance. Not wise cracking joke at the expense of others. TP Henderson dress was fire, love Viola color choice. I didn’t see Beyonce dress cause they said that all the presenters were not going to walk the red carpet but some did. Love the past winners speak to the nominees. Very touching. The only reason it goes so long is because they put in other catergories. I think they should do this:

    Opening number
    Monotage of movies

    Supporting Actress
    Supporting Actor

    Another music Number

    Best Score
    Best Song

    Montage of Movies

    Those who won of camera

    Another Music Number

    Best Actress
    Best Actor

    Montage of those who passed

    Montage of Movies

    Another Music Number

    Best Director
    Best Picture

    It goes long cause of the time different in California. I watch every year and I love the change. But I love movies….It is not an insiders game. Slumdog dominated the night and it was an independent film.

  74. @ Melissa

    I’ve been reading the comments and everyone was talking about all the brown sistas. YOU chose to look at what people said about Beyonce and ran with it πŸ˜†

  75. @Mario that good honey. Stop letting your bee get you in trouble too lol. Im coming to nc in july we have to hook up. Im coming with my best friend. I wish you can come with me on the ski trip we will have a blast and be acting up. There going to be men more men and extra more men on the trip lol.

  76. @ lady MEN GALORE! haha i wish i was with yall too we would crack up

    @ voice i had respect for you for some time but that comment lost it, uncalled for

    @ prettylady818 carry on…

  77. @ Mario You never respected nobody but people like you, so i’ m sorry if i offended you i know you are gay but i was speaking my mind, i don’ t “lose respect” for you when you up and call people things over it so don’ t gimme that crap and please do not tear your favorite tighs shorts over it πŸ˜† everyone and their mamas know it is THAT serious to your type

  78. Oh, I forgot to mention that Dana Owens’ performance was ABSOLUTELY LOVELY :brownsista:

    Love Queen Latifah!

  79. voice i wasnt offended by your comment, i more thought it was disrespectful towards a certain lifestyle because all gay people arent the way you consider them, now i never take personal attacks towards anyones life so you have no reason to lose respect for me…but okay….

  80. It was disrespectfull because you took it that way, You’ re gay do you rip off your favorite tighs shorts when you’ re mad ? if yes, then i’ m only stating the fact, if not, then just laugh it off like everyone else and move on cau… Look i am NOT going to go back and forth with you , it is a fact that most males sweating it like she is the best thing since sliced bread are gay and wanna be her, straight men say how fine she is how much she can “get it” some times and just walk away, they do not get into cat fights with anyone over it, YOU on the other end have been fighting up in here more than i do and that is straight up riding her, which i don’ t have a problem with but don’ t act like i’ m the bad guy (or do idgaf) but please let’ s not have the “oh voice you are so mean.. and blah” i did not comment on its outfit did i ? did i even make a comment about her ? i didnt so dnt give it to me , i aint taking it i refuse to even say her name, i’ m done with talking about it with the stans they don’ t understand anything and are very limited.

    On the other end : someone else using my name might post about her trying to stir some drama but since the stans are not that smart and in quest of haters to “tell off” which make me certain a stan is using my nickname to start sh-t and i hope Steph can tell them out! here is the tip if someone nicknamed “voice” and they don’ t have an avatar it ain’ t me, beside i always type Voice and not voice so don’ t bring me the drama i will hurt your weak -ss feelings Toodles

  81. voice nothing you stated has anything to do with what i do, but you were making a general statement about the gay community as a whole, it only makes you look immature, same thing that other culturs say about black people, generalize a statement that is untrue for everyone

    dont worry lady i only read voice first line and realized she is no longer worth my time, so im at peace with it : )

  82. LADY πŸ˜† hI GURL WASSUP? i WON’ T MAKE UP WITH NOBODY HE PUSHED IT TOOF AR when it went on the last topic about his queen calling me all type of haters when he knows damn well i’ m no hater

    @ mario “it only makes you look immature” trust me it doesn’ t get anymore immature thand it’ s stans πŸ˜†

  83. I am late to the conversation, but the Oscars were great this year. Hugh did a great job, and all my sistas looked lovely. Way to represent girls!! :koolaid:

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