Brown Sista Candids Galore

Singer Janet Jackson was spotted over the weekend at the US Open, taking in Venus Williams match against Hungarian player Kira Nagy. Pics of Janet are extremely hard to come by these days as she rarely seems to make a public appearances. Reports still have Janet holed up in Miami working her on new album, which L.A Reid is rumored to be personally overseeing. There are also reports that Janet, along with Beyonce, will be performing at Ethiopia’s millennium bash which goes down on September 12th. Look for Beyonce to headline the affair while Janet is simply listed as a performer.

More Miss Janet can be seen below and don’t forget to check out the next few pages for more Tuesday morning goodies.

Look for Meagan, Kim and Bey on page 2, 3 and 4.


  1. Look for Beyonce to headline the affair while Janet is simply listed as a performer.
    🙁 Why? Why? 😆 Janet is so beautiful and I cannot wait for the album and the movie.

    Poor little kim, she looks terrible.

  2. What I like about Janet in all of this (since the debacle, since everything with her family, her life splashed all over the tabloids, etc.) is that she seems to have remained so HUMBLE and GRACIOUS; not to say others aren’t, but she’s consistent in this and I admire this about her. This bash is to raise awareness/funds for some cause, right? Maybe this is why she does it and doesn’t mind (if at all) being listed as a performer. Every major singer has her heyday, ya know. I”m glad Janet is moving on to other things than just singing. And she’s taking her time with it.

    Megan’s eyebrows sure do know how to RISE to the occasion. Are they drawn in, tattooed in or…anyone know? She’s such a pretty girl, but those eyebrows…I can’t help but give them the side-eye. 😆

    Lil’ Kim looks a mess. Why? Because of the way her clothes and that big ass bag (which I like) is falling off of her! *sigh* Is she coming with new music or what’s going on with Kim these days, other than the parties?

    Beyonce & Tina, so is this event to ‘promote’ your Fashions? Or to see what’s going on for the upcoming season? I like the baby doll dress she has on. Looks very comfortable. And Mama Tina, is that a doorknocker around her neck? 😆 Does this woman always wear black? :brownsista:

  3. It is always a pleasure to Miss Janet. Whether she has a six pack or has packed on the pounds, she always looks good and refreshing. Despite her ups and downs, she always keeps her head up and remains very humble. Can’t wait for her to make her comeback.
    Lil Kim, what happened? She just to be such a beautiful sista until she got caught up in the money, fame, plastic surgery and Hollywood.
    Beyonce, I am getting tired of seeing her, but she always looks nice. I love her fashion sense.


  4. Janet is FLY as always. She looks great!

    Love Meagan! Sweet girl and her man is UMMMMMMM 🙂 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: GO MEAGAN!! :hifive:

    Kim…….No comment

    Bee, looks cute but tired. Still love her!

  5. The article on the Ethiopia bash reads:

    Organizers hope U.S. singer Beyonce will headline the New Year’s concert with popstar Janet Jackson and rapper 50 Cent also rumored to appear in a 20,000 capacity venue being built on Addis Ababa’s priciest avenue.

    I dont think neither Beyonce nor Janet is confirmed to perform but I highly doubt Janet would do this as a listed performer unless for a very good cause. 😉

    Of course it makes sense for them to want Beyonce to headline the tour because of her popularity right now. But let’s not be fooled here. We all know who the legend is here regardless who headlines.

  6. I meant to say it is always a pleasure to see Miss Janet and that Lil Kim used to be such a beautiful sista.


  7. Love Janet, Lil Kim looks a mess as usual and overrated Bee looks a little old in those pics she needs to go somewhere and rest or something.

  8. Thomas Jones is giving Flava Flav a run for first place in the Ugliest Man In America contest :lol2:

  9. Today is my 19th B-DAY (virgo’s heyyy) :banana:

    i just thought i let ya’ll know (OFFICIAL STAND UP GIRL) 😉

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