Brown Sista Gallery Update

Kerry Washington We have once again been hard at work updating our gallery and I think you guys will like many of our latest additions. After several requests, we have finally gotten around to adding more images of Kellita Smith and Kerry Washington. Just above to your left you can view a fabulous photo of Kerry and it is easy to see why this sista was just named one of People Magazine’s most beautiful people. To see the entire shoot click here and don’t forget to check out updated galleries for Nia Long and Khandi Alexander as well. Enjoy !!


  1. Kerry looks cute in that photo shoot.I admit I have only seen her in Ray though.I have no idea what else she has done.

  2. She needs to have her teeth fixed. When she talks all you notice is her teeth. She told People magazine that the first agent she saw told her that too so she found another agent. I think for her self esteem that was a smart move but still she would look better to me if she had them fixed. Btw, the Nia Longs pics in the gallery are pretty. Nia just doesn’t seem to age. I have no comments on those crazy Beyonce pics. She looked like she was having an epileptic seizure :lol2:

  3. Kerry Washington is very pretty and wonderfully talented! In Save the Last Dance I wrongly assumed she was just some young teen being herself in front of the camera. Truth is, she did a better job of bringing her role to life than the two main stars of the movie (Her character was believable, the other two were just being themselves on film, IMO).

    When I watched her in Ray I was knocked off my feet at how well she grew that character from a young lady to a mature woman. I am not sure if she is just naturally talented or if this is the result of some serious training, coaching and self-discipline, but I would say Kerry’s film presence is very close to (if not on the level of) greats such as Angela Basset or Lynn Whitfield. And I’m very happy she has consistently taken roles that allow her to display her depth and range on film.

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