Brown Sista Halloween Party Pics (Updated)

Model Melyssa Ford held a Birthday/Halloween Party in West Hollywood last night.

Joining Melyssa above are actress Meagan Good and model Toccara Jones.

Below we have model Natasha Ellie, actress Denyce Lawton and Toccara again.

More Halloween party pics can be seen on page 2.


  1. First time poster! I Love BrownSista! :thumbsup:

    Halloween has become the holiday where females can dress up to show off every possible square inch of their bodies w/o being arrested for indescent exposure. Forget being scary and getting candy. The more “video hoeish”, the better! I guess 🙄

  2. The ladies are looking real good. The fake boobage ratio is 3 to 2 but I digress…. they all look sexy. :dance1:

  3. Yanastacia, I just read an article about this online yesterday. Halloween really has become more of more of an adult holiday where people live out their fantasies. That is why so many women now dress up as provocative people, whores, strippers, french maids and guys show up as athletes. Also mentioned was how racist Halloween costumes have become increasingly popular with Whites thinking that dressing up as an ethnic person is somehow a great costume choice.

  4. Ok :confused:

    Where is the creativity? The females in those photos dress like that on a regular basis.

    This obsession with females wanting to look and be sexy or males wanting to look or be a pimp or ball player has consumed some of our youngest members of society. And I’m not just talking about a Halloween costume either. Have you seen some of the things these school girls are wearing or the loud public conversations they have about entising boys and men? It’s a dang on shame :bag: But, these are our future mothers :hmph:

  5. ho ho ho ! :noway: what do i see a bunch of ho’s that fnd an excuse for their practice on halloween how pathetic ….
    then again they dont try to act like church girls like who we all know so its all good

  6. they look good. Does anyone know who the sister in the brown Pokahantas look is? I don’t recognize her.

  7. She is Denyce Lawton and is she is dating actor Wesley Jonathan. I could have sworn we had a gallery for her. I may put up one tonight. She loves to dress up as an Indian. I had a very sexy photo shoot of her dressed almost exactly the same.

  8. Mya’s Wonder Woman costume is so not authentic looking and I get the feeling Golden Brooks isn’t really dressed for Halloween. She dresses that badly everyday :lol2:

  9. H.A.M……………………….. :stop: I do not like this look at all….. its ok to be sexy, but what the hell…. they all look a mess :lol2: Melissa has a very nice body even though she annoys me, Tocarra terrible as usual… she is annoying too………….Brooks no comment and Mya looks a mess, she looks pale I didn’t even recognize her I don’t no whats going on here…OMG what were they thinking….hope they had fun though! :banana:

  10. Melissa Ford look really nice. They all look really good. Go grown and sexy.

  11. Oh the girl in the police costume looks pretty! The Indian isn’t too bad either!

  12. Toccara and Golden Brookes look vile, what was Golden meant to be? I can’t really make out what Meagen Good is meant to be? The police outfit is o.k. though.

  13. I’m just stuck on Toccara’s shiny support hose. :bag:

    Just stuck.

    Melyssa Ford is very pretty. So what does she do now that she is no longer a video-girl??? Or is she still?

  14. I swear some of these comments got me cracking up in here this morning :lol2:

  15. Yeah Holloween has become more sexy.
    I’m a 28yr old college student that’s married with 2 children. I do Holloween for them…then I do it for the adults. There is no problem with responsible adults engaging in some fun at least ONCE a year. Anyone agree?

  16. Natasha Ellie is beautiful. The others, well, my first thought was it must have been a Halloween party for strippers because of how they were dressed. Honestly, I didn’t see much of a costume on anyone, they usually dress like that whenever I see them. Not that I’m knocking these ladies. If I had any of their figures, I’d probably show it off too with a skin tight, barely-there costume.

    Mya’s costume was not only unoriginal, but cheesy. And I won’t even start on the what Golden was trying to achieve. It’s not 80’s workout with that silver scarf and heels. Everyone was just trying too hard to be sexy. And that isn’t sexy at all.

  17. It’s a fact that their all beautiful with gorgeous bodies especially Melyssa Ford. But what happened to days where a costume was just that…a costume? these right here are some sorry excuses for costumes. These pictures aren’t the only ones I’ve seen where the celebrity women/men are dressed provocative trying to calling it a halloween costume. From these pic Natasha Ellie has on the best outfit and so does Cassie, atleast they’re dressed like police-women.

  18. Everyone just uses Halloween as an excuse to wear as little as possible. What ever happened to actual creative costumes? :confused: I saw a pic of Christina Milian and she had on this really good vampire costume.

  19. Meagan is so cute!! There’s a video of her @ this event on TMZ. She was with her sister and cousin, Dijon talton. She imitates a cat, too. It’s a quite funny video! I loooovve herrr!!

  20. Gigi, I do agree that there isn’t a problem with responsible adults having fun for Halloween. My issue is- why are most of these women choosing to look “xtra sexpotty” when given the chance? I mean we see most of them look like this on tv in music videos or on KING or MAXIM.
    Agreeing with Jo, I too thought Christina Milian’s costume was creatively sexy. Hopefully, I’m not sounding jealous but I’m sayin’…. last year, I wore a Playboy bunny outfit and this year I was Tyra Banks (her current wig piece, green contacts, a microphone, a very similar outfit she wore this season and went around being a tad bit annoying- it was cute 🙄 ). So, tho I chose to be sexy one year, I switched it up the next. I’m not constantly trying to look skank at every given chance. The ladies do look great even if they do look very attention hungry and maybe needing some validation :confused: ???

    ******So, is Meagan Good pregnant or not?


  22. :iagree: 😆 It seems Keysha looks good in what ever out she choses to where,I like
    all the pictures, Mya dose look a little pale, I didn’t reconize her either at frist’
    and Melyssa looks sexy as always’all the pics looks great thou :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :brownsista:

  23. :iagree: keysha Cole looks good in her photo at the GM awards
    I really like her video “I should’t let you go”her shin is radiant
    and her swimwear is hittin,and her friend with the cameo rap
    parts looks great too,I hope to see more pics of keysha, Melyssa,
    and Ladies look good :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :dance: :dance: :dance1: :brownsista:

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