Brown Sista Must Haves: Spring Edition

1. From the socialite to the business woman, owning a pair of BLACK PUMPS is a necessity! Its the functional shoe that will go with everything.

2. Every sista should have that sexy little BLACK DRESS hanging in their closet. It can be dressed up or down, leaving you always prepared for that special occasion, interview, funeral, date…you name it!

3. Ok ladies, we’ve all had our fair share of bad hair days that left us adjusting our schedules because we didn’t wanna be seen in public. But what if you had a cute hat to throw on? Yup, owning a TRENDY HAT is a must-have.

4. Today’s brown sista is always on the move. Whether she’s working at her job (or 2) or holding down the house, she’s always got something do to, but one thing to never forget, is to make sure you schedule yourself some ME TIME. Freeing up some time for yourself to just relax is needed for your mental and physical health.

5. Ladies should always have their 3 MOISTURIZERS handy. One for your face, body, and hair. A good mositurizer prevents hair breakage, aging of the skin, and ooh yeah from being ashy!

6. If you live in the NYC you know their are plenty of NAIL SALONS on almost every block, and there are also plenty of deals around too. Invest some money in providing yourself to a mani/pedi.

7. No one…I mean NO ONE likes funky breath! Regardless of if you brushed your teeth in the morning, or washed your mouth out after eating that Mexican lunch, keep a pack of mints or gum in purse…just in case.

8. Television is great, but sometimes we need to entertain ourselves in different ways. How about reading a BOOK? Whether your into love stories, mysteries, fiction, etc. Stimulate your mind (and maybe expand your vocabulary) by reading.

9. You can be natural, permed, locked, or weaved…invest a couple of bucks in a SILK PILLOW. Your head will thank you later!

10. Last but not least, every brown sista should walk, talk, look, and live with CONFIDENCE. Hold your head up high with humility and remember that you have it going on! Without it, all of the other things don’t matter.


  1. Yay, BrownSista has another new writer. Welcome aboard Tia and great first article. :bowdown:

  2. Thank you honey im doing all of them thing. But im going to let you know i got like 15 black dresses lol. Ordering three more.

  3. This is a good list. Here are my responses to each suggestion listed above:
    1. I agree and I have several.2 I don’t know about a sexy black dress for a funeral but for the other occasions, I still need one. 3. Bad hair days calls for a good wig in your style. A hat can look like you are hiding.4.I am dying for me time. I just don’t know how right now.5. Nice idea. 6,7 and 8-I agree. 9. I will get one.10-Thanks for this. I was feeling down today and that was a great lift. :bowdown:

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