Brown Sista Spotlight: Shanel Cooper- Sykes

bio_picShanel Cooper – Sykes isn’t a household name yet, but with her book Stilettos In the Kitchen as well as her YouTube videos and webinars through her website of the same name , she soon will be.
For those of you wondering who Shanel is , she is a life coach and entrepreneur whose chief goal is to give women insight on the type of women they need to be at home and outside of the home. Her approach to life is very direct and basic, but she stresses the need for women to embrace both the old school ways of our grandmothers, while holding on to contemporary society’s image of the career woman. Shanel believes that a more fulfilling and passionate life is what we all deserve, and I suggest you take a gander at her videos which will give you an idea of what her style is.
The reason I wrote this post is because I dug what I saw when I first peeped Shanel on YouTube. She’s a positive Brown Sista who is successful, entrepreneurial, and has something to say, and a lot of it is Biblical (which was another selling point for me!) Here are her links if you are interested in seeing for yourself:


  1. I’ve seen some of her videos. I dont like some of her views.
    But of course I wish her success, and its great to see a black woman doing her thing.

  2. Don’t think I’ve heard of her ’til now. Will peep her vids and whatnots. Thanx!

  3. Wow…I love you lol this website always puts me up on game and takes me up a notch believe it or not, but due to this post I actually took the time to check out this young lady, miss Shanel Cooper-Sykes and it is a serious understatement to say that I am impressed, enlightened, and EMPOWERED!!!

    This woman is filled with immense wisdom, grace, and beauty and I love how she is using her talents to empower and uplift other women. We need more sista’s like her, but truly I’m excited to learn how to be a Domestic Goddess, get beasty, AND be Extraordinary! (Ya’ll gotta chech out the youtube vids to know what I’m talkin bout.) So getting this ladies book “Stilettos in the Kitchen” and when grace allows, gonna get membership to her classes, but in the mean time, I thank God for YouTube and for the ability to get some free wisdom in the meantime. I’m So impressed and I wish this beautiful brown sista many blessings and much success 🙂

  4. Ok, I watched few more of her videos & she seems like one of those “my sh*t dont stink” type women. Very condescending in one of her videos.

    I really cant stand women that feel the need to tell other grown women what to do, just to appease a certain group of people. Its getting really annoying, cause I meet those type of women all the time in NYC.

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