Brown Sista This n’ That

My favorite Girlfriend, Golden Brooks, was spotted at the Robertson Boulevard Store Opening.

Rihanna was seen yesterday shopping at Fred Segals.

Lastly, Alicia Keys performed for striking writers in in LA yesterday.


  1. I love golden’s attitude as Mya on Girlfriends. unfortunately I don’t think I Girlfriends is what it used to be. Don’t get me wrong I will still watch until the show is no more, but I don’t think its realistic anymore. They are all supposedly living large. They all have these mega lives now. I just don’t feel like I can relate any more. It seemed real before, when Lynn was a rolling stone, Mya was an office assistant and Toni was having trouble with Real Estate. Now, I am not against a show that promotes successful black women/families, but girlfriends kind of turned Beverly Hills like so quick. Am I wrong sista?? :confused:

  2. Girlfriends is just corny now. It’s not that I can’t relate because I am glad that after all those years they are all finally somewhere in life which is how it should be. Mya being Joan’s or Williams or anyone’s Assistant for years would have just been sad. I am glad they showed her moving up (even though I hated that dumb Oh Hell Yes). Lynn finally has a career and it has nothing to do with all of those degrees she got!! That is a good thing though because it shows she went after her dreams. I think they need new writers the content is crappy, the jokes are lame, and they linger on a horrible storyline for far too long. Now it’s too late I think this will be their last season. I will watch it but I find myself either on my computer on doing the dishes while it is on because I am no longer interested. But I do love THE GAME!!! I am so glad I kept watching it since the very beginning!!!

    Oh Yea Golden Brookes is sooo tacky on and off the show!!!!

  3. Ok! do anybody know what happen to the other women who played Toni on Girlfriends. :confused:

  4. She is about to be in some corny movie with the girl from half & half (the one who played mona). To me the Game is kind of corny too. I don’t like it, I mean I watch it but that show seems unrealistic to a little.

  5. Liyah.. I think it’s funny and it’s a new idea with a mostly black cast and new faces which I like. I actually don’t think it’s that unrealistic (except the fact that Melanie was in med school did not study, always had a face full of make up and attended like 2 classes!!!). In the real world she would just be a footballers girlfriend or a groupie.

  6. I guess you are right, the game is realistic as far as famous football lives go. I guess it’s just GIRLFRIENDS

  7. OK, so this is my question: Which store opened on Robertson? That’s what pecked my interest. I guess I’ll have to drive by there this weekend.


  9. i love golden she is pretty nd funny
    rihanna’s natural beauty is breathtaking :bowdown:
    alicia doing her thing as usual i dont know what she is singin but im feeling it

    to liyah :iagree:

  10. Girlfriends isn’t what it used to be, but I still watch it though. I actually enjoy will and monica scenes together she is a really good actress and she’s short like me. Toni was my favorite

  11. Girlfriends got so boring that I barely watch it, the Game is interesting though.

  12. I have so much respect for Alicia have you heard the song “hurt so bad” she has been able to stay true to her musical roots and not let the hype of music mainstream interfere with her creativity and artistic abilities. There is so much pressure for everyone to look and sound the same and she hasn’t fallen to these preconceived ideas about what a superstar is. She is a SUPERSTAR without jeopardizing her musical integrity. I love her. I don’t have her CD yet but I do plan on copin that.

    golden to me is just a sista…that’s it
    rihanna with no make up :thumbsup:

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