Brown Sistas At Cartier’s Loveday Event

For their third annual celebration of Love Day, Cartier, the French jeweler has partnered with eight musically gifted celebrities, including rapper Eve and singers Ashanti and Janet Jackson. As in the past, each celebrity is linked to the charity of his or her choice, and for each sale of a Love Charity bracelet, a portion goes to the charity. The bracelets are made of silk cord with a gold fob and each color corresponds to the particular cause. Janet Jackson’s gunmetal bracelet is for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Eve’s peach colored bracelet is for Women In Transition and Ashanti’s royal blue bracelet is for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Pics from the celebration of Cartier’s Third Annual Loveday Celebration can be seen above and below. Naturally Eve, Ashanti and Janet were there, as was model Kimora Lee Simmons.


  1. Very, very beautiful ladies. I like that bling-bling that Ashanti is wearing.
    By the way, y’all. Today is Juneteenth Day. Please have a nice and blessed day.

  2. ashanti baby im sorry u dont have the legs they are lookin’ like they been run over by a car , e.v.e gurl not really feeling the hair do but erthing else looks gd, janet gurl not feeling the hair too u look like som kinda woolf or somthin’ but u still are one hell of a beauty queen and last but not least kimora sweety u lookin’ old

  3. Beautiful ladies…….. boring styles.

    Janet Jackson looks comfy though, only thing i would change is her hair.
    Ashanti’s dress is not very flattering to her shape.
    Eve needs to give up that hair as it looks fake and her tatoos really cheapen her look.
    Kimora needs a different hairstyle too.

  4. Yeaaa… everyone’s style is looking kinda blahish…

  5. This post has a mega star like Janet Jackson, Eve, Ashanti and Kimora Lee Simmons and yet still can’t manage to even get 10 replies. The last post about Beyonce just walking out of a cafe garnered nearly 60 comments. Anyone want to talk about how Beyonce is so played out again. 😆

  6. They are all very pretty. I’m not feeling the shoes Ashanti have on, I think white shoes or silver would have went better with that dress. Other than that, they are some beautiful Sistahs.

  7. I Love love lOVe JAnets Hair Style and COLOR!!!! I want to dye my hair and i think thats the color im looking for YEE

  8. The ladies look lovely as they represent very well.. Once again the essence and beauty of the black woman flourishes…

    P.Y.T. by MJ

    Where did you come from lady
    And ooh won`t you take me there
    Right away won`t you baby
    Tenderoni you`ve got to be
    Spark my nature
    Sugar fly with me

    Don`t you know now
    Is the perfect time
    We can make it right
    Hit the city lights
    Then tonight ease the lovin` pain
    Let me take you to the max

    I wanna love you (P.Y.T.)
    Pretty young thing
    You need some lovin` (T.L.C.)
    Tender lovin` care
    And I`ll take you there

  9. Eve get my vote for best look. Ashanti’s dress seems cheap and dated. I’m not feeling her hair. Her shoes are cute & nice jewlery. Janet’s seems like she’s going to trip over her pant’s legs any second. They make her appears very short, and I know she’s taller than Jermaine. Kimora’s dress is similar to Eve’s, but Eve wears it better [She also has the nicer fabric, it drapes]. The belt is unecessary, or peharp a better oneis needed. It brings unwanted attention to Kimora’s mid-section. All the ladies have beautiful smiles.

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