Brown Sistas At Diddy’s White Party

Diddy’s annual Fourth of July White Party was held over the weekend in Beverly Hills, California. Diddy is known for his party throwing skills so you know the guest list was stellar. This year’s crowd included regulars like Little Kim and a few surprises like Cassie and Diddy’s former girlfriend, model Kim Porter. Also in attendance were Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Marla Maples and Brown Sista beauties, Elise Neal, Garcelle Beauvais, Meagan Good and many, many others. Meagan was one of my favorites this year. People always come dressed to kill for a Diddy White Party, but Meagan by far stole the show.

Pics from the event can be seen below.


  1. white comes alive on brownskin..they all look fabulous,Elise Neal is my favourite she looks very classy….i love Meagan’s dress it is very beautiful but i dnt like her make-up it reminds me of Rupaul.

  2. megan’s makeup is ridiculous! especially for a daytime event, and that dress is downright gynecological! way to keep it classy, maybe she’s auditioning to be lil wayne next babymama…

    No comment on lil kims big ole floppy tiddies…

    Good job elise and garcelle!

  3. I agree lizz white is very beautiful on brownskin . But i am not feeling Kim porter with that diamond piece swirled round her head like that 🙄

    And lil kim…….No comment

  4. every1 looks gorgeous but i hope Teyana isn’t romanticly involved with Chris. 😕

  5. Does Teyana want Chris?? This isn’t the first time she has been pictured in his face.

    Lil Kim is going to do Lil Kim, this is almost like that one shoulder purple tragedy she wore at that awards show with the breast exposed and just a pasty to cover the nipple. Then Diana Ross had to touch it and was basically like what in the world…Anyone remember that?

  6. 😐 Okay, now I usually think Megan Good is so pretty, like I thought she had the prettiest skin, now her skin just looks plain weird. and Her eyebrows, gross. And why the hell is her hairline so high. I don’ t know what you’re doing Megan, but you need to stop.

    Teyanna Taylor: she is so pretty when she dresses like a girl.

    Lil’ Kim: She looks skanky, but I didn’t expect much more, although she was looking much better a couple months ago on DWTS. I think everone else looks pretty good though.

    Elise Neal, Garcelle, Kim, I just think those women are fabulous.

  7. @ $ignature BARBIE

    I agree, Kim got just a lil crazy with the head piece, but everything else is on point, and she’s usually a do, so I still give her a pass.

  8. Diddy, please, please stop with the “white” parties. Dare to be different!

  9. Meagan looks weird and she usually looks beautiful…Kim P. needs to lose the head piece. Lil Kim…what else can be said about her 😯 She has on so much makeup and her face and body are not even the same color…. 😕

    Eveyone else looks ok.

  10. I’m digging miss Taylor’s style. Her makeup, however, is not flattering.
    I see Garcelle Beauvais in the house. Keep representing gorgeous.

  11. I think Meagan looks does everyone else…with the exception of Lil Kim…its time for her to move on from the stank h@# look….we’ve seen enough of that over the years…….

  12. @ Tanya

    I don’t think thats alot of make up on her at all, I think she’s been bleaching it up. I bet her crazy behind stalked Michael Jackson to figure out how he did it. It’s sad what happend to her. The guy she loved left her for a mixed woman he felt was prettier now shes trying to make herself look mixed, and the guy has been dead for a minute 😐 , Lil Kim needs some serious help.

  13. I never thought Meagan was all that and I guessed she prove me rite…she looks H.A.M as usual ….and he makeup is ridiculous…….everyone else besides kim and kimmy looks o.k and Im glad to see Chris out and about….Teyanna I wont comment on you!! but her makeup is on point.

  14. @ Truthteller Michael had Vitilligo!! He didn’t bleach his skin. Research it. Better yet look at the videos on Youtube about his condition. Moving along………

    Meagan looks to made up. Like she is playing role play. Don’t like it!

    Elise looks nice!

    It looks like Teyana is harassing Chris! Geesh!! He’s a cutie!!

    Garcelle is beautiful! Nice family!!

  15. @ Lingre

    He bleached his skin, “research it”. I’m not saying he lied about his condition, but it doesn’t work like that, it works in patches and it would take some time for his entire body to turn colors. So what more than likely happend his he had patches of it and had the rest of it bleached.

  16. Bleach doesn’t work like that!! He had a procedure done called “depigmentation”. When one has vitiligo there are different procedures that one can undergo in order to “even out” the skin. He could have chosen to re-pigment the skin (which would not make too much sense because the disease was constantly removing his pigmentation) so he chose to de-pigment (remove the remaining pigment) to match the spots. Anyway…….. poor Michael, RIP.

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