Brown Sistas At Spike TV’s “Guys Choice” Awards

The foolishness that is the male mind was honored last night in Hollywood, California as Spike TV held their 2nd Annual “Guys Choice” Awards. This is basically an awards show where the year’s most hotly debated rivalries from the world of sports, comedy, film, internet and more go up against one another mano a mano with original categories that embody everything that matters in “guydom”. Naturally this includes hot women and of course actress Meagan Good was on the guest list.

Unlike Maxim’s Hot 100 party where Meagan’s look was a disappointment, the sista showed up last night looking like the star she is. Dressed in a short backless leather (or is that spandex) mini, Meagan easily walks away with my vote for the night’s best dressed woman and totally redeems herself from last week’s disaster.

Singer Melanie Brown was also in attendance. Melanie recently confirmed her plans to release a solo album and told Access Hollywood “I’m seven songs into it and it’s going very well.” Melanie previously released two solo albums – “Hot” in 2000, and “LA State of Mind” in 2005.


  1. I love, love, love Meagan’s look! I adore the girl! She said her stylist calls this look BODY ART! LOL.

  2. Meagan does look hot, but she needed some nipple tape!

  3. Stephanie I remember you wrote a post about Meagan playing the best friend a while ago and I agree. I hate seeing the Love Guru poster and Meagan isn’t shown but Justin Timberlake and the guy who plays her husband is. I knew with Jessica Alba Meagan would be relegated to second fiddle. As for Meagan though she needs to go for roles like those Nia Long had in Love Jones or Sanaa had in Brown Sugar or Gabrielle had in just about all her movies. Meagan needs to grow up and start playing a woman and showing that she can carry a movie as a leading lady and not just a sidekick.

  4. As for Melanie Brown she has made a career now out of being dumped by Eddie Murphy. Why even cover her?

  5. Meagan good is a mainstay on Brown Sista

  6. Two beautiful Brown Sistas. Meagan and Melanie are both gorgeous and reflect the beauty of The Black Woman. I hope they`ll have their time to really shine very soon. They are truly beautiful.

  7. @ Smooth Criminal,
    Where’s the MJ lyrics?? I really liked that!

    They really look nice. Melanie’s body is sick! I liked the song she had with Missy Elliott, I can’t remember the name of it.

  8. From my male mind point of view…Meagan is so VERY sexy…

  9. I love Meagan’s outfit. It had me searching the net for “leather bodysuit” lol although I know I will never have any place appropriate to wear it–except maybe Janet’s concert! That’s it, I’ve got to have it!

  10. Lola Meagan’s nipples are stage nipples honey. She bought them from a store just for the occasion. 😆

  11. Yes, Megan is on point this time. No more jean shorts on the red carpet. She looks great. Her earrings are nice, her hair looks beautiful and her make up is on point. I’m loving the lips.

  12. Meagan is just too HOTT here!!! I luvs that dress!!

  13. I love Megan’s skirt, but the top is ‘meh’. Melanie looks nice. 🙂

  14. I read a comment on another blog where the poster said “Meagan Good looks like Bat Girl” I almost fell out laughing 😆

  15. I like the dresses. Not a huge fan of the leather bodysuit though. Meghan looks like a superstar

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