Brown Sistas At The 2008 World Music Awards

Another day, another awards show to report about. The 2008 World Music Awards were held earlier this evening in Monte-Carlo and lots of Brown Sistas were on hand to represent. While Michelle Williams was spotted walking the red carpet and co- hosting the event, acts like Estelle, Alicia Keys, Solange and Beyonce were given the opportunity to rock the stage- and rock it they did. Beyonce opened the show with her hit Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) and from there things just got better. Estelle, who is truly an international star, performed a medley of her hits and also walked away with the award for Best New R n’ B Act. Alicia Keys and Solange also performed and Alicia walked away with the award for Best R n’ B Artist.

Check out pics from the event below and I’ll add video of the performances as they become available.


  1. I can’t wait to see BEyonce perform Single ladies, and i like that hair cut on Michelle she looks real good

  2. :bowdown: :thumbsup: :brownsista: GOOD JOB LADIES BEAUTIFUL ENTERTAINERS AT ITS BEST!!!!!

  3. LOL OF COURSE SASHA HAD TO SHOW OFF! :bowdown: loves it! unfortunately “beyonce” forgot her words at the beginning of if i were a boy…but that happens…solange looks good love her hair, alice is always pretty i kinda like michells short piece…it looks tamed estelle performance dress looks nice

  4. single ladies is great because the line “if you like it then u shoulda put a ring on it” is very catchy the line up or performances looks fantastic finally a show with great performers i cant wait to see it!

  5. :lol2: stephanie you are suppose to put sasha under those pics not beyonce :lol2: just kidding!

  6. i just cant wait till i see her on oprah this wednesday is the tapping and ill be there! it airs on thursday so yall look out for me! :hifive:

  7. The awards air on Tuesday in the U.S.

    @ Mario- Oprah and Beyonce? Lucky! :thumbsup:

  8. @lola,

    unfortunately they don’t air on tuesday in the U.S., they air dec. 2. why? i have no idea

    stephanie,, bee also won an award for best international female artist, alicia won for world best r&b act, and mariah carey recieved the lifetime achievement award from alicia.

  9. No she didn’t.She won “outstanding contribution to the arts” which is good.Her performance was cool i mean she did what she did in the video. I’m a MJ person now he switch things up when he perform.

  10. That you wohoo…you are correct about Dec. 2

    However, Bey’s award was for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts

  11. michelle baby girl please please eat something i remember when you first came out in DC how how meat you had on your bones you look so much better thick.there go my girl a- keys do ya thing ma bey shoes look hot but give rihanna back her outfit and hang lefteye’s glove up but you look like you did a good job performin and the why MARIO actin you must of daaaaannnnnnng MARIO you really are a DIE HARD FAN :lol2:

  12. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS HOW IS SOLO PERFORMING AND NOT MICHELLE????????????? THATS ALL I WANT KNOW ???????THAT’S JUST MESSED UP :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway:

  13. michelle didnt perform unfortunately because she is not in any type of demand…its not anyones fault yes she killed single ladies but she messed up the words to IIWAB at the begining being that it doesnt air till dec. 2 im sure they will edit that

    yes i am a big fan dr. philly but im not the type to do outragious things to get near her…im just enjoying life while i can

  14. dr.philly said,
    michelle baby girl please please eat something i remember when you first came out in DC how how meat you had on your bones you look so much better thick.

    I noticed that too, especially in her new videos. Not alot of people seem to notice, maybe it’s the fact that she’s not as mainstream as she use to be for a fuss to be made about her size and the influence she’ll have on young girls.

  15. I love Estelle’s performance outfit this time instead of that blue triangle on the hips thing she sported at the MTV Europe awards.

  16. @ Mario,

    Your stannish-zeal where concerns all things Beyonce makes me giggle. I have to admire your fanship of her 🙂

    Anyhoo, in regards to this post:

    #1 – LEGGINGS are OF THE DEVIL. Don’t let the comfort fool you!

    #2 – I will forever be MAD at whoever sheared a sheep, dyed the fibers then stuck it on Beyonce’s head! WTF! is that mess!

    Beyonce’s gold shoes are sick, sick, SICK! And I must have them…or at least a picture to salivate over them. Her outfit (though she looks like a pirate) is cute…EXCEPT for those darn leggings. *hurls*

    Solange – gorgeous!!!

    Alicia – gorgeous!!!


    Estelle – (still haven’t checked out her album yet) gorgeous!!! (except for that powder-blue ensemble…something is ‘off’ with it. )

    Great images. Nothing but love for the beauty of US in this post. :brownsista:

  17. @ Mario,

    Have you heard that Beyonce wants to portray Wonder Woman? I read that on another site….seems she’s been having meetings with studio execs… I ‘wonder’ (ha!) if she’ll talk about her upcoming movie roles on Oprah….I hope I remember to watch it. Thanks for the heads-up!


  18. kanyade i have been hearing stuff about that too everywhere…i cant wait for oprah shes suppose to know that im in the audence with a few other guest so we will see what thats all about…i hope…

    everyone knows i love beyonce but honestly this single ladies performance…i expected better….next time take the band away along with the back up singer….it should be just her 2 other girls a background track and a mic. then i want her to dance the hel! out of that song!

  19. Solange is hot Very atractive sister :bowdown:
    Estelle look good
    Alicia keys stay on the top of the best black female entertainer of this generation to me
    Don’ t like michelle’ s look
    As for beyonce to quote her own word she is a b-tch 😆

    :bowdown: To all the sisters

  20. @MARIO your right that performance could have been better its on YOUTUBE i’ve seen it but you know what i dont think it was the performance it was the song SINGLE LADYS i mean people use to go crazy over her but she got a little praise but thats about it but did you see that dark skin girl she was killin it and i mean killin it i was like she can dance a-keys she did a good job i got to go and see solo now an estelle

  21. Is beyonce okay? really is she? It’ s not her to forget her own lyrics expecially of a new song, or maybe she was thinking of bc jean’ s version? Either way she looks good I just hate her leggings and her hair but other than that :thumbsup:

    Solange is beautiful , Much more prettier than her sister Imo, not to start any “beef” but that’ s what i think if they exploit her beauty as much as they do her sister she will surprise her own self Gorgeous kid just like her sister! :thumbsup: I love when she perfoms too

    Estelle is so petite and cute 🙂 Love it

    Michelle i’ m not feeling the hair, who is making her look purposely so old?

    Alicia always been the best entertainer out of all of them 🙂

  22. oh i just watched bey’ s performance
    it’ s good but nothing compare to the deja vu at the fashion rocks back in the day! Her shows are not as spectacular as they used to be!

  23. Big, big, ups to my girl A.Keys; her beauty never ceases to amaze me. She`s very classy and sensual at the same time. With beauty and a body like hers she could easily be conceited and very offensive, but yet she remains humble. She`s a rare jewel, pearl, indeed. Her beauty just illuminates like the stars in the heavens.

    I must say that I also like Solanges` style. Hopefully much more success will come her way.

    MJ & The Golden 80s forever!!!

  24. Thanks for the link to Bey’s performance KoKo. The video wasn’t the best but it seems she has an all girl band! She did both songs. These pics make it seems she is channeling Tina Turner.

    Michelle looks sophisticated but not old. Maybe a little bump on the bob wouldn’t hurt. I think the look would have been better as a floor length gown. Speaking of Michelle, I found this clip of her on Youtube dated August 3rd talking about her plans for her then delayed CD..

    What is that peeking out of Estelle’s right breast?????

    Overall better looks than the other Euro award show.


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