Brown Sistas At The 2009 NAACP Image Awards

56717529 The 40th annual NAACP Image Awards not only celebrated the historical presidency of Barack Obama, the multicultural show also marked the 100th anniversary of the influential civil rights organization. In addition to tapping Tyler Perry and Halle Berry as the show’s hosts, producers culled the best of the best of entertainment’s top talent to honor the achievements and performances of people of color in TV, film, music and literature. Grammy Award-winning pop icon, Beyoncé opened the show in a flowing white gown that recalled vintage Hollywood glamour.

The celebrated singer-actress performed her new song, ‘Halo’ with archival footage from the Civil Rights movement as the backdrop.

It was quite obvious that the set had an emotional effect on Knowles. Her eyes seemed watery — as if she was ready to cry. Beyoncé’s breathtaking performance proved exactly why she earned this year’s Outstanding Female Artist award. The Golden Globe-nominated actress wasn’t the only ‘Dreamgirl’ gracing the stage and walking away with gold; Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, who has had an event-filled week performing and winning her first Grammy, also lit up the Shrine Auditorium with her presence.

“This is where we come from,” Hudson said, accepting the trophy for outstanding new artist. “So it’s always an honor to come home and feel welcome and to feel the love. I really cherish this and appreciate it.”

Shortly after receiving the award, the J Records vocalist made her mark at the centennial celebration with her stunning tribute to boxing legend Muhammad Ali by singing ‘The Impossible Dream.’

Other notable performances included (‘Redemption’), Seal (‘People Get Ready’), and Stevie Wonder’s still timely ‘Black Man.’

Below is a list of some of the major awards that were given out during the course of the telecast:
*Outstanding Actor in Drama or Series: Hill Harper (‘CSI: NY’)

*Outstanding New Artist: Jennifer Hudson

*Outstanding Actress In Comedy Series: Tracee Ellis Ross (‘Girlfriends’)

*Outstanding Female Artist: Beyoncé

*Chairman’s Award: Al Gore; Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai

*Outstanding Comedy Series: ‘Tyler Perry’s House of Pain’

*Outstanding Role in TV Movie, Mini-Series: Sean Combs (‘Raisin in the Sun’)

*Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Taraji P. Henson (‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’)

*Vanguard Award Recipient: Russell Simmons

*President’s Award: Muhammad Ali

*Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture: Will Smith (‘Seven Pounds’)

*Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture: Rosario Dawson (‘Seven Pounds’)

*Outstanding Motion Picture: The Secret Live of Bees

Several winners were awarded before the live ceremony, including Chandra Wilson of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for actress in a drama series, Columbus Short of “Cadillac Records” for outstanding supporting actor in a motion picture and singer-actor Jamie Foxx for outstanding male artist.



  1. Beyonce seemed sad and not her self last evening. The show was good and everyone looked so beautiful. The tribute to Mohamed Ali made me cry. It hurts to see him like that. Jennifer Hudson has such a powerful voice.

    Halle Berry looks amazing to be in her 40’s.

  2. Everyone does look fabulous!!!

    @ Stephanie – Entering the address and getting that unavailable page is still happening for me. 🙁

  3. absolutely everyone looked gorgeous last night! they all did it big, and chose great dresses to compliment their unique figures!! loved it!

  4. :iagree: Everyone did look great and I am happy that Hill Harper received an award. He is great on CSI:NY. I love that the NAACP is still rewarding people for their great work. It is nice to be accepted and rewarded by your own and being yourself, not having to cross over as they say to be accepted.

  5. actually i’m kinda mad at keyshia knight-pulliam, she didn’t need the necklace it makes her outfit look to busy

  6. Everyone looked beautiful.

    J Hud brought the house down.

    Now I have a beef with Bey’s rambling speech. First…how the hell did she get an award? Now when she said “to be grateful to have her family” – that was a slap in the face to Jennifer Hudson. She is a classless wannabe icon :loser:

  7. @ Stephanie – Entering the address and getting that unavailable page is still happening for me. 🙁

    I’m still looking into the situation. What other info can you give me? is it just when you type in the name? Are you on a laptop? What happens if you bookmark the site- can you reach it then?

  8. It’s such a wonderful occasion when we as sisters and brothers can acknowledge the accomplishments of our people. All the sista’s are looking gorgeous! It’s a beautiful thing to see the beauty and grace in others.

  9. to jazi…

    does everyone have to tiptoe around her, yes she lost her family and it is sad. but life goes on.

    plus, if you watch the naacp image awards 2004 you’ll see in beyonce’s speech that she did thank her family…there are so many more occassions.

    could people just appreciate all these people who looked and did amazingly on the night. And stop rambling about beyonce and watching her every move and over analyzing it. i know this is a blogg, but seriously this is getting ridiculous.

    On the subject, everyone looked amazing.
    all performances were beautiful.

  10. @ jazi – “Now I have a beef with Bey’s rambling speech. First…how the hell did she get an award? Now when she said “to be grateful to have her family” – that was a slap in the face to Jennifer Hudson. She is a classless wannabe icon ”

    I was thinking the same thing.

  11. I enjoyed the show. Jennifer , once again, stole the show and brought down the house. I simply adore Hill Harper and the way he dotes on Mama Harper. I am happy for Diddy. I loved his movie. Secret Lives of Bees…yes! Great show!

  12. I always have problems accessing the site as well….it says it’s unable to access the server, Stephanie. I’m using Firefox on a laptop. It happens when I type it on, or pull it from the my history. I will try bookmarking.

    Everyone looks gorgeous!!!! I love Halo!!! Unfortunately, I forgot to set my TiVo so I missed the awards, but I saw a couple of the performances via YouTube-flawless!

  13. @JanetPLEASE n- no everyone don’t have to tiptoe around J-Hud but I have to agree with jazi. The way Beyonce said it was very rude and she was looking right at J-Hud when she said it. Her mother didn’t seem to happy with her speech and Diddy looked a little upset with what she said also, and why she was “so happy she has her family” she didn’t thank her husband.

  14. Ok, I am witnesssing a trend here. So far all the people who have reported this problem are using laptops. Toy, are you using one too? This is the type of info I need to pass on to my host. The more info I have the more likely they will be able to find and fix the problem.

    Also were you able to access the site fine in the past with your laptops?

    What happens if you try a desktop computer?

  15. Beyonce knew what she was saying. But when you are uneducated and ignorant, you don’t know any better.

    I can’t believe after all that Jennifer Hudson has been through, this chick is still ticked off that Jen won an Oscar. Jennifer would give back the Oscar, every single award and the album just to have her precious family back.

    Beyonce will have her day and karma is a bytch.

  16. @ Stephanie

    I rarely use my desktop, so I can’t answer that, but when I have tried to access from my Blackberry, I’ve experienced the same problem.

    I assumed your server was overloaded. I hardly experience the problem late nights. Sometimes, I have to keep refreshing to finally get to the page. Sometimes after several refreshes, I’m still unable to access during the late mornings/afternoons. Hope this helps.

  17. ^^^LOLA, no they didn’t! They just wake up each morning and look for a reason to talk about Beyonce. Hey, if Beyonce was a star, these folks would have no reason to exist!

  18. Yea stephanie i can barely access this site nowadays, i thought i was the only one. I’m using a laptop too and firefox.

    Everyone looked great last nite, except for pdiddy who looked sort of bored.

    I agree with jazi though, Bey should not have gone on about her family especially when she said her nephew- the boy is a baby so why is she thanking him? And mentioning her nephew when Jen has lost hers was in my opinion a very malicious thing to do! It seemed deliberate, but Bey was trying to act like she was just saying it because she’s emotional when its obvious that she did it intentionally. Plus Bey allegedly didn’t contact Jen after her personal tragedy whcih is incredibly evil, even your worst enemy would have the heart to send their condolences.

    The crying half way through the Halo performance was hillarious though because she did the same thing on tour when she sang flaws and all, at a specific moment she’d cry and she did that in every performance. Perhaps she’s trying to improve her acting skills?

    Loved Halle’s pink dress and the Smith family are gawjuss!

  19. I agree Melissa. I know you also meant to say “If Beyonce wasn’t a star”. It’s pretty sad! I’m not even a stan…I just can’t stand that type of constant negativity. Oh well…whatever.

    I missed most of the awards, but I did catch Beyonce’s acceptance speech. She seemed nervous which I thought was cute. I do have to say she looked stunning though! I caught Jen’s acceptance speech and she looked stunning as well. I was impressed with her acceptance speech also…she spoke the truth. The only performance I caught Was Stevie Wonder’s…he always throws down. Everyone in the pictures posted looks beautiful. Did Jeffrey Wright win anything? I hope so. He’s an outstanding actor. He doesn’t get enough props.

  20. JerseyGirl
    Since when are husbands’ not a part of family? I see no problem with B’s speech. We all know theirs is a close knit family who works well together. Why shouldn’t she be happy and grateful that she has her family? In addition, you do know Jhudson STILL-HAS-A-FAMILY although she parts with three of them on that horrible day…

    Jhudson looks great. The hair and makeup is banging. She wore the outfit very well. She sounded great. This night’s performance was one of her best…the best one for me.
    B looks very beautiful in both gowns :thumbsup: . The “Halo” perfomance was well done, and it was a very nice selection. Going by B standard, it needs some improvement for future performances. The loud background voice in the beginning almost ruin it for me. It was a bit annoying :thumbsdown: Nevertheless, she sails through, and she salvages the rest. I know she’ll fix it in no time like the evolution of “If I Were A Boy”.

    Who is Kenya Moore? That is one gorgeous woman. She rocks that bronzy-gray gown. She is very beautiful indeed…

    Hey! what happen Keke Palmer Stephanie? She’s an amazing youg lady. Although she’s younger than me, I’m a fan. She looked very beautiful, and age appropriate. In one pic, I saw her posing with that young man from “Everybody Hates Chris”…the lead character…Cute couple alert :thumbsup:

    And how could I forget Halle Berry…She brings out one gorgeous gown right after the other.

  21. Hey friends!!! Halle Berry’s dresses were hot especially that black and silver one :thumbsup: I wa tryna get a glimse of Bey’s shoes but the camera man kept teasing me. Jennifer looked amazing congrats to her and Taraji. Sanaa looked very voluptious (I know its spelled wrong). I was so happy that Tracee Ellis won, she gave the perfect speech. I don’t want to make this all about Beyonce, but I couldn’t help but wonder how she could say “She’s so blessed to have family”. I know it’s a blessing but, did she even realize what she said???? You have to be so careful with your words when you’re a celebrity. @ Jerseygirl, I noticed Diddy’s face too!!!! I thought it was just me.

  22. By the way I was happy for Will Smith. He is getting closer to the oscar. I’ll be glad when he gets one, that’s my baby!!!

  23. @ Stephanie – No I haven’t used a laptop since this problem. Desktop only since this problem has started for me. Originally I would have to refresh the page at least 5 times before I was able to see it. Now it’s once or twice. And I’m still using a desktop.

  24. Jnnfer had the best performance, loved all the sisters gown , Seal made me cry , beyonce and will.i am bored me beyonce’ s halo in studio is much better than the live version, i expected her to hit the low and high note but she chosed to sing a key above not to sound off, good but i think everyonle loves her voice flaws and all, and these tributes work on my nerves doesn’ t anyone else know how to incorporate speeaches in a song? I still love them but last night NAH

    they all looked great and i’ m so happy for jennifer and Taraji they deserve it

  25. @ jazi :stop: hold up, wait a minute!!

    what? are you serious? so is beyonce not supposed to be grateful that the almighty still gave time to spend with her family? when exactly do you suppose would be the right time to be grateful? when they are gone? geez.. :stop:

  26. Jnnfer had the best performance, loved all the sisters gown , Seal made me cry , beyonce and will.i am bored me beyonce’ s halo in studio is much better than the live version, i expected her to hit the low and high note but she chosed to sing a key above not to sound off, good but i think everyonle loves her voice flaws and all, and these tributes work on my nerves doesn’ t anyone else know how to incorporate speeaches in a song? I still love them but last night NAH

    they all looked great and i’ m so happy for jennifer and Taraji they deserve it

    @liyah : OMG so im not crazy ? when she said i’ m so blessed to have my family my sister was like what the hell she needs to say that for with jennifer being in the room? i was like this thing, plus i expected her to shout out to her very suportive non abusing husband but i guess not.. things that makes you go humm why doesn’ t she just sing all the time , when she opens her mouth she say the wrong thing almost everytime…

  27. I can’t believe Tyler Perry’s House of Payne got an award!? That show is so full of stupid stereotypes it’s unbelievable. The wife is a crakhead? Come on, does that really deserve an award?

  28. @snijanaFleur…Kenya Moore is former Miss USA 1993. She’s had small parts in several movies and television shows. She’s always been a stunning beauty.

  29. Ok Rudy!! I mean Keisha! That girl said “I am here!!” :thumbsup: I love her over the top glamorous look. Sometimes you just gotta let people know!

    Haven’t watched the show yet. I DVR’d it and I’ll watch tonight.

  30. Every sister looked as expected, Tyler perry kept me laughing, I cried when i saw Uncle Ali…, I cried when jennifer sang that song, I loved” halo “until miss robot gave her speech then i just didn’t care for it anymore, But that’ s typical beyonce she sings and i’ m in awe, she speaks and i’ m disgusted
    I love love love taraji, and she is the living proof that when something belongs to you it might takes a long time but it will come, I loved will i am seal and SW performances

    Now @Voice.Uk Girl ,G , Jersey girl, Jazi
    Personally i am disgusted with beyonce’ s ignorant and cruel ass, and i am also disgusted with her simple minded, unintelligent and insecure stans/fans, so i’ m not going to dwell on her, Good thing people caught her jabs and the fake crying the one thing you do not do, is make fun of people in their time of grief, and beyonce and her fans did , But i’ m not surprised they are just being the low class rats that they are … Insecure and pitiful I seriously Hope for her that she never and i do mean never have to go through pain and loss,
    Jennifer is strong, beyonce will fall and crush at the first sign of difficulty, and her day is coming,Internet thugs gangsters and all , when she fall and hit the ground

    Now if you are not next to the @ I am not talking to you, Just move on.

    @Stephanie: I also have a very hard time getting on BS i have to try multiple times

    Ps: I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ‘Tyler Perry’s House of Pain’ they really insist on issue within the community and always bring a positive outcome of every situations :bowdown:

  31. Beyonce hasn’t been the same every since the inauguration. Maybe Tom Joyner and Earthquake were right.

  32. I F-ing love this.

    It’s is now wrong for an artist [Or ANYONE] to be happy and grateful for having their family and vocally express it to them on all occasions especially on such a special and significant one…like winning an outstanding award 😆

    I’m trying to wrap my mind around this new found reasonning. Yes, it’s new because artists have thanked their family before during these occasions. They did it before Beyonce, and they will continue to do so after her. The fact that she supposedly states “she is happy for having her family” in her acceptance speech, she is ignorant, malicious, and uneducated? Am I following this correctly? Because JHudson is present, it’s wrong to be happy for ones family and vocally thank them? Are you implying Jhudson has no family to be thankful for, and she has no reason to be happy for having them and their support? Just yesterday I saw a picture of Jhudson surrounded by a group of family members who where there to support her during the Grammys [Via YBF]. I find it lovely. It’s one thing to win outstanding awards alone. It’s another to share it with family and love ones.

    In fact, if Bey intentionally forgot to thank her family, I would think she is a bit ungrateful and selfish to not share this warm and happy moment with those who HELP HER reach it. Again, what did she say that was so bad and negative during her acceptance speech that she needs to “watch” what she says. If that quote you give is her exact one, I fail to see ANY wrongdoing.

  33. Thanks Katrina for the reply. I see why she won. She’s a stunning beauty, and she appears to have a good head on her shoulders.

  34. Ok so after reading some of the comments about Beyoncé ‘s speech last night I had to YouTube it to see by myself where she was wrong and to be honest I didn’t see anything wrong except maybe that she forgot to thank her husband but again it’s not that serious. And no I’m not a Bee stan or whatever you call it. I like her as a singer but that’s it.
    Otherwise, it’s sad to see Muhammed Ali like this. 🙁 . Jennifer really did a great job, when she sings it seems the high notes come out of her mouth effortless.
    Sorry if I mention Beyonce but besides Halle and Jennifer Hudson, she is the only Brown Sister( among those who are featuring on the pictures) that I know (I’m French).

  35. @ DS that nephew jab was sooo unnecessary i caught that Ivory was like what is wrong with this b-tch?! I wonder if she thinks that everyone can’ t see the light like her fans? like no one knows what she’s really doing… or maybe she count on our people to swear that people read too much into her which will prove the point that her ass is simple and as deep as a pie, but idk i think she does it because she can get away with it… Sad Sad sheit
    Like when she said she wanna gain weight to play effie . Beyonce, we get it… you have YOUR family as opposed to Jennifer not having her’s around, you are thin and light and beautiful like society want it, and jennifer is not , now can u live her alone ? she is so transparent and keep on shedding the light on her and her stan’ s ignorance, did you see didy’ s face? she a mess

  36. I’m sorry but some of yall need really need to grow up and get a life and trust me I am no Beyonce stan. But I do know that noone has worked harder and is more responsible for Bey’s success than her parents. She SHOULD be grateful, not only for that but for the fact that they love her and are still here. Take this from someone like myself and Jennifer who has lost their mother. If I was there I would be like I lost my mother 4 years ago and you should be very grateful and cherish every moment you have with your parents, because tommorrow is not promised with them. I would’nt be surprised if Jennifer felt the same way. So stop with the silly childish remarks folks, get a life, and go call you mother and tell her that you love her if your blessed and still have her in your life.

    Rant over.

  37. Hey! I just watch Bey’s acceptance speech. It was so warm and heartfelt…nothing like you HATERS & BLOCKERS are trying [but desperatly failling ] to make it out to be.

  38. Aww man…I missed it! Beautiful pics.

    I hope it comes on again or if it’s on Youtube.

    From what I am reading about Beyonce’s comments, I think people wouldn’t trip if she reached out to Jennifer during that speech. “Jennifer you are still in my prayers” would have been better. But I’ll have to check it out for myself.

  39. :iagree: w/ TIP!

    I think everyone should be a lil more thankful that they have their fam when something like that happens it’s only natural. It would be sick and twisted to rub something as serious and devastating as losing family in somebody’s face and I think even suggesting that is sick even for the Bee haters.

    Last night was a very beautiful and elegant night.. and I am so proud of my people proud to be black! It’s time to stop hating on each other and start uplifting so we can be the united race God intended!

  40. @ Voice: Oui je parle français. 🙂 I live in France but my parents are French Caribbean.

  41. IMO
    B knows that people thinks she hates Jen, which is probably true, right? Now Jen has recently lost a few family members including her own nephew. Wouldn’t you think to thank your family the way you always do instead of making a big production out of it? My family this, my family that … It was so deliberate. Obviously I’m not the only one who saw this , If you knew how stupid and simple you look when you run and start calling people haters.. however i don’ t think you fans care about how you look, or about yourself for that matter, Sad dAY a black president, but still Low level of self worth, and condoning wrongful act… Hmm HMM

  42. J’ ai vecu a paris pendant 9 ans a St gratien mais c’ est meme pas le sujet, Imagine toi que tu perds ta mere (je touche du bois), et que quelqu’ un avec qui tu travaille ne te presente pas ces condoleances et en plus de ca la persone s’ efforce de parler de leur mere et la relation qu’ ils entretiennent, alors que depuis que tu la connais, elle ne s’ attarde jamais a detailler sa relation avec sa mere? C’ est ca notre pb avec beyonthon , ca se fait vraiment pas et je te promet que si tu vivais ici , tu comprendrais la rage qu’ on a avec cette meuf elle est trop mechante et fausse, ca m’ a degouter quoi!



    WE KNOW.









    SURE she has a right to thank her family, but listen to her ramble on and on incessantly and the head jerks are disturbing. Seems like she can’t get her words out without a nudge from her head.

    If you disagree, disagree, but don’t try to change my opinion.
    This is no hate. It’s purley based on facts and observations. Beyonce can’t accept that she is not the shining star, and she deliberately stepped on toes on her way up and now she’s left alone with her family, so yeah, she’s grateful.


    I have a feeling if she doesn’t win an Oscar she is gonna find herself in the Britney predicament. Lost and confused…”WHO AM I?”

  44. The show was real nice. It’s great to see pix of all the beautiful brownsistas that I didn’t even know were there. Keisha {Rudy} looks good but I thought the hair and necklace was bit too Prom ’98 and Tracee’s hair should’ve been sleeker. I loved Bey’s performance of “Halo”. The tears was too much but she did her thing. Where was Alicia Keys and Keisha Cole and Queen Latifah??? They should’ve been there!
    LOVED seeing Ms. Berry 🙂

  45. and stans as much as you all wild-out for Beyonce…. :bowdown:

    she didn’t even bother thanking You!!! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    so while she was busy being messy, she forgot to say, thanks ST/fans……..

  46. @ SnijanaFleur

    I don’t think anyone here is saying that she’s not allowed to thank her family….that would be absured. Personally I think Bey really brought it up to clarify that Angela is STILL her assistant (contrary to reports). But it was just the akwardness of the situation and the mentioning of her nephew that has people scratching their heads. By now you know I’m no fan, but I’m asking you to put aside the fact that you are a fan and just look at it from a general standpoint…………..U know what I’m saying? You don’t find it akward at all?

  47. Personally I think Bey really brought it up to clarify that Angela is STILL her assistant (contrary to reports).
    I think the same thing which means that once again the stans are wrong and beyonce do read and do care about internet blogs, she is human and the less people try to dehumanize her to make other feel inferior the less she is liked…

  48. @ Voice: ne t’inquiètes pas je comprends ton point de vue. Je l’aime bien en tant que chanteuse mais ça s’arrête là. Je ne suis pas d’accord par rapport aux commentaires sur son speech mais il y a des fois où je suis d’accord avec ce que toi ou d’autres personnes disent. Moi ce qui m’énerve le plus c’est la façon dont Kelly et Michelle ont été traitées même si ce n’est pas que de sa faute. Tu vois j’ai été voir le Destiny’s Fullfilled Tour à Paris en 2005 et comme tout le monde je pensais qu’il n’y avait que Beyoncé qui savait chanter dans le groupe mais quand j’ai entendu Kelly et Michelle pendant leurs solos j’étais sans voix. C’est là que j’ai vraiment réalisé qu’elles étaient mises à l’écart.
    Par contre, j’ai joujours pensé qu’elle était considérée comme une princesse aux Etats-Unis. C’est vrai elle vend beaucoup de disques, est tout le temps partout. Je n’ai pas l’impression que les gens ne l’aiment pas, on n’entend jamais rien de mal sur elle ou sur son comportement.

  49. I don’t think Beyonce meant anything to or about Jennifer Hudson. I think she is just close to her family and was just thanking them for being there for her. I really don’t think she meant any malicious intent by her speech. I am not a fan of hers, but, I think you all are stretching on this one. Is it possible that she and Jen were just co-workers and when the film was over they went there separate ways. You don’t have to be friends with someone just because you worked for them. Now I do find it strange that she never thanks her husband, but, I guess they do what works for them.

  50. Loulou : on est sur la meme longuer d’ onde ma chere meme si moi je pense que si beyonce avait oser parler michelle et kelly naurai jamais ete maltraiter, en plus la pauvre je la plains jay- z is with rihanna

  51. Beyonce is gonna get karma like a slow poison,she is messing with the child of God.

  52. the only thing i didn’t like about beyonce last night were the fans on stage during halo. they kept distracting me. if they’d been somewhere else or sometthing maybe it would have looked better to me.

  53. How was Beyonce’s speech disresectful?? She has family and loved ones too, Damn her family is still around and now she cant thank them??? Thats ridiculous…sorry for Jennifer but if she took any offense to that then she need to go back to hiding. Beyonce did faboulous and her performance was the best of the night.

  54. I can’t believe that people are making this a big deal. She always thanked her family and even at the end, she said that usually she don’t talk this long so she meant nothing by it. She felt at that moment to thank her family and if Jennifer’s tragedy teaches us nothing: it is never take your family for granted. Especially since her family has been a big part of her career being there for her.

  55. :stop: If you all go to the NAACP awards from last year when Bey won the oustanding woman award you will see that she thanked everyone in her family one by one, Why would Bey say something to make Jhud feel uncomfortable?? People are so focused on making NOTHING INTO SOMETHING. It was not that serious and Beyonce would never just say things to make fun of someone who lost their family. You guys are so pathetic . Beyonce can thank he fuccing granny if she wants that has nothing to do with Jennifer. Beyonce is not some monster that wants to make Jennifer feel bad about loosing her family..come on Bey deserves alot more credit then that….

  56. I really enjoyed watching this award show last night and I loved Beyonce’s performance/song.

    I think everyone was looking FAB! :thumbsup:

  57. @nohate

    You sound foolish baby. Beyonce thanks her family all the time, please go to allaward shows and see who she thanks whenever she gives a speech?? Daddy, mommy, sister, record label, she has even thanked Daniel before and she will again. That sh*aint got nothing to do with Jennifer, Beyonce is on top of the world why woud she wanna kick Jennifer down?? Please…thats bull sh*t and ur a pathetic person for trying to have people hate Beyonce for something that CLEARLY only you and s few other HATERS spotted out of a thank you speech! B*tch get a life.

  58. Liyah
    was B the only one who thanked her family? Evenif she was, It is her fault she has a sister, a nephew, parents and a cousin she loves who are very close to her that she want to vocally thank during this special occasion…especially when they played a big part in her success and they are watching her at home?

    Of course she is allowed to thank her family. There is NOTHING wrong with it. I cannot believe some of you think she’s wrong for that. :stop: In fact, I can *cough* the blessing blockers 🙂 . My question is why do some of you think it’s inapropriate, ignorant, shallow, smalicious, uneducated, sad thing for Beyonce to do so? There shouldn’t be any awkardness because JHudson is there. Hudson could probably understand best the need for Bey to thank and appreciate her family while they are alive because that is what she herself has done in the past before several precious members of her family were cruely stolen from her. I once remember her sharing her winning joy with her own nephew, brother, mother and other family members during an acceptance speech. I bet she feels no regret she did that because they knew how she felt, and they will carry that with them on the other side. It’s a little too late for some folks you know. Thank your family and express what they mean to you as much as you want while they are alive NOT just when they are no longer with you.

    Some will always feel awkard around JHudson, and they will probably continue to throw some unwanted pity towards her. I can’t imagine that’s what she wants. She seems to work hard for her bread. She seems more like a strong woman than the frail thing some folks are trying to paint her as. She knows what she has lost, and she’s coping very well.

    I AM putting aside the fact I’m a B fan because my argument would stay the same for anyone else… artist/not. So you think B think all these family member JUST to “clarify that Angela is STILL her assistant” :bowdown:

  59. All the sisters looked good and did a wonderful job (Jennifer YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!).
    I agree: Beyonce speech was a bit disrespectful for Jen and I think it was intentional…And the moment when she cried in her performance didn’t touch me cause I think that it was intentional too: a way to make the performance more emotional …

    Re-salut Loulou: on te voit pas souvent ici!! Voice I agree avec toi ma belle!!lol

  60. some of you find any reason to nit pick at beyonce. how dare you…okay so i’m assuming if anybody else would have thanked their family you would consider them evil and want them to go down in flames as well?? i mean i think some of you would blame the girl for global warming if you could! damn people get some self-esteem! you couldn’t possibly have any if you are ready to tear down at person you don’t even know at a moment’s notice

  61. How the #$$#@ did Bey win Outstanding Female Artist?!?!?!?!? He album just came out in November, Cadillac Records bombed and she didn’t win jack at the Grammy’s even though she was up for with Me, Myself and I, a song that came out in 2006 for pete’s sake.

    If anything it should have went to Jasmine Sullivan or Alicia Keys, but freaking Bey!!! Get the #@# out of here with that. :hater:

    As for her performance, too much echo. She sounded a hot mess. Keep it simple stupid.

    As for the rest of the show, Jenn-Jenn put the stank on it.

  62. Good post, snijana. It is amazing that people on the net treat bey as a villian in a movie. It is like, enough already. At the end of the day, they are real people like you and I and the only difference is the job they do. Let’s remember that when we hear gossip about them and things of that nature. The media loves to make up drama about entertainers just to show they can put them on a “pedastal” and knock them down.

  63. @YaChi

    Because Beyonce is that b*tch!!! She is very outstanding and for those saying it was disrespectful for Beyonce to thank her family (which she does at every award show) is sad. Bey cant win for loosing…Had she just thanked her mother she would have been saying it towards Jennifer huh?!. Please that makes no since. ANYWHO

    Beyonce looked AMAZING and she was the best lastnight!!! Jennifer’s suit/dress was very ugly but her performance was good…

  64. :lol2: :stop: :lol2: :stop: WIT ALL THE BEYONCE THANKED HER FAM TO GET AT JENN??! :noway: Beyonce would never do such thing. NOW RIHANNA GIVING CB AN STD thats possible! :loser:

  65. Thanks Curtis :hifive:

    I don’t know about you but get a kick out of it when they TRY to do B like that. They hate her [Don’t ask me how it’s possible to hate somebody they don’t know and someone who is not doing anything bad as far as I’m concern], yet they can’t keep her name out of their mouths. They haven’t seen a B blog that they don’t like. I seriously find it amusing :-).

    As twisted as it may sound, B needs them…the more the better. They keep her name out there. They help make her popular. Now THAT I don’t mind, and I have a feeling she doesn’t either 😆

  66. Beyonce did a hellof a performance lastnight, I was almost in tears. She looked radiant. LOL @ all the haters…SHE COULDNT HAVE DONE IT WITH OUT ANY OF YOU :hifive:

  67. Snijana, it is funny to me. It’s sad too but still funny. The crazy part is, I bet if they were to see Bey right now they would probably mob her trying to get her autograph and tell her how much a fan they are. 😆 But hey, having people who do this get her even more fans. I have seen peeps actually become fans of hers just because of the negative that some say of her. They are actually doing the thing they say they don’t want of Bey(overexposing her). Only Bey can do those things. LOL. (J/K).

  68. SnijanaFleur

    Well i won’t argue, I just stated my opinion. Why the :bowdown: about my statement on her Assistant/cousin Angela?

  69. excuse the hell out of her for thanking her family who helped her get where she is today? how dare she? from now on, she shouldn’t dare mention her family in hopes of not offending jhud….some of ya’ll really need to stop hating and get some common sense. LMAO at a person thanking their family now becoming a problem and people considerng it insentive. guess everyone at the grammys was being insentive to jhud too then cause they all went up there and thanked their families. i still can’t believe some of ya’ll actually are thinking this….. :lol2: :lol2:

  70. “I bet if they were to see Bey right now they would probably mob her trying to get her autograph and tell her how much a fan they are”. Curtis

    I don’t doubt it for ONE SECOND! They would probably be the FIRST to POUDLY report on the meeting! 😆 Of course, they would also add “It’s was ONLY to see the HCT!B in action :bowdown: :lol2:

  71. Yes beyonce’ s stans it’ s true that rihanna has herpes and gave it to chris brown what a slut! but on the other hand beyonce has HIV / chlamydia and also needs a shot for syphilis, so you know can’ t really point fingers

    Marie: Ca va la miss??t’ as un blog ou msn or aim? pourqu’ on puisse se parler en dehors d’ ici?

    liyah : Stop they coughing now but they gon start crying in a minute, stop talking bout beyonce you gon make the babies upset 😀

  72. btw, bee’s performance of halo was beautiful and she looked absolutely stunning :bowdown: :bowdown:

  73. The Image Awards are a waste of time. I’m so sick and tired of the NAACP honoring the same people. Beyonce, Girlfriends, aka. Tracee E Ross, the same people. Ok, move on. Already, honor new talented or more deserving talent. And this may sound cruel but I feel that Jennifer Hudson isn’t all that talented to be giving her accolades and awards she doesn’t deserve. I sympathize with her pain, but that should not warrant anyone to give her an award she doesn’t deserve. Sorry.

    And most importantly, how in the world Tyler Perry is going to say, it feels good to be black now. What?, black man you should have always been proud to be black. Pres. Obama didn’t grow up in the black community, he has only spent 20 years of his life in the black community, the reason he became President is because of the hard work and sacrifice his white mama, his asian daddy, and white grandparents did, to get him where he is today. He pattern his life after them, because his black daddy sure wasn’t there. And if it takes Pres. Obama to be elected for black folks to have pride, than that’s really sad. It’s like hearing black parents saying how now they can believe it when they tell their kids, they can be anything. So, you didn’t have enough faith in God, and enough self-esteem that you couldn’t see past your condition. Sad.

    And another thing, the NAACP honor the same entertainers, people every year, considering the fact that we have the 1st black President and 1st lady of the United States, the whole program should have been dedicated to them. But, oh no that would have made the black folks who loved to be honored upset. And they wonder why NAACP is begging for new members.

    I, feel like my brother, I only have respect for President Obama because he actually came from the bottom, worked himself up to the posistion of CIn Chief.

  74. Im just reading everyone comments some of it so sad. I just want to know why she did not thanks her husband. He comes first before her parents. Why she thank his best friend and not him. Everyone have a great weekend. Liyah enjoy yourself with your honey and everyone else that have a valentines.

  75. Considering the fact that Pres. Obama andFirst Lady Michelle are the 1st black family in the WH, it would have been appropriate if the show was centered around their achievement.

    How many times can the NAACP honor the same people? This year was a new step for African Americans internationally, and yet the program focused on the same hoopla. I thought it was tacky. Was there any mention how the Obamas are changing young blacks?

    I’m so over Tyler Perry, he means well but his Productions just embrace negative stereotypes of black people. Although funny.

  76. Oh Liyah…I overread your last blog.
    I did the :bowdown: because I find your opinion on why B thanks her family farfetched. Angie IS family and she works/worked for B for a while now. That is reason alone for Bey to thank her, too. I don’t think B thanked her family SOLELY “to clarify that Angela is STILL her assistant (contrary to reports)”. To be honest, I don’t really care who her assistant is as long as it is a trustworthy person. Bey changing her assistant is not headline news. If Angie decides to do something else, that’s her business.

  77. Once again Beyonce is the center of the universe in Black Entertainment! A whole show saluting the achievement of African American and the WHOLE world is going nuts over Beyonce! Just wow!

  78. I got on the net to do a World Music paper on Beyonce.
    I expected people to be saying they didn’t like her performance, I didn’t myself and I’m a HUGE fan.
    But saying that she deliberately thanked her family was a low blow to Jennifer is just plain ignorant.
    You could obviuosly see something wasn’t right with her, maybe she’s tired of people like ya’ll always giving her a hard time and she’s thankful she still has her family, despite what ya’ll may think with the whole Kelly/Matthew situation.
    Her nephew is 4.
    I have young nieces and nephews and I know they put a smile on my face.
    With Diddy and Tina’s expressions, I just think they were shaking their heads at how fast Bee was rushed off the stage, they did that to everyone.
    My dad, uncle, and cousin died all around the same time.
    Didn’t see me getting offended by it.
    I know how she feels.
    At least I still have my mom and sisters to keep me going.

    Ya’ll are a sad bunch of people.
    Find any reason to bash Beyonce.

  79. @Melissa…I’m saying the same thing. Especially when I saw the Beyonce/Obama picture posted…this site is sooooo predictable. SMDH

    I don’t think it’s a big deal because nothing Beyonce does will ever be as relevent (to me 🙂 ) as long as Jennifer is around…but why couldn’t she just say, “I wanna thank my family” (they do know who they are, right? *rolls eyes*) and keep it movin’. She’s clueless, tacky and pretentious. Everyone on God’s green earth is aware of the rivalry that exist between Beyonce and Jennifer, whether it’s acknowledged or not, and I feel Beyonce doesn’t do her best to show that perception is false, even though IMHO she should feel threatened by Jennifer’s talent and chops. She may have thanked her family individually last year but things are different than they were last year. She needs to grow up and realize the world is bigger than the bubble she lives in and people look to her to at least be thoughtful because that how it seems she wants to come across. But I guess if she isn’t sincere, there might be a tendency for her to do things, like her speech. She goes from singing a song like “Halo” (uninspiring) and being seemingly moved to tears because she such a heartfelt person (yeah right…) to jabbing Jennifer. If you were Jennifer, how would you feel? I’m not saying they have to be the best of friends but Beyonce could incorporate a little more humility into her “flatline” personality when it comes to how she handles situations with her peers. God forbid the shoe was on the other foot and Beyonce family was killed…maybe she should think about that the next time she has the opportunity to be in Jennifer’s company.

    And the people who don’t get…imagine being in Jennifer’s shoes. 🙁

  80. @ Nicole, yet folks are not focused on Jennifer. At least not on this site. They’re more concerned about Beyonce’s 1 minute acceptance speech! Go figure!

  81. @Curtis, snijja fleu and the other stans

    I find it funny that you’ll defend Beyonce till the end of the earth but in her award speech she won’t thank her stans who are pretty much responsible for her success/failure- afterall if you guys ever stopped licking her a** she would be nowhere

  82. @uk girl,

    you are delusional if you think her fans are the only ones who keep her famous. believe it or not, she needs you haters too. she’s not getting on forbes list because the fans are the only ones looking her up and talking about her. if that was the case, she’d be irrelevant :lol2:

    i can’t wait to see her concert and the only thank you i need is for her to show that she appreciates me as a fan through music that i enjoy and the fact that she ALWAYS works to make her shows perfect and put out a great show for me. couldn’t ask for more as a fan.she’s thanked the fans several times before in the past, don’t need her to keep saying it for her to show she cares about the fans (to me anyway). bring on the video anthology for the fans bee (well the haters too cause you know they can’t help themselves from watching too) :bowdown:

  83. HI Stephanie
    I cant access on my laptop or on my work computer, both are Apple’s 🙁

  84. Almost everyone looked great!!!…Taraji’s dress….not so much :noway:


  86. Bohwe , i agree i’ve always been proud to be black (and american for that matter). i don’t get it when people talk about this is first time they’ve been proud, because my grandparents and parents struggle for me so i’m happy for america and the obamas…but a lot of that is for change, not just because he is black.

  87. I could care less about her speech, she has said way worse about far more influential people. (Jackson’s, anyone?)

    I’m just glad she did us the courtesy of not having to see her nipples this time. I am doubly shocked that someone let her debauch our president’s inauguration by showing up without a bra in a see-thru gown, but covers herself for the NAACP.

    I sincerely think that she is sour at not being nominated for a Grammy which is why she made a VERY public anouncement that she was not going this year. Who does that? Anyway, I also was confused about her not mentioning her “husband”. Could it be because she does not really have a marriage to begin with?

    BTW, every looked great. But looks cannot fill the holes in ones soul, and decrepit nature.

    That is all.

  88. yall ppl have a lot of issues.four words for you……………..IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS……I REPEAT……IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS…




  90. jen as well thanked her family when she won her award and said everyone in the audience was her family…i guess she was wrong for that to huh? carry on….

  91. and dont say people are fake because they have tears in their eyes you dont know what that song could mean to them, me i have a song that everytime i sing it i get very emotional and the song is years old, but that emotion stays there, maybe halo and flaws and all actually mean something to her, ever thought about that? i tell you PEOPLE KILL ME WITH OVER ANALYZING BEYONCE

  92. I love “Halo”. Beyonce was gorgeous, but the performance was just so-so for me. Someone mentioned she cried??? I dont’ remember that.

    Jennifer’s performance had me tearing up probably because of knowing what she’s been through and Muhhumad Ali on stage, after the thank you speech his wife?/daughter gave in his stead.

    Seal and Will I. Am, I could leave or take their performances. Stevie Wonder was Stevie Wonder.

    Overall I thought it was a great show. Black folks were out and about looking classy as ever. :brownsista: :brownsista:

  93. UK_Girl, the only reason I am “defending” her because people say the DUMBEST things about her just to excuse why they dislike her. They treat a girl that they don’t even know, an entertainer mind you, like a villian in a movie and actually root for her downfall and worse. :thumbsdown:

    They even have the nerve to criticize her for thanking her family and find motives in that. This is not about kissing her butt. It is one thing to not like her music and whatnot, but some of you take it way too far. On an entertainer, mind you. 😆

    So yes, I am taken back by this and yes, I am shocked by the behavior of many in here toward this girl. Think, people: Hill Harper BROUGHT HIS MOM ON STAGE when he won his award. Was he throwing it in Jen’s face that he has a mom and she don’t? Be for real, people. Stop listening to vain gossip. Bey and Jen are entertainers, not God and the Devil. Grow up and get your mind right. Seriously.

  94. Many of them being this way are pathetic@ Lola. I am a fan of BOTH OF THEM(Bey and Jen) and I see them as they are: Entertainers. They don’t have to speak the King’s English, be the smartest or even the nicest people on earth because for one, I don’t know them and the only thing or reason I even know of them because I like their music and talent. Simple as that. I don’t need to know anything about their personal life. I am saddened for Jen’s loss, but she is not the only one to lose her mom and brother and nephew. There have been worse tragedies than hers and they never get reported. This is not to make light of it, but this is real life. People die and you have to move on. The same with everyone in this life.

    That’s why I am not interested in the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident. Why? Because it is THEIR business. No one really knows what happen and I don’t think we need to. If they weren’t famous, none of would know. So why report on it? Why give it so much attention? I feel bad for Robyn and I don’t agree with violence of any kind. I just don’t understand the interest in it. Because they’re famous? That’s ridiculous and that’s the kind of culture we live in. We live for gossip, innuendos and lies. We think it is entertainment. Well, it is dumb.

  95. @ Marie: coucou! Ca va? Je viens souvent sur ce blog mais je ne poste pas régulièrement! J’essaye avant tout d’approfondir mon anglais! 🙂

  96. AM…Sasha Fierce
    Who is Sasha Fierce?

    Here is a riddle for you. How does a nice, Christian girl become a whore, a witch, and a manslayer? The answer is she doesn’t; someone else does. Are you confused yet? Well, just keep reading.

    Beyonce has recently announced that she wants to be called Sasha Fierce. Fittingly, the name of her new album is, “I Am…Sasha Fierce”. “So what?”, you may ask, “That is just her stage name, all the stars do that.” IS it just a stage name? Let’s see what Beyonce has to say about it. [emphasis added by me]

    “When I see video of myself on stage or TV I’m like, ‘Who is that girl?’. That’s not me, I wouldn’t dare do that.” Beyonce, September 2003

    “I created my stage persona to protect myself, so that when I go home, I don’t have to think about what it is I do. Sasha isn’t me.” Beyonce, Parade Magazine, December 2006

    “I wouldn’t like Sasha if I met her offstage.” Beyonce, Parade Magazine, December 2006

    “I have someone else that takes over when it’s time for me to work and when I’m on stage, this alter ego that I’ve created that kind of protects me and who I really am.” Beyonce Press Statement, October 2008

    “Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken side and more glamorous side that comes out when I’m working and when I’m on the stage.” Beyonce Press Statement, October 2008

    “I’ve created an alter ego: things I do when performing I would never do normally. I reveal things about myself that I wouldn’t do in an interview. I have out-of-body experiences [on stage]. If I cut my leg, if I fall, I don’t even feel it. I’m so fearless, I’m not aware of my face or my body.” Beyonce, Marie Claire interview, October 2008

    Beyonce believes that when she is performing, another person takes her over and causes/allows her to do things that she would not ordinarily do. While in this “out of body” state, she is not aware of, and loses consciousness about, her own body! Her performances are so debase and exhibit such debauchery, that she cannot even bring her ownself to acknowledge what she is doing (and what she has become). Instead, she has “created” this alter ego that allows her to escape her actions and attribute them to another person. So, it is NOT Beyonce grinding, hunching, pumping, and stripping half-naked on the screen…it is Sasha!

    Even on her website, she allows you to see these different personalities. At the bottom of her site, you can slide the pointer over to the “I am” side where the entire site becomes lighter in appearance. Here, the pictures of Beyonce appear provocative and revealing, but her facial expressions are more demure. Slide the pointer to the “Sasha Fierce” side and the entire site becomes dark while the pictures take on a more sadomasichistic feel.

    You know what they call this in the world? Multiple Personality Disorder which involves “a disturbance in identity whereby two or more separate personalities or identities, known as alters, control an individual’s behavior.”

    You know what it is called in Biblical terms? Double-mindedness, or as stated in the Greek dipsychos which literally means two minds or two souls. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” (James 1:8)

    The double-minded continually falter between two choices – God and Satan – because an unclean spirit has taken root in their souls (I Kings 18:21). The presence of this demon spirit defiles the soul (James 4:8). In order for the heart to be purified, the unclean demon spirit must be cast out. “Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” (Psalms 51:10)

    How does Beyonce go from disliking & disassociating herself from Sasha to embracing & becoming Sasha? It is the evidence that the demon “Sasha” is taking her over. The more Beyonce gives room to “Sasha” in her life, the more her own personality will be supressed and overcome by that spirit.

    “…for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.” II Peter 2:19

    “It’s entertainment and I believe God is OK with that. I honestly believe He wants people to celebrate their bodies, as long as you don’t compromise your Christianity in the process.” Beyonce, The Sun, October 2003

    In 2003, Beyonce was still trying to hold on to a semblance of Christian life. She was able to deal with her role as a member of an R&B trio because in her own mind, it was just entertainment. It was all okay as long as she didn’t compromise her Christian principles.

    But what happens when the world begins to demand more? What if holding on to Christ begins to interfere with your career aspirations? How do you deal with the fact that the way you dress, the things you do, and the words you sing are immoral? You adopt another personality so that you can have it all, Christ and the world – or at least that is what Beyonce has tried to do (Matthew 6:24).

    You may resent me for saying this, but I desire to see her set free. I cannot even write this post without great sorrow over what is happening to this young girl. Frankly I find those who relish in her demise to be sickening. It turns my stomach that people will sing and dance along with her music as they watch her being overcome by what she acknowledges is something beyond her control. Such people care nothing for her. They would rather see her life shrivel up and her spirit crushed as long as the music keeps playing. Think about that the next time you are singing along with her latest hit. While you may be enjoying the beats, it is coming to you at the expense of her own life.

  97. ^^^someone has wayyy to much time on their hands….

    and whoever said that beyonce looked right at jen when she was thanking her mom, you are just dumb…how the hell do you know she looked at jen when she was thanking her family…

  98. Obviously Mario, I agree. I see someone has no valentine since they can spend thier time writing a whole book about somebody they probably never met.

    @ohmythisissucking, you think somebody in thier right mind is going to exactly take the time read all of this bs you typed? Why the 800 word essay over an entertainer? Quite pathdetic, yet scary at the same time.

  99. @Xiomara if there IS ONE person that read that book that ohmythisissucking wrote, i feel sorry for that person haha

  100. @ Mario :iagree: and the person with no life is you :lol2: Why are you even on this site for Valentines day commenting shouldn’t you be out with your sweet heart :thumbsup:

  101. ummmm? yeah These comments are funny as hell. People need to chill out there are people that saw something different in her speech. To each its own. I don’t see what people are talking about that it was a jab but ehh with everything.

    I agree with Bohwe. They need to award different people at the image awards. However, I was excited that they gave my baby Hill Harper an award!

  102. I agree 100% Nicole!!! :iagree: :iagree:

    Jennifer’s performance was so GREAT!!!!

    I am tired of the same ole same ole people also.

    Everyone looks FAB!!! Didn’t even recognize little RUDY! LOL

  103. Jennifer’s performance was so GREAT!!!! best of the night reviews are raving

  104. Lawd, I promised myself I would avoid commenting on Bey threads but…..

    @ Mario & Xiomara

    I read the book today because on Valentine’s Day I had plans. :lol2:

    @ohmythisis sucking

    Well done. You speak my language, that is, THE TRUTH.

    Many artist from all genres have an alter ego whether they give it a name or not. Some handle the conflict between real life and fame with drugs & alcohol or some form of bad habit that many mere humans indulge in to deal with the pain of living day to day life.

    It is painful to watch a person who has OPENLY EXPRESSED a belief in Christ struggle with what they do for a living with the whole world watching. If Bey had never brought Jesus into this, then ohmythisissucking’s book would be laughable. People get upset and call it judging but Christians have the duty to inspect other Christians fruit. We are to exhort, encourage, and correct each other in LOVE.

    Ohmythisissucking is not hating but showing compassion for Bey’s public struggle with her inner man.

    I, too, pray that she is set free.

  105. I have to be honest despite what the Bey haters and dislikers think. Beyonce’s CD is Fantastic to say the least. :bowdown: Jennifer’s CD was not good at all maybe 3 songs I liked. I think the grammy was outta sympothy like EVERYONE keeps saying. Jaz S. should have won atleast 2 grammys, I was upset about that cuz it was hella better then Jennifer’s. When Bey sang “HALO” I just felt it, like you can tell that right now in her life she is SO in love and happy. Im not a big Fan of Beyonce’s UNTIL this album came out. I enjoy the “Beyonce” side better then “Sasha Fierce”. She should have won Outsatnding Album award or even Rihanna should have won that cus JHud’s CD is a bit dry, I didnt really enjoy it and I hate that “POCKETBOOK” song with Ludacris…. :thumbsdown:

  106. yeah and did you hear the nasty hit and dig she made at jennifer hudson while giving her acceptance speach? this girl is nothing but a jealous, low down ghetto gutter trash chick. and if you want to know the truth, i have my suspicions pertaining to j-huds famiy’s murder and jz being involved.

  107. @JUICE….Please! That sh*t is for the birds! :loser: Beyonce has always thanked her family at awards shows. Your so into finding anything negative against Beyonce that you would turn something good into a melisious act. That really shows your character. Jennifer and Beyonce both thanked their familys and they should, but what happened to Jennifer doesnt mean people will stop thanking their families. So please get over it, Jennifer took home more awards anyway!

  108. juice what do she have to be jealous of? i mean not to take anything away from jen but beyonce is way more successful than her at the current time…so please make another excuss besides her being jealous…

  109. If she is not jealous and people are just “hating” what is up with all the defense? whatever, hating or not, jennifer still has her Oscar, the better voice and god brought her throughout all the pain she’ s been dealing with she is blessed and saved the rest can just curl up and waste away

  110. when bey mentioned “ty-ty” in her speech, i assumed she meant ty hunter, her stylist. hmm…
    i thought her performance was beautiful

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