Brown Sistas At The Alexander McQueen LA Store Opening

Singer Janet Jackson at Alexander McQueen’s Los Angeles Flagship Store Launch Party on May 13th 2008 at Alexander McQueen Boutique in Los Angeles, California.

Other Brown Sistas to show up for the flagship store opening included, rapper Eve…

actress Tracee Ellis Ross…

and actress Joy Bryant.


  1. Janet looks so soft and beautiful as always. Love her. Joi looks good as well. I like Tracee but she coulda done better. Eve too.

  2. Janet is absolutely beautiful! Naturally beautiful the woman is beyond stunning!

  3. @roe she look good in anything lol even them shoulder pads.

  4. Joy and Even look wonderful. Tracee is beginning to look ‘matronly’, dare I say? LOL. Janet looks naturally beautiful, yes, but I wish she’d switch up the ponytail; maybe do a buffont or something. LOL. Great images all around.

  5. janet jackson is so beautiful damn this girl was given the smile ya’l know janet’s smile is wat every gurl wants coz damn janet can smile and i love e.v.e too she’s lookin good too

  6. Smooth Criminal (aka Terence)

    I`ll continue to make reference to my former username for a day or so when posting until you, my fellow bloggers, don`t need any reminder.

    I agree Liyah, Janet does always look mellow. She reminds me of mushrooms, in a good way mind you. The sistas as a whole look very elegant. Point well taken, Kanyade. Matronly does befit Tracee at this point. Don`t understand why she`d choose to go this route because she`s a very sexy woman. Her style on “Girlfriends” was definitely on point. She was my favorite. Back to Janet for a second. She is naturally beautiful, and come to think of it I can`t recall her of ever wearing a lot of makeup. Sistas correct me if I`m wrong, but I never see her with a cake load of makeup looking like she`s been beaten… LOL. There`s also no plastic surgery to speak of. Just naturally beautiful, amazing..

  7. I’m sorry, I just had to come back to this page and look at Janet’s beauty! LOVE HER!

  8. @ Smooth Criminal (a.k.a. Terrence)

    well she (Janet) has said herself that she doesn’t like make-up…..matter of fact she said she hates it.

    @ Liyah
    aww…..aren’t you nice.

    @ Ruth
    girl, no one will hate you for your honest opinion. the only time peeps attack is when it gets disrespectful. but you’re just being honest. what’s wrong with that?

    back to the topic…..

    janet really does look pretty. in the second picture she has a childish look to her……but the shoulder pads might as well come back. shoot everything else has. even the glorified jheri curl.
    pssst……i got a secret. i have family memebers with “the curl”.
    ((sings “SOUL GLO” like a idiot))

    tracey has on the flower print dress. hey i guess it’s her style for now. i hope i don’t sound wrong in anyway when i say i just want to see her change her hair style……i guess to see what else she can look like.

    eve. the dress is nice, i like it. and again i don’t want to sound wrong but i want eve to drop the blond ish. it annoys the heck outta me to see some of my favorite artists slowly work their way towards platinum blond…..what ever happened to brown, black, red-orange?

    and joy looks cool. i just wanna know why does her hair look like that. like a wig? hmm……maybe that’s me. whatever but they all look pretty.

    peace and diddy grease
    kong out.

  9. I love you Janet! How old is she? 40+ is nothing these days.
    *sigh* Jheri curls…the slap in the face for black haircare.

  10. Janet girl. you rocking beautiful for years yes, Imagine seeing you live that night.

    anybody who knows style ,would know that Shoulder pads is ah must for that type sleeve.

    Fab jan you look just fab and your beauty is timeless

  11. @ flo
    you had me rolling. but it’s true though. they’re coming back.

    @ smokeyeye
    well i figure janet’s wearing a kimono….and i’m not into the colour pink at all but i like the pink into purple flow. so i guess shoulder pads weren’t bad. she still looks mad pretty.

    ((still singing “SOUL GLO”))

  12. Janet looks stunning! I can’t imagine any other real diva that’s out right now that could pull this off like she can.
    I know I would look like a fool wearing that.LOLOL!!! Just being honest.

  13. @Diddy Kong
    If Jheri Curls come back, I throwing on some neon green biker shorts and a fanny pack.
    Do you know what’s worst than a Jheri Curl? A Jheri Curl in a pony tail. Why did people but their Jheri Curled hair in pony tails?

  14. Regular Jheri Curl vs. Jheri Curl in a ponytail- which is worse.
    I am buying some biker shorts and a fanny pack tomorrow.

  15. Tracey looks fugly in that dress. She could have dressed up for the event. That dress looks like something one might wear to Sunday school-as the teacher.

  16. @ flo
    haha….you funny. but those spandex joints were no joke. especially when the elastic in the waist became loose and the top of your shorts would roll down. ahh…….memories.

    and fanny packs are just funny to say. now this has got me thinking of other thinks like the phrose “no wammies” and mon chi chi’s. calgon take me away. haha

    tracy doesn’t look like a sunday school teacher. the floral print reminds me of a table cloth. but no worries about her look. she’s cool either way.

  17. @ flo

    i don’t know why they put their jheri curls in a ponytail…….mayeb so their hair wasn’t in their face. or greasing up their clothes.

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