Brown Sistas Rock The American Music Awards

The 35th Annual American Music Awards ceremony was held last night and it was quite a huge evening for Brown Sistas. Both Alicia Keys and Rihanna walked away with multiple statuetts, two a piece and gave blockbuster performances to boot. Alicia gave an amazing performance of her single, Superwoman, with raptress Queen Latifah and opera singer Kathleen Battle. Rihanna also gave a spectacular performance of her single Rehab and did so while wearing the most amazing bad ass biker babe outfit I have ever seen- complete with jewel encrusted eye-patch. Next up was Sasha Fierce who was not about to be left out of all the hoopla. Though Beyonce was not up for any awards, she did perform her soon to be #1 hit, Single Ladies and totally brought the crowd to their feet.

Below are just a few pics from the event and I may add a few more later or to the gallery- as well as videos of the performances, in case anyone missed them.

1. Watch Beyonce AMA performance.

2. Watch Alicia Keys AMA performance.

3. Watch Rihanna AMA performance.


  1. Brown Sistas did their thing!!!!!!! :iagree:

    Alicia was off the hook, Beyonce was amazing, i felt a lot of energy coming from her…

    Loved Queen Latifah and the other opera lady…

    Rihanna…well, she looked cute, great stage setup, nice outfit….but i think as usual she left her vocals at home.

  2. Alicia, Queen and Kathleen Battle kill that performance, that was the. :bowdown: :bowdown:

  3. Kathleen Battle OMG. I am learning her version of O Has I Jubal’s Lyre for my classical recital. She has the purest soprano voice I have ever heard.

    Alicia Keys is amazing. I love how she shares the spotlight with other divas who don’t get their due. She is not intimidated by other strong women.

    I only watched the show awaiting her performance. I wish Jennifer Hudson could have been there. Then all of The Secret Life Of Bees singers would have been in full effect. :brownsista: :brownsista: :brownsista:

  4. I thought Beyonce’s performance was not her best…..she should have done something else with the song or did another single from the album. I’m a little tired of all that running around screaming and she even seemed bored with it.

    Rihanna is a very beautiful young woman but her performance was just so so.

    I missed AK, Latifah and Ms. Battle performance.

  5. Love me some Rih Rih but she could have put more effort into her performance. All her outfits were fierce!

    Bey did her thang although she could have left some of those raunchy moves out (little girls are too fresh as it is)…oh and the swinging ponytail..too funny.

    The final performance of the night was the best .

  6. ok the way beyonce walked out was like…B!tches im here…i almost died! and that end when she pulled that ponytail and posed like WHAT! i was like YES B!TCH! beyonce knows what she is doing and alot of movement she does are catered to her large gay fanbase. beyonce had fun with this performance and i loved it…. :thumbsup:

    A keys did great as well as not a surprise because she is simply beautiful! :bowdown:

    rihanna…the video got me loving rehab but when i saw that stage i was like ok she is about to break into something real crazy….but when i realized thats all she was going to sing i thought to myself…. “was all that stuff on stage called for?” i mean i liked the fire but all that stuff on stage was just to much :thumbsdown:

    mariah carey is starting to make me more mad every time i see her…as if nick had to kiss her hand at the begining and all she did was stand there and look cute…hell i can do that! well of course i dont have the vocals but i wanted to see her at least move around or something… :noway:

    im happy rihanna one her awards but at the same time we have to remember the fact that it was the fans that got to vote and im sure mary J fan base doesnt spend their time on the internet voting…hell my partner loves mary and he said he didnt even know you could vote…HELL I DIDNT EVEN KNOW YOU CAN VOTE AND I KEEP MY @SS ON THE COMPUTER! πŸ˜†

  7. LOL @ Mario…. Yes Ms. Girl was killing me with that walk honey!! I said “YOU BETTA WORK B*TCH!!” :bowdown: She was swinging them hips like no tomorrow lol. But anyway, my girl Alicia killed it as well, along with Neyo. People be sleeping on him but that boy can put on a great show. Umm Rhianna did an ok job considering her lack of vocal ability. Not much of a fan of hers but I wasnt disappointed in her performance at all. All in all, it was an okay show. But my standouts were definitely Beyonce, Neyo, and Ms.Keys..

  8. Thanks for the close up of the shoes Stephanie! You know I loves my shoes! Even tho those look like they have keloids on the back of them. πŸ™

  9. Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah and Kathleen Battle….. That performance was off the hook…. :thumbsup: love it….

    My girl Rihanna, outfit looked hot, the performance was nice but I thought maybe she coulda done Disturbia as well just to make it a bit more lively….

    And last but not least beyonce’… That song is growing on me, I’m liking it… But the performance always seems to be the same when she does it live. But she can dance and sing the hell out of the song I give her that….

  10. bey’s performance was this ish. she came and let everybody know the queen was back. i think she had one of the upbeat performance all night!! i admit it wasn’t her best, but she still did the damn thing and i guarantee all eyes were on her at that time

    a. keys- My girl, my girl, so beautiful. her and queen did a lovely performance

    rihanna-as usual, instead of just singing, she had it in her mind that she was too cute to just perform like a regular person, but i admit, to me that was her best performance i’ve seen from her so far. she must be reading the blogs…

    mariah-retire. i’m am too through. i can’t believe once of the supposed best singers in the world sat there a lip-synced a whole slow song. i mean, what has happened to her?? as a long time fan i’m truly dissappointed

  11. another thing, can you tell me how rihanna won for best soul/rb female album, but alicia keys won best pop/rock album?? i don’t quite understand where they got that from

  12. I totally forgot these awards were on. Brownsistas represent! I will have to watch the performances and comment accordingly later. :brownsista:

  13. rihanna red carpet dress is fugly…the gloves gotta go…
    Beyonce is the best, I love A keys…Rihanna is so so so boring…bitch gotta go

  14. Akeys killed it, Ri Ri looked amazing but she not the best singer and need to do more on stage. Her looks are good for a video only live you got to work it.

    Bee KILLED IT! That girl was ready to WORK IT!

  15. I enjoyed Beyonce’s performance. Did y’all see the whtie girl dancing? She was tearing it up. Rihanna’s performance was not bad, she does need more stage presence,but her singing got better though.

  16. I didn’t see the AMAs, but looking at these photos EVERYONE looks nice.

  17. The music awards have not been good since the days of Michael Jackson, Prince and the early 90’s when real music and musicians existed. I am just not into the over hype of these artist of today whose egos seem to be bigger than there bank accounts.

  18. My Ama Performances Review:
    Everyone Looked very good and i’ m happy the sistas and i mean women in general represented

    *Christina Aiguilera Can sing and entertain,the “beautiful” section was flawless Of course without everyone surrounding and special effect we would all have been bored But i forgive her because her voice is One of the best ans you can tell she’ s a grown up now that her “genie in the bottle” and dirty songs don’ t work anymore lol. I love her post maternity Body very fierce,very curvy ^^ Great perfomance.

    *NKOTB i love them they are so smooth can’ t touch my Black male group
    But they are good !

    *Pink is a powerhouse, When she doesn’ t sing song like “don’ t let me get me” or “So what” She still sounds great but the exitement is not there, Never the less she looks great and was that a booty? Lool Okay you go girl, She can sing also what would a collaboration between Her and Christina Aguilera be?

    *Taylor swift was nervous but she shouldn’ t be ,she can sing her little behind off and i kinda liked her song Good job little thing, she write great songs for a girl such a young age that’ s a very very good look

    *Ne-yo Is hot , His performance was very hot, He has so much class and that is soo important to me in a man, He can put on a show for real,If he put in work He is well on his way to be one of our icons πŸ™‚

    *Leona Lewis Have a one in the kind Voice! I really want her to cross over here but seing how people are very close minded here I don’ t know , But she can really Sing, Better in time is beautiful

    *Miley Cirus Need to Shut the hell up!

    *Coldplay was Okay i guess :i

    *Mariah Carey’ s perfomance was good, and awww at nick helping her down, “I stay in love” Is beautiful, why does she have a booty on , is she pregnant?

    *The fray Are really slept on, I loved Loved Loved the perfomance and “how to save a life”, everytime i hear it i have chills.

    *Beyonce was born to perform, But i’ m still waiting on that iconic song, Those iconic michael jackson like moves, I’ m waiting *criquets* Still waiting…, She is going to pay for marketing sasha fierce, I was embarassed for her on that performance, “yall a little too cool for me”? Bey don’ t do that to yourself girl!

    *The Jonas Brothers are cute but they can shut up right ahead with miley cirus

    *The pussycat Nicole Dolls Don’ t do anything for me

    [Hey miss anie lenox Thank you for all of your work in africa, That performance was great you still got it πŸ™‚ ]

    *Natasha befingfied Was okay “Unwritten” is my song but her vocals were not on point, Not what i expected

    *Rihanna with her 5 number one songs in 3 years she is definitely are going to make some people furious , she sung good She looked great but the whole set was too damn much I love rihanna but i’ m one who always give honest opinion

    *Kanye west is soo Imature to me,And once someone’ s ego is a turn off to me I can’ t appreciate the music , and him and t-pain are gonna end up being slap the hell up with this whole circus ish futurictis ish las vegas ish Bullcrap they are trying to pull

    *Sarah Mclachlan [Typo?] I had no idea who she was, and pink gave me chills It was a good performance I love their voice , The harmony was perfect

    *Once Again ladies and gentleman, Your body and look can only take you far, Brains and beauty make up a real woman, Once Again Alicia keys was the star of the night, Her performance was perfect, Her voice on point, The trio was great This woman is really a role model and an inspiration, She does not have to do anything else than sing , She makes good music she is on her way to become an icon, Her music and talent speak for her, Huge bow down and thumbs up for alicia, Her music is timeless and will last forever.Great way to close the show, Beautiful Beautiful Woman, Great talent, she is a legend, I will be singing Superwoman [a pure song great melody proper Language] to my grand children, Yes i will
    Alicia comes the closest to being iconic in the long run. She writes Great music , with depth and meaning and she does not come out on stage in something that looks like Victoria’ s secrets Designed it

    To end my review I must say that i do not Favorise any body based on their skins color My review was honest and as fair as i could Whether it was with us black folks or the others, With that said Congratulations to everyone for their awards expecially Alicia (Superwoman) Rihanna and Mariah they done did it.


  19. :iagree: @talu….

    You’re right Alicia can kick it on stage with anyone and still do her thing. Alicia’s was the best performance and it would have been wonderful if Jennifer would have been there but Queen paid her a tribute. Good to hear Queen rapping again. The picture that flashed up at the end was of Michelle Obama.

    While I am happy for her I didn’t get how Rihanna won for best R&B female she is more pop, that should have went to Alicia but if the fans voted then I guess Rihanna would win since she is more popular with fans however they did give Alicia her due with her album it was the best. But Chris brown with entertainer of the year I don’t know, he even was surprised but good for them all.

  20. @ Dark sista…

    :iagree: your review is accurate…
    I forgot about Ne-yo he did great and is becoming quite the performer. Hopefully he will get his just due one day. Right now he keeps getting looked over for the more popular Chris Brown when it comes to award shows at least.

  21. Alicia Keys had the stand out performance to me. I love the way she does not mind sharing the stage with other entertainers. The fact that Queen Latifah mentioned Jennifer Hudson and her precious nephew in her rap, brought tears to my eyes.

    Off the topic, the media is always trying to hype up Britney Spears, but they better stop sleeping on Pink. That is my girl and she did a good job last night.

  22. and i love alicia not trying to overshadow that beautiful Opera Singer :thumbsup:
    Real sistas Recognize Real sistas

  23. oh yeah…kanye mouth does get on my nerves sometimes but he did just say that beyonces performance last night was historical so i guess i can let him slide a little

  24. I don’t think they should let fans vote for the winners! I love CB, but there is no way he deserves artist of the year! Rihanna beating out A. Keys in a R&B category??? :lol2: NEXT!

  25. “Beyonces performance last night was historical”
    Mario and you really believe that? Come on now what is wrong with everyone I’ m i too old?
    Historical? A grown woman bold enough to drop it like that is amazing, but historical? What was historic about it? Was it someone’ s birthday? Please Tell me something! I mean it was a good performance But historical? Yall going to have enough over hyping everything!

    Rihanna sung it good Honestly i didn’ t expected it from her, And of course she looked perfect

    Alicia was the best of the night I agree :iagree: than again any event that alicia participate in she ends up being the Best because that woman is the truth The entire night Nobody had a damn thing on her, Leotards, Fat tighs, Goat voice, Ridiculous set ,unnecessary fire and all !Plus when Queen Latifah said Rest in Peace darnell I had chills her and Alicia have so much class, And Kathleen Battle What a voice, Alicia was definitely the best And i agree with whoever said that she never has to do much to grab attention, making good music will do that for you, Great show honestly The sistas represented Congratulation to rihanna for making it! and i love mariah she did looked a lil fat but it’ s all good

  26. I really liked Alicia Keys performance.

    Rihanna is beautiful and fierce {in her own right}. Didn’t care much for her performance.

    Beyonce performed well as I knew she would. On one part, it seemed like she messed up though…. did anybody else notice? I still luv her!

  27. voice dont come at me like that because i dont do that to you…i didnt say it was historical i said kanye said it

    Nne yes she messed up but she played it off pretty well…i guess its alot to sing every note on point and try to hit every move…cause for a lot of concentration but yes she kept going when she was suppose to start stepping backwards and kinda ran into her dancer but she slid back like she was suppose to do that lol…

    i kinda liked when they ran up that little wall lol it was funny and i didnt expect it because it was out of the camera view the whole time and she never done it live…lol i was like oh! ok…lol it was funny

  28. Mario: Come at you like what? I didn’t say anything wrong, and even if kanye did say that you are not a dog to follow whatever he or someone else say are you? Last time he said rihanna was the best thing that happened to beyonce i fell out of my chair laughing at how ridiculous it was,
    Yet i love rihanna more than beyonce, I was asking you a question , and making a point on how people will say just about anything as long as it praises their idol, Answer my question How is it historical, If you can’ t answer then my point is made :thumbsup:

  29. go back and see what i read and stop putting words in my mouth never once did i say that i agree with what he said by it being historical i simply commend him for saying something positive about beyonce thats it i never said i was agreeing that the performance was historical

  30. Right on Dark Sista! Can you please say that again one more time?! “REAL SISTAS RECOGNIZE REAL SISTAS” :brownsista:

    I absolutely loved A Keys performance. The best of the whole night! It warmed my heart to see the admiration, respect, and love clearly displayed for Ms. Battle by the Queen and Alicia. That’s the type of support and love for each other I’m talking about.

    Overall, the awards show was boring and I chose to watch my favorite Sunday show, “True Blood”, instead and fast forwarded the AMAs on the DVR to see who I wanted to see later.

  31. Mario: You said you will let him “slide” that’ s even more scary, But if you don’ t see my point right now we have no business Going back and forth knowing that her fans swears multiple comments about her is soo Iconic , We might as well stop right here, :thumbsup:

  32. also, everybody always talks about how old beyonce is to still be shaking her a$$. well, how old was tina turner when she stopped shaking her a$$?? oh yeah, she hasn’t, as i recall, she shook her a$$ with beyonce at the grammies this years. she was also a performer that dressed skantily clad back in the day, so i ask you all, what is the damn differnece??

  33. ummm? Kanye and Beyonce are mad cool. When he made that comment about Rihanna was the best thing that ever happened to Bey was not to be taken too serious. What he was saying is that Rihanna being the center of attention right now is going to be more of a challenge for her because Beyonce is the brown sista that gets the attention lol. No biggie dang people take him way too serious.

  34. “beyonce’s performance last night was historical” πŸ™„ It’ s not even funny This is what happened when you don’ t go to school :thumbsdown:
    Renae: Real sistas recognize real sistas Indeed :bowdown:

  35. :lol2: at Dark Sista you are a trip! It’s an opinion from him and not something to be taken serious. I thought Bey’s performance was good, but I disagree as well it wasn’t historical.

  36. MrsJones
    Dont go there. Beyonce and Tina are in two seperate catagories. Beyonce wishes she was Tina, sing inspiring songs while performing not shaking her ass. Tina would not dance how Beyonce did last night, Tina is always a lady and she moves around the stage without looking like a whore. Beyonce came out in some undies and gyrated while screaming, you need to go back and do your research because Ms Tina does not drop it like its hot. This is the problem with people, people swear Beyonce invented everything and you cant compare the Icons to someone who is merely begging to be one. Compared to the ladies on stage last night Beyonce is the last to be an Icon, the way she was dancing and opening her crotch just to prove something. Real legends dont look like whores! :loser:

  37. @KENNY

    just shut up. u don’t like her, we get it. she will still sell albums. point blank, period. why don’t you go do a damn protest if you care so much

  38. and tina turner used to shake just as fast and hard. you act like beyonce threw her coochie in the crowds face or something. i hate people that think they are holier than thou. he who is without sin should cast the first stone.

  39. Rihanna is one of the most beautiful women in the world…but my god! she is so dull…she needs to get CB or somebody to show her a few dance moves..mariah can’t dance, but at least she be working her neck at least appearing like she enjoys her job…

  40. Am I the only one who heard Kanye West say he wanted to be Elvis? I mean I was a little sleepy by that point, so I might have drifted off for a moment and drept that? (Scratching my head)

  41. kenny i think you are wrong tina did dance how beyonce dances now and she obviously dont have a problem with it as much as yall do in here because if she did maybe she wouldnt have performed with her…or maybe she wouldnt have done a tour and said that beyonce inspired her to go on tour again…you people over analyze way to much its not that serious…ive seen video girls be slutty in videos then thats something to talk about..get over the bey bashing its not that serious

  42. Tina said that beyonce inspired her to go on tour again
    Last time i checked Tina said beyonce would never be her how can someone that can never be you can inspire you enough and more than your own fans to get up and do it again? πŸ˜† beyonce’ s fans are amazing
    Anyway this not being about her, I agree Alicia Was the star of the night but that’ s nothing new,Alicia Is the Icon Out of this generation, Her songs are timeless and with every new opus she show us the real definition of talent :bowdown: Rihanna looked good and sung well, Beyonce giselle sasha whoever the hell she was need to respect herself a little more, So does Christina aiguilera, Pink is hot and looking femininely good these days,I

  43. I just rewatched the performance and my point of view changed a lil bit. but i still stand strong about alicia! :bowdown:

  44. Epi You know what i figured out? At first when rih came out with pon de replay and all she was dancing she was doing it, And doing it well, People said that she was a beyonce copycat and her cd hardly sold, I didn’ t even like her because she reminded me of a mini beyonce, and NOBODY wants more of the drama that follows beyonce, Then when she sung unfaithful people said that beyonce dressed her and did her hair on couple of videos, I was pissed, I cannot stand sisters w/o a personality that’ s scary Knowing that black women are the epitome of strength , All of a sudden rihanna changes her style and that’ s all it takes for her to sky rock to the superstar status, Honestly If you were ask to sit around all day long doing nothing but walk around and still make money wouldn’t you do it?I feel like her management had it figured out that she can just prance around and look pretty and still be successful why would she bust a sweat? Rihanna made it clear that she doesn’ t live for hollywood and fame, Why should she bust her butt off working when her fans are satisfied as it is? You know what i Mean?
    Just like beyonce’ s management figured out that whatever she put out her fans will eat it up like crazy, Every reviews i read and my own opinion knowing that i enjoyed dil and love music in general was unanimous “I am Sasha fierce” was garbage But her fans swears it’ s a masterpiece Why should bey or Rhianna improve their performances or the quality of their music if people like it just as it is? πŸ™„

  45. dark sista i suggest you look deeper into it and yes i do know that tina turner said that beyonce asked her to do another tour and tina said that that was one of the reasons why she wanted to do it again…i should know my business helped sponsor her tour… so next time dont tell me im wrong…usually if i dont know the truth i would say something like i heard from someone or something but i know this because i heard it myself from tina

    anyway beyonce stole the show as usual…i mean i expected it and was the only real reason why i watched the show…..everyone was great but of course they didnt want beyonce to open the show anymore because they know that people wont be interested in the rest…everyone could have went home after beyonce shut it down

  46. The moment B starts strutting her stuff on the stage, I knew she had it in the bag. Confidence is just oozing out of her pores. I was captivated from beginning to end. I couldn’t get enough. I kept wishing for MORE. Hers is the first performance I went to watch over and over the moment it got on you tube…I’m not finish yet πŸ˜†

    I also love P!nk’s performance. She looks great and her sound is awesome. I love that raspy thing she does with her voice. She has stage pressence, too. I was feeling Coldplay as crazy as he looked on stage LOL. Queen Latifah, Kathleen Battle and Alicia were awesome. I like this AMA’s ending better than it’s opening act.

    Congratulations are in order to Mariah, Alicia, and Rihanna on their awards.

  47. I enjoy a variety of artist ..beyonce and rihanna included…I like music period! had a hard day? why not throw in some beyonce to get your spirits up…feeling down? why not let yolanda adams adams take you 2 church!…edgy? why not some rihanna or pink? feeling soulful? jill scott’s your girl…I try not to think 2 much into it…
    but I will say if you are wearing chains in leather like you’re about 2 go to war, and have fire spewing out all over that stage…at least ACT a little more enthused..

  48. epi i agree i love the song but she looked very bored up there and i guess i would be two if i had all that sh!t on stage and couldnt do anything with it…

    again beyonce is the queen she commanded attention from start to finish you see how she worked the crowd? please to all that didnt like that performance i sure happy that i didnt see it through yall eyes…even the old white lady was moving her hand thats what im talking about perform! she always get a standing O why? because she deserves it and works hard for it if people in the music industry can appreciate her work i dont know why others cant and always have to find something negative…not sometimes but ALWAYS have to find something negative AGAIN ALWAYS!

  49. PINK HAD THE BEST PERFORMANCE. she sung the heck out of that song! Beyonce was typical nothing to call my girls about! It was like watching the video but a little off with the choregraphy she was about to fall with her dizzy butt! Her outfit was horrible.

    Christina, love the voice,but stop dancing! Alicia’s performance was great except for that opera singer, my goodness!

  50. Hey Mario No, No,No HELL NO, don’ t tell me what i can or cannot tell you
    I say and do what i want, it’ s up to you how you handle it and how you take it
    I’ m sure you know everything and everyone and Your business Promoted quite a few people,Congratulations, However, Being a “oldie” and knowing quite a few celebs myself , I strongly Doubt and I mean strongly That T.T said anything about beyonce being an inspiration to her at all, I know she said that beyonce was too glamour and “too clean” To be like her,and that she was very talented and educated on her idols, I know for a fact she said it, Knowing a few beyonce’ s fans i’ m familiar with their Over Exaggeration of everything to make a point of beyonce’ s status in the industry,I will not surprised if T.T said that her performance On the grammy’ s Brought back a fire inside of her, And people found a way to bring it back to the “beyonce is a goddess” train wreck, Now i never Disrespected anyone , Especially Not you, I’ m even one of the few one that told people to get off of your back, So you aren’ t the enemy , You need to have the Presence d’ esprit not to let your love for beyonce mess Up the most cordial (ie,Online) Human Exchange And don’ t try to Intimidate me, I do not walk that way.

    Kitten: Pink’s Vocal are great :iagree:

  51. OK watching riri again…im just so disappointed… all that stage and nothing…and im a little worried…is she confused? did she know that she was singing rehab? i mean the video is COMPLETELY different than what she did…she could have kept it simple with a SIMPLE outfit and played the role that is played in the video….i just dont get it…the video was simple and pretty and normal…then she comes on stage with all that stuff and then wear all that edgy stuff and this time it was uncalled for….sorry i had to vent a little…maybe its because i actually want to see this girl do well…just constructive criticism i guess…

  52. Well, I thought AMAs were great this year. The 3 best performances in order were:

    1. Ne-Yo: Has he stepped his game or what? Ever since the BET awards, he has been on another level. He has grown so much as an artist.

    2. Alicia: Shocked that I would put her performance over Bey’s, huh? LOL. It was great. 3 legends on the stage, different genres and all of them rocked it. Not to mention the song too, a positive message. Alicia got that with her energy and everything.

    3. Beyonce: Bey did the darn thing as usual. Both AK and Bey are two different kinds of artists and I appreciate them both. Usually, I feel Bey is the better performer but having Kathleen Battle and Queen La put it over the top for me. But Bey always has that energy and great vocals.

  53. I also feel having those two legends with Alicia, got her energy up. I saw more passion than usual from her and yes, I know she is passionate about her craft so don’t get on me AK fans. She did the darn thing tonight and her performance was better than Bey’s and I am a Bey fan admitting it.

  54. dark sista you can doubt all you want to that doesnt change the fact that she said it and i would not say it if it wwasnt true..i have no reason to lie and you have no evidence to prove me wrong…so this petty argument started because you tried to pretty much call me a liar but you dont even know the truth? i did feel disrespected

  55. @ Mario…I agree..she could have taken a few tips from Pink…pink is edgy yet very soulful

  56. I’ m sure you know everything and everyone and Your business Promoted quite a few people,Congratulations

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    I luh u Mario Bt i agre u do Ova xagerate everything and get defensive all the time about beyonce even when people give constructive criticism like you did rihanna it’ s like if it aint 100% compliments You become pissed or find a way to thrown mini jabs at people that aint right , u 1 of the collest cats up in her n u funny honestly read some of ur own pst u’ ll see all that is unecessary :stop:

  57. yep yep yep kanye just said on 106 that beyonce is the best perform of our time…wait a minute let me rewind to make sure im accurate since people want to call me a liar and since people think that because kanye said it i must have said it too….

    “its just about being the number one artist, killing the game. first of all, also beyonce is the number one performer of our generation.” -kanye

    i donno he might be hyping bey up because i heard that its confirmed that he will be on beys ego remix :hifive:

  58. voice… i did not over exaggerate that tina was inspired to tour again because beyonce made a comment to her about it…i can see if i said omg tina is in love with beyonce and she is only doing a tour just for her…i had no exaggeration i just said what tina said point blank… call me a liar or an over exaggerator if you want but i know the truth…thanks

    and there are plenty of times when people state their opinions about bey and usually i dont respond unless they say things thats over the top like taking it personal and in that case its uncalled for and shows that they must be a hater…when people just give their opinion than its just that…when someone say beyonce has a nice voice i just dont like her music…i dont respond because there is no hate just a stat of opinion

  59. mario: so kanye west was right when he said that rihanna was beyonce’ s biggest competition? and that rihanna was the best artist in the world? Hmm whateva u in hypocrite mood right now so whateva

  60. Voice, on that whole Robyn/Beyonce situation, I am actually somewhat suspcious about Kanye’s comments for some reason. It is not like I need him to vouche for Bey’s performing skills because we know what it is. But a lot of times, these entertainers name drop to get their fan base. And just to make this clear a lot of Bey fans actually don’t fully trust his comments.

  61. Epi, that’s cause it is her. It works for her. Edgy don’t quite work for Ri. It don’t really work for Bey actually if we want to go there but nah, I don’t buy it from Ri but she does look modeleqse though.

  62. nope like i said when i said kanye said that beyonces performance was historical…i never said i agreed stop over analyzing never said i was agreeing with him…i disagree that the performance was historical but i still think it was the best of the night…now his comment on being the best performer of our time there is no doubt that i think she is…

  63. Ms. Alicia Keyes….AWESOME Gurl!!!! Loved it! :bowdown:
    I see you Queen L. , miss you on the rap scene & Ms Kathleen…. you did your thang’ ma!
    Saw Neyo’s performance on another site…Loved his performance as well!

    Congrats to all the winners on all their many accomplishments this year! :thumbsup:

  64. Lucky, who else of the 20-29 age group would do what Alicia did? No one. That shows a love and an appreciation for music, period. It is great to see a mainstream artist doing that.

  65. You claim that You’ ve heard T.T said that beyonce gave her the inspiration to do another tour, Seeing how huge beyonce is even when she walks instead of taking a car it becomes news, so if I Google what you said is there proof of it? Just like everyone over hyped a simple compliment the obama made to beyonce? It went from the girls met beyonce and love her, To michelle wants her daughters to be like beyonce! So where are Your proofs?

    Maybe you met up with T.T and played the confession Game with her, But I never heard it, so you need more people You can Google what i said about T.T saying beyonce will never be like her and it will be staring at you in the face, so excuse me, matter of fact don’ t for , doubting you , since i never even met you or don’ t know you and for thinking hat you’ re purposely twisting things up to make beyonce look big as if she wasn’t big enough , If i come in here tomorrow and say that Pink told me she loves beyonce and want to do a duet with her does that mean it’ s the truth ? You don’ t know me , and it’ s only Normal for you to doubt me, If that hurt your feelings than i’ m stopping right here.

    You do not have the monopole of the truth or false, and You’ re acting childish so i’ m going to stop trying to exchange opinions with you and ignore you, I can’ t sit here and play with you, I’ m starting to feel very weird sitting on the computer arguing with you over who? Beyonce? Please

    Good Night

  66. Curtis…. I agree 100% w/ what you stated, there is no one else in that age range doing it like that right now and I couldn’t agree more.

    But on the the other hand, I am a lil’ bias…I think everything Alicia does, sing about & have a passion for is “AWESOME”!! LOL

    Loves that :brownsista: chicka!!!

  67. I missed the show, but I did get to see Alicia’s performance. I loved that performance!!!
    :bowdown: to her for that. The hairs on my neck stood up, I thought Jennifer was coming out, that would have been so awesome! But Ms. Battle was great! Just awesome!

    Everyone looked great!

  68. I love Rihanna but I thought she could have done better. To me Beyonce looked like she didn’t feel like dancing….she didn’t give it her all like she usually does

  69. Looking at that show last nite made me miss the 80’s. For most of the new performers it’s all about making sure your name is mentioned a million times the next day. It all seems so gimmicky. I just don’t udnerstand where is real music. And when artisist do come out and just perform because people have gotten so use to the glitter and gold a lot of people just don’t understand the term less is more anymore.

    I thought Mariah was great last nite. That was the first time in a long time where you thought to yourself damn I forgot how good her voice really is. You don’t need all that smoke and all that running around. Sometimes you can just come out and sing your song.

  70. I thought MC was still and self absorbed. Her stage presence is almost as bad as Rihanna’s. She stand in one spot as still as a piece of wood.

  71. @ bria…i agree..thats how i felt about Leonard Lewis last shocked no one is talking about her! she has a gorgeous voice and her song was sweet and romantic..but i guess because she didnt yank her weave in the air or wear a shiny eye patch..shes been deemed boring..

  72. wtf was Rhianna suppose to do while performing Rehab. it’s a slow song. do you expect her to open her crotch and act like she’s in a strip club? to me she sounded better than pcd, xtina and leona lewis their performances was a mess. Rihanna sound just like cd itself

  73. the awards were a little Boring in MY opinion (and again it is just MY opinion lol)

    christina aguilera opened, did her thing, not Bad for a wife and a new mommy lol.

    kanye killed me with his “i want to Be elvis” speech, i was dying, But i understood what he meant. glad he got his awards.

    did anyone catch new kids on the Block? lol Ne-yo just took their money and ran, poor guys. But they took it Back when they performed “the right stuff”…dont tell me none of you rememBer that song…im only 23 and i know that…you know you used to watch mtv and secretly dance in your rooms with the door closed…or was that just me? πŸ˜†

    alicia keys, what can i say? this woman always kills it, AND she lets the spotlight shine on other great females too, just like when she was at the BET awards and she had all the girl groups together, TLC, SWv and en vogue…who else could have and would have done that?

    glad they paid triBute to Annie lennox, that was my girl, and one of her Best alBums is named after me! πŸ™‚ (someone go you tuBe or download “walking on Broken glass” )

    always heart rihanna, her swag, her style, etc….But i thought she was going to smash some guitars, or since JT was there he was going to come out with her like the the video or some drugged out looking people were going to come out when she was singing rehaB lol…and that is my song too…oh well.

    neyo danced his hat wearing Booty off….and who was the girl in the red dress with him? she MUST dance professionally….good one.

    Beyonce was herself, i think sasha was at home sick. lol the performance was okay to ME….again, just to ME!

    i heart PINK, that girl has some real pipes, i really like that song “soBer” and she looked great too.

    Mrs. mariah carey-cannon i dont know what her name is now lol….i rememBer when i was in grammar and high school she was the truth…now, i dont know what to think of her. when i know she is going to perform on tv i try to give her the Benefit of the douBt, and alas, it doesnt work. i wonder when was the last time she actually sung live? like, without the assistance of a recording? i wonder if she cant really sing that well like she used to anymore?

    i like leonia lewis, however i think they could have turned up her mic JUST a little more. lol

    i actually like that miley cyrus song “fly on the wall”. am i the only one? oh well guess i am lol. thats ok i will Be alone for that one.

    sarah mclachlan and pink did a good rendition of sarah’s song “angel”. it is a gorgeous song. a little sad when accompained with the right images (its the song for the commercial with the dogs and cats that need to Be adopted).

    ummm who else? oh the PCD….oh man. it was funny when the hispanic girl, i dont know her name, she has the light Brown ponytail, they were all supposed to take off their jackets, all cute and sexy, and she couldnt get hers off! lol it sounds simple, But i dunno i thought that was funny. πŸ˜›

    and i like chris Brown But…artist of the year? hmm…wow….that was a huge shock, esp to chris himself lol.

  74. Dark Sista as usual… sums it all up the way it should be!

    My goodness, I can’t believe some of these posters. Obssess much???

  75. I think riri did good on her performance she sound alot better. All she do is need more of a stage performance she really be the Sh!t. But she really look good in that dress and her performance outfit. To me beyonce was trying little bit hard. She had to tell people to get out there sit like come on. Alicia Keys killed it.

  76. I can actually say that I enjoyed the show this year. I thought all performers did a great job! The surprise to me was Miley Cyrus’ performance – they are crazy about that song at my daughter’s school – so I found myself singing along with Miley. Anyway, there were no surprises to me and no dissapointments. Individually – they all did their thang.

  77. “”I found myself singing along with Miley””

    That’ s so cute

  78. @Teri said: I have a couple of 8 year old nieces and some cousins around that age as well so I can probably sing some Miley Cyrus and Cheetah girls too. I know it’s sad, but, I spend a lot of time with my nieces and to stay connected I try to watch what they like. So don’t feel bad, I missed her performance but I probably would have been singing along too.

    I use to be so cool.

  79. Speaking of Disney girls, i wonder wyh Raven Symone album did not blow up. She had the most successful show on the network for years.

  80. yeah i didnt get that…though i was probably to old to watch the show i still looked at it haha! but i thought she could actually sing as well though compared to most disney artist

  81. Alicia Keys stole the show once again :bowdown: :bowdown: and I agree with Dark Sista review 100%.

  82. rihann sucked big time! i am getting tired of her! her stage presence is really POOR! my fave were alicia and beyonce! they rocked! :bowdown: :bowdown:

  83. Epi you are so right i love Rihanna im her biggest fan but that performance was really dull But she looked Awesome! And she sung nice.Im glad she is stepping up. Alicia Keys had a very flawless performance it was amazing. Beyonce killed it! That was a great performance.She really can dance but i dont know why she siad ,” AMA yall just to cool for me” that kinda made me laugh.

  84. whoever said mimi lipped is a liar because she was singing live and it was obvious, she sounded great as usual but she was stiff as hell

    I just think you cant compare the singers from the 90s,80s,70s etc to what we have now. The standard of talent has declined rapidly, a lot of these new artists have no stage personality, sub par vocals, sub par albums and are just lackluster in general.

    The only decent performance was alcia and queen, I respected what they did and it was great to see the opera singer because you dont get to see many black females sing that genre.

  85. The only decent performance was alcia and queen, I respected what they did and it was great to see the opera singer because you dont get to see many black females sing that genre.


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