Brown Sistas At The BET Honors Ceremony

Alicia Keys, Maxine Waters and Tyra Banks were among the top achievers in entertainment, business and politics who were honored at the first ever BET Honors gala. The ceremony was held tonight at Washington, D.C.’s Warner Theatre and will air on Feb. 22nd as part of the network’s Black History Month programming. Other notable Brown Sista to also show up for the festivities included actresses Vivica Fox and Kerry Washington- as well as singer Keyshia Cole.

Look for me to upload more photos from this event to our gallery. You can also check out BET’s official Honors site here.


  1. Nice to see sistas doing the damn thang! Everyone wore beautiful dresses but their hair was all wrong to me. Alicia has a big satellite on her dome and Keyshia Cole’s Donald Trump come over is NOT THE BUSINESS. Sorry I was just expecting better, can’t wait untill the ceremony airs.

  2. i don’t like alicia’s and tyra’s hair
    but their dresses look fabulous everybody else look really good :thumbsup:

  3. [quote comment=”19053″] Keyshia Cole’s Donald Trump come over is NOT THE BUSINESS.[/quote] :lol2: I have to agree with you here.

  4. What is with the odd faces? 😆 I know they’re not purposely done, but whoever was taking pictures snapped a few people at the wrong time. Especially Alica, even though she’s wonderful.I think Tyra looked the best of this little entourage. That might not be a fair judgement because Tyra knows how to take pictures and make potentiall bad things look good. Because she’s Tyra…and she will never ever let you forget just how great Tyra is.

  5. That’s not a good look for Alicia…she just look’s off…and seriously all of those dresses make’s them look like they are going to the prom and not a grown and sexy gala.

  6. Kudos for the honors given these women. But those tattoos look tacky.

  7. Great to see all of these sistas. Especially Vivica, she looks…e-hem brand new. 😆 I love Alicia Keys to death but this is a BIG FAT NO NO!!! Keshia cole looks like she is about to grab her crotch :lol2: Nah I’m kidding. I love Keyshia….no joke!

  8. Viviva looks so good in this pic! I didn’t recognize Tyra at all, she still looks good though. Hey Liyah, happy new year girl!

  9. I am writing to express my disappointment that they accepted an award from BET. That network has done more to set Black people back than any other in recent memory. I stopped watching it years ago when they shifted their programming from shows like “Teen Focus” to “Hot Ghetto Mess”, but unfortunately many people DO watch it and that’s the only image they have of Blacks. BET has categorically waged war against Black women and girls by airing some of the most degrading programs since the beginning of the 20th century – yes the 20th century! Considering the platforms some of them like Maxine and Tyra have supporting women of color I find it hard to understand why they could not have simply declined. Just like the African slave trade, there were white people ready and willing to exploit us, but they were greatly aided by the other Africans willing to sell their own kind out for money, success, acceptance, etc. Now Bob Johnson is attacking Barack Obama – what a hyprocite. It just shows how little Billary thinks of us!

  10. They look nice, though, but I certainly hope we as proud Black women will be critical thinkers.

  11. I think Alicia looks ‘majestic’ with the crown of hair and that collar on her dress. Taking chances is what it’s about. I love this woman. 😆

  12. Hey Prettyparker!! What’s been up. Happy New Year to you as well :hifive:
    Kanyade: I feel you about taking chances….but this was RISK, not a chance 😆


  14. i agree with sfsinger, i’m not suprised that models, actors and singers will accept any thing from anybody however i am shocked that maxine waters would be involved with this. it is a great disappointment.

  15. I think Alicia is uncomfortable in that gown and hair style. when you don’t feel like you look nice,you can’t fake it. ladies you know what I’m talking about. If she would have worn something of her own choice I’m willing to bet her facial expressions would be better in these photos. I think she should wear what ever SHE wants from now on and not conform to hollywood;its not for everyone. All the other ladies look nice.

  16. keyshia tell dem hoes stop hatin they wish they could be in yo position :thumbsup:

  17. The ladies look stunnig, gosh even Viv managed to look good. something so majestic about Alicia Keys-we should be so proud.

    Keyshia really tried and she pulled it off, but that tattoo takes away from it.its way too big for a lady.

    As much as Viv looks good i cant help but feel sad everytime i see her. She used to be so stunning circa ‘Set If Off’ days but she had to touch that plastic and those damn injections

    ladies lets learn from that. :brownsista:

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