Sistas At The Costume Institute Gala

The Costume Institute Gala held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art last night brought out all the pretty people decked out in their Sunday best. Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys and Rihanna were just a few of the sistas who showed up for the event and they represented Black Beauty magnificently.

More images can be seen on the pages below


  1. Everyone looks fabulous. This event is like the Oscars. People show up dressed to impress :koolaid:

  2. Alicia looks elegant but the dress could have been better.

    Rihanna’s dress and gloves are questionable.

    Naomi looks like she been crawling around on her knees.

    Jennifer Hudson looks smashing. Too bad she didn’t look like this at the Oscars.

    Kerry and Paula both look sophisticated as well 😎

  3. They make Black women look good. Everyone was a star and classy. I love those pics.

  4. Beautiful all of them, but Naomi’s dress hated it and I didn’t like Rihanna’s dress and gloves but it was different so they still looked fabulous. :koolaid:

  5. OOOH fashion!! :mrgreen: I love Alicia Keys and J-Hud’s dresses, very pretty. I usually like Rihanna’s fashion choices but I’m gonna have to give her a no on this one. That dress and glove combo shoulda stayed at home :lol2:. Naomi looks much better with longer hair, and her dress and shoes are nice! 🙂

  6. Everyone look great, but I think Kerry would have look much better with something more form fitting.

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