Brown Sistas At The Golden Globe Awards

Beyonce The 2009 Golden Globe Awards were held earlier this evening at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Not many Brown Sistas were spotted on the red carpet this year- mostly because few were nominated or tapped to present an award. The lone African American female nominee, singer Beyonce, lost the award she was up for to music veteran Bruce Springsteen. Still, the singer can take solace in the fact that she is already topping many lists as the evening’s best dressed female. Other Brown Sista’s to grace the red carpet with their loveliness included actress Taraji P. Henson and television personality Shaun Robinson.

I have updated this post to include pics I found of Garcelle Beauvais, Rutina Wesley, Viola Davis, Alek Wek, Joy Bryant and Gina Torres.


  1. That’s good she is on the best dress list. But realistically speaking most people already knew she was not going to win. For crying out loud she was up against Bruce Springsteen a real song writter and compose. They way she gets over in the music world and claim Grammy’s as her own that she share with a group is not going to happen so easily in the acting world. That’s a whole other ball game when you talk about acting. I doubt she will ever win until she becomes a real song writter. There is nothing wrong with the dream she has but it’s the way she is going about trying to acheive it. Stealing, lying, doing minimum work, and taking credit for other s hard work is not the way. Good luck with the gimmick and the scam but it want work.

  2. Beyonce’s dress is nice,but she did not need that big ole necklace. The dress is busy enough…with all the money she has ,she should seriously think about getting a better stylist( or firing her mom) She always ruins her look with too much jewelry or some crazy unatural weave.

  3. Anonoymous was that really necessary. Anyway bee looked flawless. Damn she can’t never get props for anything. Black females are the most insecure people on the face of the planet. Yeah i said it because its very true. Why can’t you just acknowledge the fact that Beyonce was even nominated for a prestigious award itself and try and show some love its bad enough we don’t have many african females topping the industry. Last time I check beyonce won an ASCAP award in 2001 for her writing so she does have pen skills. I’m glad she is a strong person cause if she wasn’t man i wouldn’t even think she would still be around.

  4. Bey looks stunning!!!

    I don’t like Taraji’s dress. However, I loved her new movie, Not Easily Broken with Morris Chestnut. It was funny and sad(I cried), but I definitely recommend checking it out!

  5. beyoncez face is flawless,glowing,fresh,natural,golden brown,her makeup is on point and very natural…..i still dnt like her but she is looking damn beautiful and curvy like a real brownsista….thez nothing new about her outfit its nice and safe and same old beyonce but all in all she looks good.

  6. I thought this year was pretty boring with so few Black women on hand. Beyonce looked great but Taraji and Shaun’s dresses were terrible. Not much really to talk about.

    I didn’t post any post awards pics, so I’ll do that later on today. Maybe the sistas showed up for the after parties.

  7. Its all good Bey maybe you’ll get that Oscar! She looks fabulous and Taraji looks a HOT mexican mess!!!

  8. Wow I am sad at the lack of black women at the Golden Globes this year. Shaun Robinson looks amazing (love her). Bey looks good.

  9. Beyonce’s dress was amazing she looked flawless, but Shaun and Taraji look okay .

  10. @Lucky 8 yes my opinion was nessacery if you disagree or don’t like it keep it moving and don’t respond LOSER. I did give Beyonce props, (That’s good she is on the best dress list). Excuse me insecure just because I share a diffirent opininon about Beyonce than you? Well it seems to me as if you are an insecure person for making such an ignorant general statement about black women. You should keep your mouth shut if you don’t know how to respond. By the way what color are you? I bet black so you are calling your own self insecure by the comment you made above IDIOT! Yes she did win the award but how she acheived it was through lying and stealing. So if you are that desperate to want a black person to be on top just because they are black then you need to have your head examined. You need to raise your standards and upgrade yourself sweetie because apparently you are just as low class and ghetto as Beyonce. If you want to talk about black women that are outstanding, paving the wa,y and worthy then let us talk about Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey etc. Grow up sweetie and learn to live and let live.

  11. Overall the ladies looked beautiful with a few minor flaws:

    Joy is a pretty girl but because she’s so thin nothing she wears is flattering.

    Same for Alek

    Shaun looks like she’s dressed for bed.

    Bey’s dress is nice, but its the same ole same ole – but I love that necklace.

  12. Me no likey Taraji’s dress.

    Bey looks like she just entered the Miss Universe pageant.

    Gina Torres looks good.

    Viola Davis’ dress is very cute.

    Shawn Robinson is headed to Prom 2004

  13. Glad to see what few Brown Sista’s represented! Beyonce and Jay-Z look fab!

  14. Alek Wek looks fabulous. The color of that dress loks stunning on her and the style have that dress suits her slim figure. She looks so good!

  15. Mrs Carter looks great. I ain’t mad at her necklace. Mos def one of the best dressed here. I’m not so sure about the others but they look ok. Black is truly beautiful

  16. They are all beautiful but Taraji is the most stunning! She looks gorgeous in her black gown!
    I really like her and she is a very good actress.
    I didn’t watch the golden globe because of the lack of black nomination lol

  17. Bee look nice the the stealer at this event to me was JLo and she wasn’t even posted on here!!!!

    But all the ladies look nice.

  18. I wonder if Jay weren’t a rap mogul and rich, would Beyonce even be with him. She is such a prima-donna who has lived such a privileged and shallow life. No poverty, struggles, drug use, no riding the bus, working at the fast food place, working towards your first car, making it on your own without the help of Mommy and Daddy ….No wonder her acting sucks, she knows nothing about real life. All she knows how to do is look like a barbie doll.

  19. bey has been slipping lately as far as her look but last night! she was just down right stunning! head to toe on point! loved the dRess and really loved the necklace…FLAWLESS!

  20. @Anonymous

    I agree with you, Beyonce will never be taken seriously as far as acting goes. She will never win a major award for ther acting..Music wise her album sells are good but her songs are not that deep..Beyonce is like a lot of artist who want to believe they can do everything.

  21. bee looked stunning.

    i don’t like taraji’s dress but her face is beautiful

    can you people just comment on the pics at hand? damn, i don’t understand all this investment and paragraphs on someone you don’t like. who cares if she doesn’t win an award for acting? a lot of great actresses don’t have one either. that doesn’t mean she should stop trying because it’s her goal. when you set a goal for yourself, do you quit because people are telling you you’ll never achieve it? i’m glad the woman goes about her business and does what she wants to do because if she was living her life based on the opinions of people on blogs, she’d be miserable and regretting ish in her old days.

  22. Biguel I see you haven’ t traveled
    they all look great as for beyonce winning an oscar idk

  23. Amazing how Beyonce and Jay always want to be lovey dovey when they show up at these white people award shows. Any other time, they always act like they are not together. Beyonce wants soooooo bad to be an A-list top notch Hollywood screen goddess. She needs to realize that acting does not come natural to her and is not her forte. Yes, I saw all of her movies including Cadillac Records. Sorry, the girl just can’t act.

  24. RD2: that’s really sad if your only definition of real life is living an impoverished life, using drugs, etc…so tell me something will the Obama girls not know a real life because they surely will not go through any of what you have mentioned…

  25. Actually Stephanie, there was another black actress nominated. She was from the movie “Doubt”. I think she was nominated as a “Best supporting actress”. I think her first name is Viola or something, I’ve never seen her before so I don’t really know who she is. The looks this year are kinda blah in my opinion. I didn’t like Taraji’s dress, it seems to me that I’ve seen Beyonce’s looks before, I would love to see her try a different silhouette maybe, the other women look good but nothing really catchy. Just my opinion y’all!!!!!

  26. I love how Beyonce has toned down her look, makeup and hair. Less is so much better. My only problem is that all of her red carpet dresses always look the same, the mermaid look, just a different color and designer. But she looks nice.

    All of the brown sistas look nice. I didn’t watch the show. Those award shows are so boring.

  27. @rd2 so you think real life is doing drugs and having sex with a fish? damn stop watching tmz and read a book
    @ wohoo & honee very well said

  28. LOL. I think what rd2 is saying that if you ever listen to or read Beyonce’s interviews, she clearly has lived a shallow life. Beyonce comes across as a goody two shoes and has probably never experienced some of life’s struggles and hardships which is probably why she is so wooden on the screen. Like with Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson was able to bring the Effie character to life because she herself was probably ridiculed because of her weight. And Whoopie Goldberg was able to bring Ms. Celie to life because she grew up during the civil rights era and was probably picked on because of her complexion. the only thing Beyonce can relate to is being glamerous and getting all of the attention.

  29. She looked ok. I mean it was the same tight, metallic color that we’ve seen her in numerous times before. I liked the piece around her neck and the dress, but hated the shoes she was wearing.

    As for her losing, the woman was up against the mighty Bruce Springsteen. She didn’t have a chance. Besides, she didn’t write the song any way. She either bought it or got credit for it. Scott McFarnon and Amanda Ghost wrote the song.

  30. to anonymous and rd2
    its sad how they show black powerful talented women at the golden globes and what they really want you to do is tell your opinion about their fashion and people sit here and write false accusastions about beyonce. how can you prove she stole songs you dnt kno dat shit so shut up, n dam i guess i cant be talented because i haven’t done drugs and gotten abused etc. Sum people say the dumbest shit. if anybody got a nasty response for my post just let me kno!


  32. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Beyonce still didn’t get what she really wanted and that was to be the one celebrity asked to sing the National Anthem on next Tuesday, January 20th. Now she has to share the spotlight with other celebrities. I hope she sings something classy and not girate across the stage.

  33. Beyonce ooozeeeed CLASS, just looking so good she made J-Z look handsome.

    That necklace brought it out even more!!!

    J-Lo looked like she should’ve been attached to Puffy again..

    But they all looked nice anyway!!!!!!

  34. @ Anon

    Beyonce stans (watch dem – dey bites!) won’t accept anything but your TOTAL submission to the fabulosity of their “icon”. You cannot under any circumstances shade your opinions of her with any form of criticism, constructive or otherwise. So, it might be best to just let them wallow in their own blind adulation.

    Your first post made ME laugh out loud, tho’!

  35. Usually I hate when Beyonce wears gaudy jewelry with her gowns but this time Beyonce played it off. Her dress is the usual and her make-up as well. So she looks like she always looked but I’m glad she didn’t look like she was last time when she was at the Golden Globes. She looked like a cheap tranny Mariah Carey with deodorant residue. That was not a good look at all. She cleaned it up this time! 😉 As for the others, hey at least Taraji looks better it could’ve been worst lol. i’m just saying. I’m glad to see some black woman at the Golden Globes.

  36. So funny that if someone doesn’t like Beyonce’s look he/she is called a hater. Yet I don’t like Taraji’s dress (I think it’s a hot mess) but nobody accuses me of “hating on Taraji”. LOL. My point? I don’t think noone hates on her, they just don’t like her looks.

    Now with that said, this is a fashion post and I believe there are people who purposely talk about other subject just to pick arguments.

  37. When I have to, I’m a great actress. I don’t want to pursue it, but I’ve gotten a lot of leads in school plays. I’ve also gotten tons of props for my writing skills, songs, poems, etc.
    I write some raunchy scenes and love songs and I’ve never experienced either.
    I’m very sheltered as well.
    Rd2, guess people be lying in my face, huh?

  38. Oh, by the way. I think Beyonce was best dressed.
    And to whoever said Beyonce looks so good she makes Jay-Z look handsome I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! LOL!
    He seems to look a bit better when he’s cleaned cut, but when he’s cleaned cut and with Beyonce, that ninja be looking fierce!

  39. @ wohoo people are sticking to the subject at hand by speaking about the Golden Globe nomination Beyonce did not win and the red carpet fashion. It seems as though you skipped that entire sentence so Hint here is a little confirmation from Stephanie’s original post above so that you don’t have to scroll up Example: “The lone African American female nominee, singer Beyonce, lost the award she was up for to music veteran Bruce Springsteen. Still, the singer can take solace in the fact that she is already topping many lists as the evening’s best dressed female.” What are you talking about? I don’t see anyone telling her to stop reaching for her goals. People are more or less saying she needs to change the stratgy on acheiving her goals. It’s called constructive criticism and you sound like you are angry and bitter if someone even speaks the truth about this girl. Build a bridge and get over it seetie.

  40. wow everyone is flawless! though cojo did mention Beyonce’s nail paint was chipped…not that it matters though..

  41. @ Anonymous, her strategies are working just fine for her! She has accomplished enough to last a lifetime if she chooses. Why not concentrate on your strategies and maybe one day we will all be sitting around talking about you!

  42. @ Kelis apparently her stratagy is not working she has not won that Oscar LOL. Further more you need to take your own advice and focus on changing your stratagy and maybe someone will be sitting around talking about you one day. Then you will no longer have to live your sorry life through Beyonce. And apparently I am doing something right I had you focused on coming to this blog and replying to my comment under alias names LOL! Ask yourself this question do you know me or anyone posting here to be so ignorant to make that type of statement? Wow you sound like a real loser with no life nor goals I definately can tell no one sits around talking about you based upon your comment haha LOL! Lucky 8, Wohoo, and Kelis you all sound like the same people posting under alias names trying to start trouble on this board. Out of everything I have said about her which none was bad you tried to take constructive critism and turn it into something negative. Learn this lesson you will never be successful in your own lives because you don’t understand constructive critism it is not intended to tear down it’s intended to build people up. Stop getting mad because what I say does not suit your fancy. Like I said Beyonce needs to change her stratagy and then she will win that Oscar she so desparatley wants. Aparaently the way she has been doing things is not working. So suck it up and live or lay down and die because it is what it is LOSER!

  43. Haven’t posted here in eons but I see that the epic Beyonce battle between the so-called “stans and haters” is still in full effect. Anyhoo, my pick for the evening would have to be Eva Mendes – she has a classic style and knows what works for her body type. She never seems to be trying too hard. But what do I know, I live on the beach and most days you’ll find me in a tank, cut offs, and Havianas.

    The reason I wanted to post was to respond to observations about the dearth of Brown Sistas at the Golden Globes. The problem as I see it that there are too few “quality” roles for women of color. Yes, you can turn on certain channels and see nothing but brown faces and at any given time catch the Madea chronicles or its progeny at the theater, but none of this passes for quality. Until, we start supporting quality films and roles for people of color, there will continue to be a dearth of Brown Sistas at the Golden Globes, Oscars, etc.

  44. First I haven’t say the contrary
    however I still prefer to read Zadie Smith or Maya Angelou then to watch the Golden Globes

    and I’m not a fan of any movies like Big momma or whatever (don’t make any presumptions about what I might be looking at)
    I think pictures like that are emphasizing black stereotypes

    and I will add that there is no good roles for ANYONE at the moment, actually not a lot, for anyone, white or black! a lot of movies are just boring

  45. First I haven’t say the contrary
    however I still prefer to read Zadie Smith or Maya Angelou than to watch the Golden Globes

    and I’m not a fan of any movies like Big momma or whatever (don’t make any presumptions about what I might be looking at)
    I think pictures like that are emphasizing black stereotypes

    and I will add that there is no good roles for ANYONE at the moment, actually not a lot, for anyone, white or black! a lot of movies are just boring

  46. I agree 150% Anonymous on all points you have made some people love to get made if your opinion about Beyonce does not fit their taste. Also I agree some like it hot Eva Mendez along with Eva Longoria were some of my favorites but everyone else looks nice too.

  47. Oops!…you didn’t win again!!
    The Academy played with your heart, got lost in the game.
    Oh baby, baby!!

  48. @ anonymous I agree 150% with you on all pointspeople love to get mad at you when your opinion does not fit their taste about Beyonce. @ some like it i agree Eva Mendez along with Eva Longoria were two of my favorites as well. But all of the women above looke nice.

  49. I apologize about the double post the first post did not show up

  50. “Beyonce keep people swimming in ignorance.”

    @banjiboi…you said a huge mouthful right there!!! I don’t think one soul that has posted a comment here sees “The Big Picture” but you…

  51. Beyonce looks gorgeous here!!!

    For all the people commenting on her marriage, and acting abilities, wow. Beyonce has your head that gone that you can’t even focus on the current picture? Typing paragraphs and all of that stuff, about someone you don’t like. Yet you found a post about her Golden Globes dress. From the looks of it you would think Beyonce is the ONLY one pictured here. I see why she is on top. She’s the only one you’re talking about.

  52. Anonymous said,
    January 12, 2009 at5:03 pm 16 hours, 12 minutes after

    Beyonce still didn’t get what she really wanted and that was to be the one celebrity asked to sing the National Anthem on next Tuesday, January 20th. Now she has to share the spotlight with other celebrities. I hope she sings something classy and not girate across the stage.

    This is ALL LIES. How do you even know what Beyonce really wanted? All she stated was “Whatever they want me to do, I’m there, Volunteer, sing”. Something of that nature. Find me the article where she SPECIFICALLY said, I want to sing the National Anthem. Please get out of here with all that mess. There was a petition for her not to sing n e where near the inauguration. You made up her wanting to sing the National Anthem, if not where is the link, because it doesn’t exist. She never got specific where she wanted to be. But, never the less she will be performing for Barack Obama, and the nation, twice.

    Yet Beyonce is singing at TWO official events held by the OFFICIAL Inauguration Committee. One of which is Sunday on the steps of the historic Lincoln Memorial, where Obama willb e attending. The second is the Neighborhood Ball, which is the FIRST Ball that President Obama will be attending. That will be aired on ABC. The one on Sunday will be televisied nationally as well on HBO. So is able to sing.

    What I don’t understand is how do you get begging, out of saying that you’re happy that the first Black Man was elected President, and if they ASKED you to sing you would? They asked her to sing and she is performing. Would you not want the same honor? As much as people tear down Beyonce I hope they are following their dreams in life, and not have everyone belittle every honor they are given.

    Also if you are going to spew ignorance, learn how to spell. Never heard of girate. And if you can’t stand Beyonce so, why are you WATCHING to see what she’s going to sing. That’s cool, you will up the ratings on the TWO OFFICIAL , Inauguration events.

    Everyone please follow your dreams no matter what anyone else thinks.

  53. ^^Why didn’t you comment on any of the other sistas? Probably because like any other post on here that includes Beyonce, all other brown sistas become a footnote. I don’t think she looks any different than any other picture you see when she attends a formal red carpet event…she quite predictable. Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendes (brown sistas?) IMHO have been looked over…I thought they looked just as good, if not better than some of the sistas pictured here.

  54. @ golden

    RELAX, chile. It ain’t that deep. And for the record, YOU seem to be one of those who can’t see through any of the constructive criticisms and – now read this CAREFULLY – varying opinions on Beyonce, so much so that you have to post such a “passionate” reply.

    And did it occur to you that Beyonce’s picture is the only one pictured on the main post page? Hmmm. Why is that?

    Because perhaps this blog, like a lot of others, know that she will generate the most comments no matter who else is included in the gossip item. I mean that in the most respectful way possible, of course, being a blogger myself. The idea is to generate as much traffic as possible, and Beyonce does top the list of black celebs who spark such interest, whether you, the blogger, or anybody else likes it or not.

    Try not to forget that it IS entertainment. So, have fun, respect other people’s opinions and perhaps try not to look at things with blinders on and realize that the entertainment business is all about smoke and mirrors. NOTHING is what it appears to be as far as entertainers go. And that’s what you have some who “buy” into what’s fed to them by PR machines. But at the same time, I think that most of us can suspend our skepticisms and enjoy it for what it is.

    That’s why they call it “show” business.

  55. I meant to say “that’s why you have some who DON’T buy into what’s fed to them”.

  56. @ Nicole

    Thanks! You are a welcome Beacon of Sanity in a World of Stans!

  57. Who cares if Beyonce, Rihanna or Michael Jackson are performing at the free concerts and inaugural balls. It is not about them or any other celebrity.

    People are traveling miles and will be glued to their televisions to see one person only, Mr. President himself, Barack Obama. This nation is ready for and in need of a serious change. This nation is a mess, people are loosing their jobs and homes, the government is bailing out these crooked CEO’s, billions of our dollars have gone over seas to fight a senseless war and all you people seem to care about is how many events Beyonce will be performing at.

    Can we please take our focus from her and point it to Mr. Obama, and the real issues of this world. Lets pray for Mr. Obama and his beautiful family that God will protect them and give Mr. Obama the wisdom he will need to lead this country and get it back on its feet.

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