Brown Sistas At The “Idlewild” Los Angeles Screening

Outkast’s new movie “Idlewild” had it’s LA screening last night and quite a few lovely Sistas turned out for the event.The site with bonkers on me today and it took nearly 11 hours to upload these pics, so I really hope you guys enjoy them.

Angell Conwell showed up and was looking beautiful as ever.

My girl Malinda Williams also showed up for the festivities and I decided to include a pic of her with the oh so sexy Henry Simmons

Omarosa also made an appearance.As did Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Niecy Nash.

Looking for more Angell Conwell pic, check out Her Page on our picture site.
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  1. I really like Angell Conwell! I hope she gets bigger roles because she is so cute and sweet

  2. Malinda & Angell really represent for the brown sistas. Malinda always looks classy.

  3. I cannot stand Neicy Nash.I came across her makeover show a few months ago and was shocked that this woman was allowed to work on televison in 2006 with her coon like behavior.She was a total over the top, ghetto-fied, eye rolling, neck twitching characature of a Black woman.Please don’t show this heffa again cause she sure doesn’t represent any Brown Sistas I know.

  4. Malinda Williams is one of my favorite actresses.She and Nia Long both make good decisions when it comes to what type of characters they will play on screen.Because they don’t do hoochie or ghetto-fied roles or pose naked in KING like Meagan Good does, they don’t get as much publicity though.You should give less time and attention to people like Beyonce, Meagan and Cassie and instead devote that time to women like Sanaa, Gabrielle, Nia and Malinda.They are true Browb Sistas anyway.

  5. Dana apparently you haven’t seen the new issue of King Magazine with Melinda looking extremely beautiful on the cover in lingerie? Gabrielle has also posed for King Magazine. Also in that issue is actress Tamala Jones and Angell Conwell as well as others who look amazing! You should pick up a copy for yourself.

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