Brown Sistas At The Jenesse Gala & Auction

Ashanti Acting as chairperson, actress Halle Berry paid tribute to fellow actress Wendy Raquel Robinson and celebrity chef G. Garvin at this year’s Jenesse Rose Gala and Auction. Also on hand for the event was singer Ashanti- who performed at the gala and also helped emcee the auction. Held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California- The Jenesse Center Inc Gala honors people and organizations whose ideas, programs and resources make self-sufficiency and independence a reality for American families. Other 2009 honorees included Verizon and Allstate.

Pics from the event can be seen below.


  1. Ashanti still look like a prom queen
    i could have swore it was taraji and not wendy
    They all look good tho
    Berry look tired 🙁
    I love all of them regardless

  2. Wendy and Halle look sooo good for their ages!!! :bowdown: Ashanti *sighs* When will she step her game up??? Her make-up looks pretty BUT why the Same pagent dress and costume jewelry look EVERYTIME?? :bag: …..Poor thang

  3. did anyone happen to notice the main picture with obama and MLK jr. looking like they are touching each others hands??? wow i wonder who’s idea that was. they should make that into a poster.

  4. And that background picture is amazing. Yea they really should make that a poster!

  5. I want to see Ashanti act more. She really needs to do something to get her name back out there. Brandy has acting to fall back on but Ashanti doesn’t seem to have anything. Music has moved on and radio isn’t giving her a chance anymore even though The Declaration was really good. Singers today really do need to be a double and triple threat to have longevity.

  6. All three of them look absolutely radient, and I LOOOVE Ashantis dress. Halle’s dress is cute too.

  7. These are really nice pictures!! Ashanti’s dress is gorgeous.

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