Brown Sistas At The Met Costume Institute Gala

Rihanna The Metropolitan Museum of Art held their annual gala last night, with the theme being: Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion. As always this event brought out all the heavy hitters in music and fashion- including Tyra Banks, Ciara and Rihanna. More than anyone Rihanna turned heads making her first red carpet appearance in months and doing so in a black and white tuxedo suit by Dolce & Gabbana. Arriving rather late for the event, Rihanna reportedly dodged questions from the paps about her recently canceled comeback performance in Dubai.

According to Vibe Event Management, the company promoting the event, the concert is off and nothing has been rescheduled.

Ciara however is doing just fine. The singer’s long awaited Fantasy Ride CD hits store shelves today and is expected to at least debut top 10. Check her out below in a gorgeous backless black and white gown.

Tyra, Alek, Iman and Kerry can be seen as well.


  1. Rihanna looks cool!!! I love tyra’s dress ,she looks fab. Alek looks very beautiful , i like the color she chose. I love keri’s dress and shoes. I love ciara and the dress,but she needs to change her style sometimes,she must really love the open back dresses.

  2. Ciara what a natural beauty she is? her back is sexy flaunt it cici that dress is so CIARA….riri is back,someone tried to be a fashionista while she was away but she failed lol … carpet is gonna be fun again… one i repeat no one can touch riri now we are waiting for her album,she is the queen of pop and you know it….tyra banks is so i dnt know is she wearing house of dereon?she is just too much.Kerry is beautiful she looks like rihana and Iman is so graceful,she is not trying to draw attention,she is past that phase and looks graceful.

  3. I love Kerry’s dress too. I wish I could have gotten high quality pics of her before I posted this.

  4. Rihanna looks bad–HOT!!!

    I love Tyra’s hAir and she knows how to pose, the dresss not so much :thumbsdown:

    I swear, I might have to start slapping Ciara’s stylist around and CiCi there is too much stress on your tresses, you look like you have that blackout hairline thing going on that I loathe. If you can stop with the perms, please.

    Iman is pretty but her toes are not. :bag:

    Alex’s dress is lovely and her complexion is to die for

    Kerry looks cute

  5. All gorgeous! Rihanna killz it. Iman… how can you be 56? Just How? sigh

  6. WOW JUST WOW! Rihanna’s outfit is COOL and DIFFERENT. What a fashion forward lady. Ciara is hot as well. I don’t particularly care about models.

  7. They all look AMAZING. OMG, Alec Wek, loves the look. I did a double take. I am so happy to see more than one brown sista representin’ :hifive:

  8. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:




    Love the I WEAR THE PANTS look!

  9. Stop with a fashion forward, did y’all forget that Janelle had that style two maybe three months ago. Since you cant give her credit for singing, y’all always want to give her credit for somebodies else wear. There is nothing original about this girl and y’all know it.

    This is her coming out of the CLOSET outfit.

    SWAGGER JACKER is what she is and she has no shame!! So stop with riri’s back she never went no where…

  10. Rihanna looks like a fool. She needs to keep wearing those outlandish outfits so people can give her a pass for not having any actual talent. “Someone” doesn’t need to compete with Rihanna…Rihanna already made it clear that “someone” is one of her idols. Let it go.

    Alec and Iman are absolutely stunning.

  11. @ bored ur so rite she never left…………she is far from a swagger jacker…all celebs get ideas from others sometimes they just do it better!! 😆 there is nothing u can really say about her she stay fly from the hair to the feet….even on her bad days she look good…. I’m loving the hair, so glad she changed it :bowdown: I give it to her she is a BAD BIT*H!! everybody is getting ideas from this girl so haters fallback….not to compare, but everybody wants to give Beyonce all the credit she is played out she been out over ten yes she is over the top( let others shine)….but I know everyone has their own opinion….BTW I love kerry’s outfit she looks HAWT, but CiCi in my eyes u lost it!!

  12. That skunk on top of rihanna’ head is a mess
    ciara looks cute and elegant
    kerry’s ensemble is cute
    iman is ageless!!!
    tyra’s makeup looks like it has glitter in it
    dont really know the other girl

  13. @bored….yes riri is back and you know that i’m talking about the red carpet events unless you have seen her on a couple of official events b4 the fiasco,dnt be mad everyone wears clothes that have been worn by someone including your she-god the question is who rocks it better….red carpet is gonna be fun again fashion is back welcome back riri….i’ll be getting my Ciara later today.

  14. Ciara looks gorgeous!!! Alek Wek is such a beautifully spoken young women. Delight to see brownsistas looking lovely! :brownsista:

  15. ciara looks nice but im tired of seeing her back out everytime, tyra is my girl, dont care for the hair but LOVE THE DRESS rihannah looks STUNNING :thumbsup:

  16. IMAN and RIHANNA just take my breath away. Everyone looks beautiful, but Riri and Iman look like they came fresh off the runway. I like the unconventional hair. I love things that are different, things that are simple, yet bold. Nice pics!

  17. Iman is just beautiful!! Can we take notice of her for a minute, just beautiful!! Putting the younger ladies to shame!

  18. It’s not hate, cause if it was I would be standing in a long line! Cause it’s a lot of us. Your girl has no known originality, take it, call it hate, get mad, but it’s the truth. The only thing that is saving her it that it’s a costume party and she dressed for the part!


  20. Rihanna made a fashion statement and i would have been surprised if more than 3 people understood it so keep on being mad, but you obviously don’ t have the inteligence to understand an outfit and a concept, so i won’ t waste my time on that , I hate the make up on her lips tho, makes her look like a pin up

    Iman is drop dead gorgeous her dress is something i will wear however i hate the make up, she looks better and younger without it

    Keri i can’ t criticize the dress because the gala had for concept “costume” so you’ re good, I would not wear that to a gala tho, More like to the club or for a walk in the park but she looks gorgeous

    Alec wek look out of place, Costume gala mama, you’ re supposed to look outrageous and over the top, I love her i think she is beautiful even tho most people don’ t understand her beauty, but i hate whoever does her make up

    Ciara is picture Perfect

    Tyra i hate the hair, and the draggish make up, I feel like she is making herself look old purposely, she needs to stop letting hollywood dictate her body type, she looks scary skinny

    Over all all the sisters held their own,LOVE EM all

  21. Fashionista 101, I agree. Those shoulder things on Rihanna make her look like an NFL football player. She could have done better than that. 🙁

  22. I love the fact that while every other woman was wearing a dress Rihanna stepped on the scene is a pants suit and slayed them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a costume ball… fashion at this event is supposed to be outside the box…. no one said she invented the style…. janelle monae gets mad props…. but rihanna worked them all last night. The exaggerated puffy sleeves is what sets the outfit apart and takes it to the next level…. loved it! I would love to see anyone else this look…. they would fail miserably!

  23. NOW, Im not a big fan of Rihanna’s but I can honestly say the bish looks FIERCE!!!! :bowdown: I love the hair and make up, and that tux is soooo 90’s model-esque, YOU GO GIRL…Tyra looks fab minus the hair, Kerry W. looks great too, Ciara *sighs* so BLAH :bag: dont get me wrong she looks pretty but…She should have rocked a fit that said *Buy my album tomorrow b!tches* but its giving gothem city BLAH! ANYWHO Amber Rose and Ye was there too….they looked FANTASTIC !!!

  24. Iman is ALWAYS on point :bowdown:

    Only Rih Rih can rock that outfit – go gurl!

    Love Tyra’s look but the make up is a bit much.

    CiCi looks ok.

    Kerry….WTH do you have on?? :noway:

  25. Baby! Madonna made a statement!! I got it, just not feeling hers and she did it just like someone said, she was the only one that came in wearing pants; she thought she was the only one wearing pants! Riri’s did not work like the others did…

    I’m not the best dresser in the world, but I know what I like!!

  26. i think riri steals this show she looks great and whats funny she is up against all these models and she is the only one that looks fresh and different, the only think i may would have changed with her outfit was some white gloves instead of black just to add a little difference, I LOVE THE HAIR

  27. Rhianna you better WERK!!!!! :bowdown:

    All the women look georgeous…nice job ladies!

    I usually lurk, but had to comment today. Why do some if not most commenters on any blog keep stating “someone does not have any originality or is not creative”? This baffles me to no degree. These “new skool, youngin’s, tweens, hipsters,” fill in any word you choose to address them. They don’t know the meaning of being creative and original and why should they?!? They’re from this modern generation and don’t have to worry about all that stuff when they have a majority of everything handed to them. This generation is more about trend setting and who can do and/or wear it better.

    For some of you, it’s okay to have memories of the past when the entertainment industry was all good w/ “originality and creativity”, but you also have to keep in mind and up w/ the times and see it for what it is and that is these “new babies” were never taught all those thing that some of you keep sprewing out each and every day, on every post/blog. SO HOW WOULD ONE KNOW TO DO AND/OR HAVE SOMETHING THAT THEY HAVE NEVER HAD TO LEARN?? And this current “new skool” generation will learn things (hopefully) as they grow as you and I did, but for the most part, let these “babies” DO THEM and LIVE THEIR LIVES. (we did)

    What’s up Voice :hifive: ….see you been a busy bee as usual these past couple of post! Keep doing you ma cuz one can’t help but to lol and not take things to the heart so much!

  28. Wow! I do not have a bad word to say about any of those ladies, everyone looks HOT!
    Rihanna’s outfit is definitely risque, on another person it could have looked BAD but she pulls it off just like she does with everything else she wears, and I think she looks beautiful too. I was lookin at old pics of her from the “Pon Da replay/Music of the Sun” days, she looks so young and her clothes then were pretty ordinary, I dont know what happenned…if its a new stylist, then this person needs a pay rise! Hopefully people can look at her more like this without all that Chris Brown stuff surrounding her. Iman looks beautiful, looks about half her age, Ciara and Kerry Washington also look lovely! My only objection is Tyras hair and make up, I think she was trying to achieve something but it didnt completely work but shes still beautiful anyways! :thumbsup:

  29. Hye lucky charm how are you boo? i havent seen u in a while :hifive:

  30. i am sorry but hated riri’s outfit.. that shit was ugly… hated most outfits, there was really nothing exciting this year..between her and madona, i dnt know who was the worst dressed..

  31. Rhianna has gotten mixed reviews on this outfit, but I think it’s hot! It’s funky adrogny LOL. She has the personality to pull it off.. you know, the I don’t give a “bleep” kinda attitude LOL. That only adds to the hottness of the fit :brownsista: !

    Tyra’s dress is gawwweous, but the hair not so much. And YES Tyra knows she can work a pose… girl is FIERCE ( as she would say) even while retired 😆 !

    Iman.. classic beauty as always she looked very beautiful. Alek looks nice, but I think I woulda preferred the dress to be a floor length instead of knee length. Ciara is working her outfit too, she’s putting her height to work & doing it quite well. Kerry, is a nautral beauty& always does well w/ her fashion. But I don’t think this costume is working for her, I dunno something’s not right w/ it. The shoes are hott tho. Overall the brownsistas looked beautiful :thumbsup: .

  32. I love the fact that while every other woman was wearing a dress Rihanna stepped on the scene is a pants suit and slayed them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Co-sign. She stole the show that night.

    @Blame It On the Rain
    I’m with you! Love, love, love the androgynous look on Rihanna 🙂

    :stop: What happened to Tyra’s hair? lol..She looks a bit tranny-ish to me.
    :thumbsup: Iman, Kerry and Alek
    🙁 Ciara looks boring. Beautiful girl, but bring something different next time. She looks fierce in a catsuit.

  33. Rihanna is just too FIERCE for words! She may not be the most talented when it comes to music, but she always slays the competition when it comes to fashion.

  34. Rihanna did look great. All of the ladies looked wonderful to me. But I don’t know what happened to Kerry.

  35. miss sunshine is on the worst dressed list for this event at

  36. Everyone looks nice, Rihanna’s choice of wardrobe is questionable but at least she pulls it off nicely.

  37. Rihanna is a super model in training.

    Iman is a timeless and classic beauty.

    Tyra – chile what is that on top of your head?

    Alek – Classy and beautiful.


  38.…..and they are…… :lol2:

  39. usually on point when posting people who have good fashion sense…. :lol2: anywayz

  40. Pretty! :brownsista:

    Rihanna’s makeup is FIERCE! I love it! :hifive:

  41. people are always saying that rihanna is swagger jacking. If those artist were so fashion forward, before rihanna, how come people never noticed their style . No one is talking about those other artists. The only person being noticed for her fashion is rihanna. Those other ones may not have been wearing it well, because no one took notice of them, and still aren’t noticing them. BTW how come we never hear about the people who are constantly trying to copy rihannas style? My point is that everyone bites off of each other, but rihanna just knows how to combine her pieces and her style to create the perfect package.

    @ angel from the UK, looking at rihanna from back in the days, you can see she was always put together. She was always well dressed, and was appropriate for her age then 17 years old. She has since grown, and so has her fashion sense. She is a woman now, and it shows.

  42. Wow no wonder all the biggest style people want to dress RIRI she is FIERCE!!! This girl is just plain beautiful. Her hair looks really nice!!!!

  43. LuckyCharm: you know Lmao dont trip PROFESSIONAL critiques all over the world are bowing down to lil “miss sunshine” let they be mad

  44. I think all the ladies look good…. :thumbsup:

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