Brown Sistas At The Museum Of Art Fashion Gala

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  1. OMG! I’m the 1st person to comment???? yay!!!

  2. I think Thandie Newton looks totally inappropriate for such a swanky event. She looks like she works at a brothel. Everyone else looks great except Mary who always looks like she just walked out of the projects.

  3. Thandie does look sexy but odd in comparison to the women there. Beyonce loves those frilly dresses doesn’t she? Janet is smoking hot in that dress. Mary is trashy looking as always. Iman has a long ass neck but looks damn good to be near 60. Paula Patton looks just ok. I thought she was pregnant though.

  4. I feel so sorry for Janet Jackson. My goodness what has happened to her career? The Superbowl incident killed her and she just cannot get past it. Fans had such high hopes for the new album but now all hope is lost. I knew when she canceled her SNL appearance that the album was finished. Right around the same time she canceled her only UK performance and an appearance on the French version of Dancing With The Stars. Janet has let her fans down something awful and now all she does is make random appearances at events and night clubs.

  5. I would love to dress Janet, she looks yummy though and youthful. Thandie is my baby too. Iman what can I say the woman is a Goddess. Beyonce sure knows how to put baby rumors to rest. Everyone looks nice.

  6. Looks like a Prom Night. Thandie looks like a superhero but I do like her outfit, for the Sass of it if nothing else. Beyonce looks pretty, but her dresses always look too tight and it makes it look like she can’t breathe. Janet looks pretty as a pearl. Mary’s dress has no shape and it therefore makes her look bad. I give the award to Iman, because she looks like a queen to me. All she needs is a crown. Paula looks pretty, and but yes, a little dull.

  7. Dana what are you talking about Janet looks great and Janet is going on tour so I am one of the FANS who is not worried about Janets album sales. This night is what is should be about and she looks GREAT.

  8. Dana
    You also seem to forget the reason she cancelled the SNL appearance. THE GIRL WAS SICK…

  9. yo dana….back up son…..the janet people gonna pounce on you!

    kimora lee looks like a church window… know stained glass.

    iman is beautiful. i promise you she looks the same everytime i see her. that neck just makes her stand out…..pretty.

    mary j. blige’s dress is aighty. i guess it should have been a little bit form fitting in the waist and it would have been better it guess.

    i’m no fashion genius.

    thandie newtion is cool. i guess ya’ll woulda lliked her outfir better mayeb if she didn’t have that jacket to match her dress on. but she’s all good with me……mostly because i like saying her name.

    promise you janet looks just like she did on diff’rent strokes with that face. what i mean to say is……she still looks youthful……if that makes sense. her dress is cool. i like it.

    beyonce look like she holding up the top half of her body cuz that dress is cutting off blood flow. suck it in girl……suck it in. haha….she looks nice also.

    summary of everyone here is: they really do look like they are going to prom.

  10. to me iman,beyonce and janet look the best..i love mary however her dress is wearing her and she doesn’t appear to be confident in the dress…

  11. Okay…. Thandie looks like she is at the wrong event. I like Beyonce’s fluffy dress…but I don’t know about the hair. Janet looks beautiful, and that back is bangin. Does Iman ever age? She looks great. I love Mary, but I just don’t know about that get up. Oh…and what is Kimora thinking? HAHA

  12. I say all the ladies look good, but to me, Thandie is a foxy little minx in that dress. I love it! I even love Joy’s dress. If I had the choice, I would wear either of those. LOL. Janet is doing just fine. Janet is doing MORE than random appearances at nightclubs and swanky events. Dana, are you even a fan? or just a critic? Again, all the ladies look good…even Mary, whose hair I’m really not feeling in this pic. Thanks for the images! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. @Dana

    Is it painful to be so…unhappy?

    Only a miserable person would take the time to spew that nonsense that you wrote about a person who could buy and sell you a million times over. How can you call someone a loser who has WON so many times more than you? Where do you people come from?

    Seek Jesus, Buddah, meds or whatever it takes to get out of that ugly mentality but please do something about it. It’s like poison to those of us who aren’t all jacked up that way. Makes my brain bleed to read it.

  14. Beyonce looks just amazing. Like a lady.. so subtle and feminine.. not like tattooed MJB or JJ, they’re rubbish, absolutely NOT attractive. but where’s Alicia, Rihanna and the rest?

  15. Everyone looks great! Loving Bey’s pink dress, which happens to be my favorite color. Janet looks beautiful, but I also question what’s happened to her album sales/career? This is not a put-down or critique. Just wondering cause I haven’t heard anything solid regarding her album sales since it’s 1st week release. If I’m stepping on toes for asking, then whatever.


    Mary Beautiful, Bee AMAZING!

    Nice Pics of my sistas!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Iman looks flawless. I love her dress and make-up the best.

  18. It’s a Cosume Gala!!!! Heavy emphasis on Costume, Thandie is very appropriately dressed your suppose to think outside the box!!!!!! It’s suppose to showcase Couture designs not boring Oscar like ball gowns

  19. dana janet is not really doin bad and not jus attendin’ clubs her carrer at this point is just as good as beyonce because janet can do 5 times better than today and artists like madonna and mariah are wat janet shud be with but since tha incident she’s jus doin jus fine and she’s cancelled a lot of apperiences recently and has not been promotin’ th album good so i think she’s not as desperate for attention and money she’s an icon don forget.

  20. Janet looks fab!
    Thandie looks ridiculous.
    Love bey’s dress but not the hair or make up.
    Don’t like Mary’s hair.
    Kimora’s dress is too loud.
    Venus is working it.
    Iman is always fierce!


  22. Beyonce looks typical red-carpet Beyonce. Nothing dazzling. She still looks flawless (sans the hair color) though. Janet Jackson looks radiant though her look is a tad bit reminiscent of Beyonce’s at events. Mary, [shaking my head]. Beautiful woman. Beautiful voice. Beautiful personality but the tats, hair color and Chinese store jewelry must go…immediately! I like Kimora’s dress. Actually, I love it. Go Kimora! However, I just don’t get the obsession with her. Her personality is so “high school.” It’s really time she stops subscribing to titles and images (i.e. ‘Fabulous’). I also don’t think she’s much of a looker. She looks like the offspring of a Sumo* wrestler and Olive Oil, the wife of the cartoon character Popeye. =)

  23. Ladies, the title of the event is “Superheroes Fashion and Fantasy” you were suppose to use your imagination and be creative!!!! Beyonce although beautiful did not do that. at all

  24. Brown sistas are so beautiful. Beyonce looks very different. I think she is expecting.

  25. Janet is so beautiful, I don’t know why she is wearing so much make up. Beyonce looks like she lost a lot of weight, they say she is pregnant I don’t usually believe pregnancy rumors but in another photo she DID look it. Oh well, new beginings are always beautiful. She looks nice.

  26. It’s a tie between Thandie and Iman imo, Thandie actually dressed to the theme of Superheroes, but Iman looks like perfection! Mary could have done so much better with her dress, her choice has no shape or anything to make it pop.

  27. I really like Beyonce dress and curves!! But i hate her make up and hair!!
    That’s true Anonymous, Beyonce looks so different, I don’t know she’s not the the usual bey! Maybe it’s because of her make up or hair ….
    I looooooooooooove Janet dress!!!!!! The girl know how to wear dresses!!
    Paula Patton is very beautiful too!!

  28. kimora lee looks like a church windowโ€ฆ know stained glass.

    …Chinese store jewelry must goโ€ฆimmediately!

    Yall are crazy! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think everyone looked nice. But I must say…Bee looks like she got on Norman Bates wig from Psycho! “Eee eee eee eee!!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Nia I got to agree about Kamora. MAN That was FUNNY! She does look like a church WINDOW!!! HOLLERING at that one!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Thx SDot, but actually I was quoting diddy kong’s comments…gotta give credit where credit is due. Guess I didn’t “quote” right.

    At any rate, it’s still funny! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. The theme was super heroes and fantasies. Thadie Newton, Joy Bryant and Kimmora Lee Simmons stayed true to the theme. All of the other ladies look very nice; it looks more like prom night for grown ups. Janet Jackson is so pretty. Beyonce looks like a barbie doll, but it just seems like she wears that same style tight dress but in a different color to every red carpet event and awards show.

  32. Got’cha Nia………. It was funny…..still it!!!!!

    ….as well as the truth!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. All of the ladies look lovely…. except for Joy & Kimora…. WTH lol? Kimora’s dress looks like a puzzle w/ all those colors & Joy…. Oh Joy… words cannot express what a disaster her dress is. Think of a quilt w/ many applications lmao! Other than that well done sistas :-)!

  34. LOL @ yall cracking jokes, “Norman Bates wig” is too much lol!

  35. Ok… I read that the theme was “Superheroes”.. I still don’t see anything superheroish, if that’s even a word, about Kimora & Joy’s dress lol… Wonder Woman, Supergirl, & Catwoman would never step out in those kinds of outfits lmao!

  36. Lol Blame it on tha Rain, Joy’s dress = kaleidoscope-o-rama, if she turned another direction the designs on her dress would morph into entirely different shapes!

  37. Everyone looks good. But I’m really not feeling Beyonce’s hair. I love the dress, but not the hair. Is it me or is there something wrong with how she is standing??? Also, I’ve never been a fan of tattoos on women’s arms. When you wear gowns like these it ruins the look.

    I think Thandie Newton is the best dress, I saw that pic and said to my myself “you better work that!”

  38. I like Beyonce’s dress, but i think she should of done something else with the hair. The worst was Joy and Kimora, espically JOY.

  39. this article has nothing to do with janets sales or album promo. its about the beauty of these black women. i don’t think janet really cares less about it although she’s not done with this album i won’t spill the beans but keep your eyes and ears open. anyway all the ladies look fab in there own way wouldnt change a thing. love em all. STAY STONG SISTAS!

  40. I must be a strange one–but out of all of the dresses, I like Beyonce’s the best. It is frilly and girly. She looks nice in it.

    I think Kimora was going for an Aztec pattern…

  41. @Teri,

    Her album sales are updated on a number of sites on a fairly regular basis. Try JanetXone I believe they keep the stats on the front page.

    My comment to Dana is less about Janet than it is about the negativity. The post is about dresses–not album sales and even so, why do people go to posts about celebs and say the most negative things they can think of. I don’t get it and it is “tiresome” as the elders say.

    I am not a huge Beyonce fan–but I can find something nice to say about her, and just about anyone…and if I can’t, then dagnabit, I just skip the post.

    But I will never be all over a site, talking out of the side of my face about someone being a loser, particularly not when the person has exceeded my success a hundred times over. It is just not…sane.

  42. @SickofItSaid

    lol… I didn’t think of Joy’s dress that way… thanx for the new insight lmao!

  43. @ Nia & @ SDot

    thanks for the props on my “church window” joke about kimora’s dress. haha…..jokes lighten the mood anytime.

    @ Nefertari
    hello. tell me if you remember someone by the name of la domina? if so i’m back. just call me diddy from now on. that’s besides my point……don’t reply to those lame-o’s who talk crap about people on here. i promise you it’s only in a blue moon that these people come back to read the comments and respond to you. plus it’s even more rare to get someone to admit that they are wrong……believe me i have done that only once and it took a while. plus you waste mad energy you ain’t getting back by talking to them. like i used to say…..”take a chill pill”. haha.

  44. @ toneloc

    um….homie. if you really know what’s in store for people who like janet let me know…. shoot. people keep asking me like i know her schedule or something……would be nice to something to tell them other than…”i don’t know man……i just don’t know”. peace out though.

  45. I think Janet looks amazing! So does Beyonce.( as always). Im very dissappointed by thandi. Imean, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING

  46. Thandie looks very sexy.

    Janet is radiant as always. She stills looks the same as when she played Charlene on `Different Strokes`.

    Mary definitely needs to lose the tats.

    Iman is still glowing even now more than ever. Every time I see her the first visual that comes to mind is her appearance in Michael Jackson`s video “Remember The Time”.

    Paula is a very sexy and beautiful as well, very attractive.

    Venus, hopefully she and Serena will keep winning those grandslams.

    Joy, I wish her the best with her acting career, just not feelin` the dress. (then again I`m a man, so what do I know)

    Yes Kimora`s dress does look like a church window. (LOL)

  47. Iman is unbelievable. How old is she? Why isn’t she aging? Wow! As soon as I saw the picture of her, I wondered “who the hell is she?” I was thinking she was a new face popping up from the entertainment pool but she isn’t new. She is timeless and beautiful. Hollywood needs to finally make a movie about African queens. She’ll be great for Nefertiti and Naomi Campbell could play the Queen of Sheba.

    Janet Jackson has one of the nicest bodies I have seen on any woman. It wasn’t until I saw her “Don’t Stop” video (I think that is the name of the song…) did I realize she has a perfectly large round derriere. Now I see the curves that went unnoticed during the 80s and 90s. Her breasts stole the attention. No I am not a lesbian but I believe she has a beautiful body. I could only hope that I look as good as these 40+ women when I get older.

  48. Janet looks amazing! Luv her looking all kinds of fine.

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