Brown Sistas Attend “Afro Samurai” Launch Party

Eva MarcilleSamantha MumbaK.D. Aubert


  1. OMG! How’d they get so many has-beens in one place?! They should have been filming an episode of where are they now. lol

  2. LOL! @ Monie
    You know you wrong for that. But it is true. They all look nice though.

  3. Remember when MTV declared Samantha Mumba the next Janet Jackson? Last I heard she was supposedly engaged and pregnant by Cisco.

  4. why havent anyone said something about the way starr is dressed? i mean, what, did you pick up the kids from daycare and then hit the red carpet??? come on starr.. Ms. samantha, well thats all i can say..

  5. The next Janet Jackson? Sisqo? LOL! I have heard of her, but I don’t know what she sings.

    Oh well…I wish them all the best

  6. lol Sisqo and the janet comparison had me cracking up!
    Samantha’s career is dead largely because she is extremely lazy! She has a massive ego which needs serious reduction. Even in Ireland noone cares for her!

    This is the worst Zlist party I’ve ever seen

  7. I think the women are beautiful as well, but I did not know who they were either except for Eva.

  8. Are u guys sure that is Samatha Mumba? If she is, she bares a striking resemblance to “Lisa Turtle” from ‘Saved by The bell’ lol… Forgive me I have forgotten her real name. Yes the ladies are has beens, but very nice looking has beens lol.

  9. No that is not Lark Voorhies from Save the bell. They do resemble one another.

  10. @ Nicole
    There is info on Mumba @, YouTube, and MySpace. I vaguely remember her myself until I read that she is from Ireland and then I remebered how MTV was trying to push her down our collective throats. If Matthew Knowles was her dad, it would be a different story. LOL.

    Now I need to see what was Aubert’s claim to fame.

  11. @Pearlsrevealed

    K.D. Aubert is/ was a video dancer and a wannabe model.

  12. Samantha had a really cool song called “Baby Come Over” in the late 90’s. I know she is not popular here, but didn’t know she was old hat even in Ireland.

  13. KD use to be pretty now she looks like a black plastic fake Angelina Ho-ile

  14. I didn’t know that Samantha Mumba sang. The last time I saw her she was starring in the remake of “The Time Machine” back in the early 90’s. She hasn’t changed a bit… she still looks good.

  15. Angelina Hoe’li . You are too crazy 4 Dat! Fake? hmmmm Even mo’ crazy for that. I was thinking in the plastic department 4 me! I heard she just got dumped by some rich movie producer. I guess the movies she did flopped or something >>>>>>>NEXT>>>>>>

  16. well one person thats not a has been is eva, she’s on the young and the restless, and she looks nice. i dont remeber the others or maybe they just look different.

  17. I know this is going to sound mean……but that girl from 3LW is not cute @ all!! Ugh!!
    Eva looks Fab! Great skin.
    LMAO at the KD and **lie comparison. I didn’t know she was that skinny though. Still cute

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