Brown Sistas Attend The Dior Beauty Luncheon

Lil Kim Dior Beauty, in conjunction with “Operation Smile”, recently held an event in Santa Monica, California for make-up artists. Each artist was asked to bring along a celebrity client as his or her date and for each couple that showed up “Operation Smile” would donate, or perform, one reconstructive surgery on a needy child. Among those in attendance were rapper Lil Kim and actresses Garcelle Beauvais and Meagan Good.

Pics from the luncheon can be seen below.


  1. I like all three ladies and i must say that they all look beautiful. Now i know there are going to be a few haters to leave nasty or negative remarks about lil kim. whoever you are, Do u really think she CARES about your Negativity. NO!!!!!!!. Kim is a human being like the rest of us and she is entitled to do whatever she pleases. Some may not like it and have their opinion but at the end of the day, no one pays her bills or her morgage on her house. And besides she`s a celebrity and has her money. The time and energy anyone will take to say somethiung negative about kim, they should invest their time in their education, or if you have a kid/children, go take care of your kids. Life is too short for the NEGATIVITY. And it`s always those ones who ain`t got shit and chances are that they will never have shit that always talks TRASH about these celebrities. No onw knows those celebrities but their family and close friends. Don`t be quick to rush to judgement by what u read in the paper or magazine because that`s how the media make their money. WHOEVER READS MY COMMENT AND THE CAP FIT U, WAER IT. BECAUSE I DON`T CARE. THAT`S JUST MY OPINION. LIKE IT OR HATE. BUT I`M KEEPING IT REAL.

  2. They all looked beautiful. Even Kim. Lil Kim if you read this, please please PLEASE leave the plastic alone, you look damn near normal.

  3. I tried to find out which make-up artists brought Kim, Garcelle and Meagan but couldn’t find anything. The only person who got any attention from this event was Kim K. who was brought by make-up artist Troy Jensen.

  4. This is a good cause applause applause :thumbsup: . Meagan and Garcelle look pretty. Garcelle needs to come up off those glasses. Hmmmmmm Kim’s looking a little better.

  5. erbody looks good!! and Lil Kim i wish i cud tell her to stop :stop: there!! she’s looking normal now than she been a lil lately! she looks original again! :thumbsup: :brownsista:

  6. All of the women look great and I am happy to see them support someone who may be in great need of help.


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