Brown Sistas Attend The “Notorious” Premiere

Naturi Naughton Just over ten years after his untimely passing, the life story of the late Notorious BIG is finally hitting the big screen. Starring Jamal Woolard as Biggie, Natauri Naughton as Lil Kim, and Antonique Smith as Faith Evans, “Notorious” chronicles the rise of the rapper, his relationships with the various women in his life- and of course his untimely passing- brought on the by the bullets of assailants who have yet to be found and prosecuted. The premiere for the film was held last night and of course the rap and r n’ b world were out in force. Stars, Naturi Naughton and Angela Bassett were in attendance. As were singers Mary J. Blige, Ciara and Beyonce.

Pics below…


  1. Some look nice, others not so much

  2. Hmm….I’m not feeling positive about this movie due to the previews and the cast, but I’m still going to support it when it’s released. Who knows? It may surprise me.

    MJB-love her look, but could’ve did without the belt

    Bey-surprised to see her….Jay must be there. Love the dress, hate the hair. Her roots could look better. I like her earrings too…she always has cute earrings on

    Faith-looks nice

    Ang-she looks pretty, but the dress makes her look preggers

  3. All The Ladies Looks Fabulous, Ms Harris You Are Wearing That Top

  4. bey what is up with the hair im so shocked she always looks fly but this hair is a hot mess, you can see her real hair and where the weave starts. it seems jay does not like the lace front cos she has stop wearing them ever sine he took ownership of her lol…
    please b never walk out the mansion like this again damm you have too much money for your hair to look like this…

  5. Ciara’s look is flawless!
    Not sure whether I should give Beyonce a thumbs up or down this time around. Her outfit is just not okay to me this time around.
    How old is Lil mama?

  6. Most of the ladies look good. Tocarra looks real good!! as does Cici. She’s repping for us tall girls. Bey oh Bey why????? Dress is a no, hair is a definite no-no. She looks awkward or maybe it’s just the pose . Her style game has done down. We need the DIL Beyonce back, real talk.

  7. Beyonce is so beautiful! Great face great smile! She’s flawless.

  8. These are some of the most attractive, good looking women you’ll ever see. Mary J. is my favorite.
    Now as for movies about recording artists, this one is for you, Ms. Stephanie: I heard that one of these Hollywood studios is gonna make a movie about the life of Marvin Gaye. The part of Marvin Gaye is going to be played by Blair Underwood. Have you heard anything like this?

  9. I love Mary J’s style.

    Naturi looks cute.

    CiCi is a bit thin but she looks nice.

    Faith looks great!

    Bey is flawless? WTH??? Look at that hair..It’s a hot mess! That dress looks like she ripped it off a curtain rod. Dam bey you can do better than that.

  10. Ciara looks hot!!!! She is usually hit or miss for me but here she looks great.

  11. My cousin went to the premeire last night…now I wish I would have went with him. I love the high lights in Ciara’s hair. Normally, she looks manly, dirty and musty to me, but I’m impressed with her look here. I’ve been trying to decide if I should high light the front of my hair and thanks to Ciara I’m doin it!!! Thanks CiCi! 😉

    As for the movie, I definitely won’t be going opening weekend. I can’t be in the theatre with all the youngins shoutin at the screen and bursting into to tears and cursing during the shooting scene. Sorry

  12. And…is that Monie Love in the Burberry??? WOW…haven’t seen her in a minute. And Veronica Webb looks bad (not bad meaning good) and Tatiana looks really cute…she has beautiful hair and facial features.

  13. Cici is not too thin!! She’s average build. Stars like Kelly rowland Michelle that real thin. But Ciara has meat in all the right places. She’s just right. She has a nice shape and not a very petite build. More atheletic..and yes in my opinion Beyonce is flawless. She’s is very very pretty.

  14. Malinda got on too much blush. Sorry girl. Still luv ya!

    And Lil Mama look a hot mess! Girrrrrl, what is that???

    Monie Love!!!! “Oooooo, ladies first, ladies first…” 🙂

  15. My fav look goes to Naturi Naughton. She fill the dress up nicely. The color complements her skin.

    The top part of B’s dress is not so flattering on her. Maybe it has something to do with the way she’s posing. I love the color though. She pulls it off. Her smile just light up her face.

    Some of the ladies look too dress down or in something I’ve seen them in before. Nice look for Angela Bassett and Malinda (?). Ciara’s skirt is hot!

  16. They all look nice……..but I’m just not feeling this movie.

  17. Ciara looks so damn good! I didn’t even really know who she was. Werk it gurl!

    Bey’s dress is pretty but that half wig is a mess! She look like she just took off a motorcyle helmet. Her makeup is gorgeous!

    Mary rocks everytime she steps out.

    Tocarra looks cute.

    Angela Basset is so elegant. Even in polka dots!

    Everyone else is cute.

  18. Smooth Thug said,
    January 8, 2009 at10:06 am 8 hours, 35 minutes after
    These are some of the most attractive, good looking women you’ll ever see. Mary J. is my favorite.
    Now as for movies about recording artists, this one is for you, Ms. Stephanie: I heard that one of these Hollywood studios is gonna make a movie about the life of Marvin Gaye. The part of Marvin Gaye is going to be played by Blair Underwood. Have you heard anything like this?

    I thought the guy from Law & Order that was in “Rent” is going to play Marvin Gaye – i know he can sing .

  19. actually i think you should take another look at kelly roland, that girl has gained some weight throughout the years. she has a cute shape now, not too big, not too small.

    but anyway, most of the ladies look lovely with the exception of lil mama (not monie love), she is a HOT A$$ MESS!

  20. Everyone looks good for the most part and I do not want to be negative but…..I really like Beyonce as a singer/performer, etc but…..sometimes her fashion choices especially recently just make me shake my head. She is a beautiful woman and has too much money to come out looking anything but flawless. She can afford anything and get help to look on point. That dress is not the best for her it is sort of mature for her I think and the hair..the hair looks like she just shook it a few times and stuck it on the back of her head and it looks like she needs a touch up in the front. She needs to really look at herself or ask someone she trusts “How do I look” before she goes out in front of cameras.

  21. Oh…some pics have been added since I posted…Malinda look gorgeous as usual. Monie in the Middle looks good as well

  22. Wow, Beyonce was there? That’s so hard to believe her being such a recluse and all, we almost never see her in public.
    What a treat!


  23. Sorry- but once again, BEYONCE makes me dizzy looking into her eyes- that chile is COCK-EYED!-Pretty smile but COCK-EYED!

    Ciara looks hot- for a change…

    Angela, MARY,-OVANESS!!!

  24. Everyone looks nice, but B your style game is suppose to be the best but tonight it looks MESSY!

  25. black women are so beautiful! I’m feeling mary, malinda, naturi, and angie. They are so flawless. I was thinking Beyonce looked out of place to me. And then it hit me, it’s because she’s never really hangs around other black women celebrities, unless it’s Kelly Michelle or Solange! lol. And now i’m starting to understand why, she actually looks very plain and poorly dressed, next to many of them. But overall everyone looks decent. I don’t know about this movie though, lol.

  26. Everybody looks nice…. this movie premiere brought out ppl I haven’t seen in decades lol( Go Monie!). But I am not feeling/don’t wanna see this movie.

  27. Bey looks pretty but that hair OMG…Im shocked she normally has that in place! Nauri doesnt look like lil Kim to me…they could have gotten someone else to play Queen Bee! But I cant wait til it comes out !!!! Ciara looks cute but she’s been practicing those poses in the mirror! lol

  28. @tosha

    Beyonce never hangs out with anybody black or white…lol
    She just stays to herself alot it seems.

  29. KSH and Ms. Stephanie, thank you very much for your help and for keeping us up to date.

  30. HSH and Ms. Stephanie, I just hit the link provided by Ms. Stephanie. Yes, Jesse L. Martin was indeed in “Rent”, and, yes, he can sing. In fact, he even looks very similar to Marvin Gaye too. Thank you both again.

  31. Beyonce looks like a crazy person with make-up on…something aint right:-/….everybody else looks nice 🙂

  32. No comment on the specific appearances of most of these women, some look wonderful, and others need to rest. I am unsure about this film, as many of you are, since the crowd it may garner will more than likely be young and rowdy, but I do find the late BIG’s mother’s comments about how his relationship with Lil’ Kim is portrayed in the film interesting.

    Can anyone comment on that enough without producing a spoiler, as I would love to not go to the MJ Theater here in Harlem to see it alone, lol. 🙂

  33. Wow beyonce’s half wig is a HOT MESS!!!!

    Tocarra looks great after losing the weight.

  34. I am surprised so many are saying they are not interested in seeing the film. Though I was never a fan of his (he should not be in anyone’s Top 10 list of greatest rappers IMO), I think I will go to a matinee. I want to see if the former Ms 3LW has acting skills. I have read that Naturi has done (off?) Broadway plays since leaving the group. I also think the lead actor looks convincing in the movie trailer.

    I haven’t read or heard what Lil Kim has to say about her displeasure with the portrayal of her relationship with B.I.G. in this movie. I figured she is upset that they chose a regular looking, plastic-free, yet very pretty black woman to portray her.

  35. Also…Teyana Taylor looks reasonably cute for a change.

  36. Beynce is so damn beautiful!!!!!!! That color looks great on her too

  37. beyonce…the color looks nice but the outfit still looks bad…hate the shoes and i donno what is up with the hair…terrible…but at least your face looks nice and natural

    ciara…surprised me for the first time in a long time she looks good

    every time i go to the movies i see the preview for this movie…and im not interested…of course im going to see it but it looks like it is going to be VERY WHACK and thats a big shame

  38. Black women are so beautiful!!! Everyone looked great, especially Malinda with her MINX NAILS!!!

  39. beyoncez face looks beautiful and simple but i dnt feel her whole style from hair to toes,i am looking foward to see her looking more real,fresh,simple and stylish.

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