Brown Sistas Attend The Red Star Soul Concert

Heineken’s Third Annual Red Star Soul Concert kicked off last night and featured performances from singers Ashanti and Goapele. The nine city tour, which was created to celebrate soul music and shine a spotlight on emerging artists, was attended on it’s opening night by Brown Sistas Meagan Good, Shante Broadus, Elise Neal, and many others.

Badd Gyrl, the singing group Meagan’s sister belongs to, was also in attendance.

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  1. The ladies all look Good !

    Ashanti is a pretty young lady but every time I see her something always look out of place and it is her hair. Furthermore her make-up and clothing looks good but Ashanti’s hair looks a hot mess. I miss the old Ashanti when her hair was actually on point.

  2. Therer goes Megan and those Dang shoes AGAIN!!!! She is a swap-meat celeb. LOL!!! I know I’m wrong for that!

  3. Beer companies love to sponsor ish for Black folk. I wonder why ?

  4. @Dana black people love heineken. All the ladies look great except for the last one.

  5. You guys think Ashanti’s Halloween costume, I mean outfit, is cute? I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder because to me she looks like an unmitigated disaster in that get-up. This is what happens when you try to look fashionable/trendy as opposed to stylish.

  6. i’m not sure what look ashanti is going folr

    wow, i cannot believe meagan is still rockin’ thosed damn shoes. I don’t care how expensive they are i’m sure the heel has been ran into the ground by now
    and why does meagan sister look like something is wrong with her

    everybody else just looks okay

  7. Where do I begin? Ashanti is a hot ass mess is she channeling Maddona in her like a virgin days? Meagan that’s my girl but she needs a new look ASAP. Is she going to an audition for a rap video?

  8. *sigh* @ Megan’s shoes…but I do like her outfit and at least she matches this time. I think Ashanti would look better without the belt

  9. Why must we always point it out when a celeb wears the same thing more than once? So Meagan has been seen wearing these shoes about 4 times. How many times have some of you worn a pair of shoes? She has been seen at several events lately not wearing those shoes but the images weren’t posted here. TSK. TSK. for some of us needing to always point out someone else’s supposed flaw 🙁

  10. ^^ Honey, I understand what you are saying, but a celebrity is not expected to repeat things so often, not with all the money she may have. Ofcourse we see Kanye, Chris brown, wear the same jeans or same jacket….but C’mon. It’s not normal for a celeb and you can’t down play that fact

  11. CREE – I soooo agree with you! Not because I love Meagan to death, but it’s not like she’s Beyonce and Rihanna where THEY are given most of their ward robe by famous designers. All celebrities aren’t materialistic and that’s what I love about Meagan. She doesn’t HAVE to be flashy all the time. No matter what she wears, someone’s going to think well she always wears the same shoes, the same purse, she has no purse, she wore those shorts before, etc. Some may agree it’s not normal for a celebrity to do that, BUT then they expect the celebrity to be down to earth and real and what not… =0/

  12. There would be no problem with Meagan wearing her shoes often, but not with every outfit. Some of her outfits she is wearing those shoes with don’t match. I think that is the problem, at least to me. She can wear them all she wants, but make sure your shoes match the outfit. This is the only outfit I have seen that the shoes look good with.

  13. All the sistas look great. When I first saw this post and Meagan I just knew her “shoes” would once again be a topic of discussion. I guess I just don`t understand the female physche when it comes to the obsession with fashion. I`ve often read posts on this site where sistas rip another sista to shreds for their supposedly lack of fashion sense. Again, I just don`t get it. In my opinion, that is such vanity because, when you break it down what are you really saying/talking about? Even if some perceive certain celebs to have a great fashion sense it`s still all “vanity”.

    In a sense we all walk around with a facade anyway when out in the public arena. We put our masks on when leaving home and then take it off once we return. So those celebs who are perceived to have a great fashion sense (the one`s who are over the top, flashy) are consciously trying to be noticed every time they step out into the public arena. That`s why I say Hollywood is so superficial. People wanting to be seen and noticed; not realizing that fame is so fleeting…

    Sistas seem to critique each other at an unmerciful level and I just don`t get it. The white women I don`t know about; but then again I`m speaking of my own because I`m a member of the family and I know my own. I usually just read the posts and not get into a debate about fashion but this time I just decided to give my observation. This will be my only post because I won`t get into a heated debate with anyone. When you start doing that it begins to go back and forth with each party checking back to see what the other one said. I simply will not participate. Again. just my observation.

    MJ and The 80s forever!!!

  14. The women look great. I knew Meagan would get slammed for wearing her shoes again. I applaud her for wearing them as many times as she likes. Damn if you do damn if you don’t.

  15. People online took Meagan’s bamboo earrings and dammit they are gonna take these YSL pumps away from her too. :))

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