Brown Sistas Coming And Going+Alicia Performs

Singer Jennifer Hudson was recently spotted departing the Los Angeles International Airport. The Academy Award winning actress is slowly building up her resume, appearing in this month’s Sex And City and contributing a song to the soundtrack, reportedly written by Gnarls Barkley star Cee-Lo Green. And still in the works is Jennifer’s solo CD, which is now said to be coming out sometime in September. We’ll just have to wait and see though- as her release date has changed quite a few times since she finished shooting Dreamgirls.

Next up is singer Alicia Keys who has sold almost 4 million copies of her new CD and yet keeps on promoting. I love Alicia’s work ethic as her CD will most likely be the highest selling of 2008.

Below she is seen arriving for her appearance on the David Letterman Show

…and then leaving after her performance of Teenage Love Affair, which you can view on page 2 below.


  1. Dang, Alicia got a badunka dunk! I guess that’s her “black” side!! 🙂 Shout out to all the big legged thick sistas!! Way to represent Alicia!

  2. LMAO!! yall are a mess, Crystal you’re funny, but its true! I LOVE A Keys shoes! they are bad!! she looks good! I wish J Hud comes out with something soon! geesh

  3. Can’t wait to hear J-Hud’s CD. I thought Cee-Lo changed is name to Gnarls Barkley, I didn’t know that was the name of his band. (I am so old) lol

  4. Ladies I have a question how do I get an avitar up? I love the ladies by the way both are extremely talented, but a Pancake is a Pancake.

  5. Chloe, go to and register. You will then be able to upload a gravatar and with the same email address you use to register with, use the same one to post on all blogs that are gravatar enabled.

  6. The pix are very pretty!

    I love Alicia’s heels, both. the gray ones are especially NICE! I have to find a pair like’em! 🙂

  7. Damn, I mean DAMN, my girl Alicia in that dress puts me in the need to go and take a cold shower. I`m just keepin` it real, talk about THICK. Badunka dunk is right and then some…… I luv Alicia to death and she is so STUNNING, not even the most renown painters could do her justice. I also admire her work ethic as she continues to promote her great CD, which when all is said and done will probably sell between 8-12 million copies. I`ve said it once and I`ll say it again, she`s The female Michael Jackson among the female artists of her era as far as I`m concerned…. Her appearance on Letterman was great. Can`t get enough of Alicia; BADUNKA DUNK (LOL).

  8. Jennifer needs to do some lunges and squats to define her backside. Her skin looks great and not an ounce of makeup.Alicia looks wonderful in the gray and those shoes are just killer.
    @ Terrence, you may like Alicia’s badunka dunk but please be aware that Alicia is into the ladies and the ladies only.

  9. Alicia is gorgeous. JHud looks like she just got off a plane…and just woke up from a nap. LOL. Love her.

  10. @Lina:

    It`s not like I have a chance with Alicia anyway. So really her sexual preference is irrelevant. I can only admire her from afar, and admire her I do. She`s still my girl and besides that I don`t know what her sexual preference is. Gotta watch those rumors and in the end it`s not really important. Her personal life is just that because in the final analysis we don`t know any of these stars whom we admire. I just say gon AK with your bad self.

  11. @ Terrence was it really that deep? And I know you dnt have a chance in hell of getting with Alicia. I am not speaking on a rumor when I addressed her sexual preference, you may think it is only a rumor but I know different. Her personal life is her personal life but she is getting sloppy with her business and those in the know think it is because she is ready to do it her way. You may not know any of the stars that you admire but that is not my situation. Alicia is talented, beautiful, down to earth and a lesbian to boot.

  12. @Lina:

    I was only responding to your post when you referred to me. I read the post and it`s entitled “Brown Sistas Coming And Going + Alicia Performs”. Did I miss something?

    1. So how did we get to her sexual preference?
    2. What was your reason for enlightning me?

    I will not respond to this subject again.

    Peace & Luv to you my Brown Sista..

  13. Lina has been hanging out on all those whereAlicia is called a lesbo simply because she isn’t always ass out and selling her body like alot of the female artists do today.

  14. Alicia Keys is the hottest chick. She is soo bad. I love her and them shoes is PHIYA!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything, her hair, her outfit, her shape. Beautiful, Banging, Babe!

  15. The more and more I listen to this song, I am loving it!!!! I love the video! School Daze is one of my favorite movies.

    I too can’t wait for J-Hud’s CD. I love her voice. If you ever get the chance, check out her MySpace page and check out some of her videos. As far as the pics of her, she just got off of a plane. Who looks good when they get off a plane? I know I always fall asleep on a plane.

  16. I am a skinny blacksista but I love it to see our women of all sizes strut their stuff. I have never heard AKeys talk about weight or working out and I think that is great. She seems totally in love with her life and totally comfortable in her skin. Flaunt them big limbs girl! Lovin the gray shoes. Just saw Gwen Pal in Vogue with a black pair in a similar style. LOVE IT!

  17. man. i knew jennifer’s shape wasn’t the best. but does she know that? apparently not. wth? imma go the the flea market and buy her some padded underwear to help give her a shaped behind. she should never leave home w/o one.

    damn alicia rocking dat dress! luv the shoes!

  18. Go ahead Alicia!!!!!! I don’t give a flying hoota-poota…lmao…rather this girl is gay, straight, bi or all of the above. She is a great artist, I love her humanitarian personality, and she is beautiful inside/out. Despite the criticism, this woman still shines!!!

    J Hud, you my girl to the end of time. I love your voice, acting abilities and you also have a nice body. I’m just waiting on the picket fence for your album to drop and some more film roles. What’s up witcha girl?!

    Peace everybody!!!!

  19. …i’m hitting the gym and about a million squats and crunches in my room tonight! LMAO :0)

  20. Lol at the pankcake and ironing board comments, that dress is off the hook but no matter how tight it is that a$$ isn’t getting any bigger. She does look fine and is still my girl though – Love her music, she’s crazy talented and I’m proud she’s been consistently humanitarian for years now.

    As for the whole lesbian thing, i don’t give it much credence. You hear a different rumour everyday on the internet, one minute she’s lesbian, next minute she’s dating common, minute after that she’s with this krucial guy, then the minute after that she’s creeping with some married dude (forgot his name) and splitting up his marriage. Tomorrow she’ll be, what? Leaving that same married due for his ex wife? Turning out Serena? Dating a transsexual? It’s too easy to get caught up in all’a that, and other people may have the hook ups/insider links, but I don’t, so I’ve got no reason to believe it…

  21. I love people on the internet who claim to know people’s personal lives, anyone can do this, me and my friends did it back when we were 17. No “innanets source” is reliable cos we can all work for or know someone who knows Tyra Banks, Will Smith and Oprah behind a computer.

  22. Jennifer Hudson has done real well in movies. Her songs from “Dreamgirls” are breathtaking. I just want her to show me how much of a music star she is with her album. If she can get mucho awards, honors ,and kudos internationally, I know she will have a Double Platimum CD. I’m rooting for her.

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