Brown Sistas Love The Kids

Joy Bryant, Toccara Jones and singer Beyonce Knowles were just a few of the beautiful Brown Sistas who showed up last night for the 2008 New Yorkers for Children Gala. The annual event was held at one of New York’s hottest spots, Cipriani 42nd Street, and included the usual elements to liven up a party- cocktails, dinner, a celebrity auction, and even live entertainment. NYFC was created ten years ago by Oscar de la Renta and Nicholas Scoppetta to provide transitional assistance for some 17,000 children who reside in the foster care system in New York City. Since it’s inception the charity has raised over ten million dollars and helped thousands of children go to college, as well as network with a “dream team” of professionals to learn about potential career opportunities.


  1. all the ladies look nice, except for malinda and joy, those dresses have to go. malinda looks like she is about to choke with that dress buttoned up on her neck like that. and Joy, i’m always curious about how she makes her fashion choices, because they are rarely good ones’

    but as i said earlier, everybody else looks nice. lol

  2. Love Bey’s look sans the tired ponytail. Hate Joy’s and Gayle’s dresses. Not feeling that dress on Malinda. Overall everyone looks great for great cause! :hifive:

  3. Good move for their career everyone looks good thought i’m not feeling bey conservative “new”look i will not make this post about her
    like i said good move for their career it makes it look as if they care !

  4. Beyonce shoes are cute. Yall know I’m all about the shoes. :thumbsup: I’d be interested in a closer look at them tho. Everybody else looks aight I guess.

  5. I’m really starting to believe the rumors that Beyonce is a style stealer. Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez recently wore this dress. Bee looks nice though sans the shoes. They’re okay but not with a conservative style dress.

  6. THIS IS NOT ABOUT BEYONCE or any fashion statement!
    Its about the children , i know half these people act like they care but i know better, I have two daughters and i work with kids, so i wanna thank all of them for having the decency to show up

  7. This is also a blog where people are free to express their opinions and say what they want. Lighten up. 🙄

  8. I’m not “Lighten up” about a none thing
    It’s a blog but it’s geesh Some stuff goes beyond a dress or an hairstyle, if it was a fashion issue fashionista would have post it , Now i know you people could care less but goddang show some kind of knowledge of concern for a minute! Especially since those association help a lot of US go to college… CRimador

  9. It’s not about beyoncé but eventually it will become as soon as her stans wake up they will make a point to remenber everyone that she is the most beautiful thing to come out of that soirée so we might as well start it and finish it Everyone Look good but Beyonce I don’t know maybe I’m just reacting to seeing her without the lion hair and 2 inch lashes…she just looks like a regular woman….an attractive one, but still a very regular one

    Anyway i’m happy that they are People that really care [not beyonce or other celebrity obviously] but people that just give a lot of themselves without expecting anything in return Slowly but surely the world is getting better and with obama we will advance even more
    Please GO TO VOTE

  10. so what if ‘ jelly ass-lo’ wore the damn dress first, im sure the designer gave ‘it to bey so that people can actully c wat the dress was meant to look like, coz she rocks it better….

  11. All the ladies are very beautiful. In regard to Beyonce I think she hasn’t got her own style and it is a pity for her :thumbsdown:

  12. I always thought designers mad clothes for more than on person to buy it!.
    maybe im

  13. ahh & so it begins 🙁 … as for the event great move :thumbsup: . I hope that the charity DOES all those things that it is claiming. As for the fashions, you guys KNOW that Gayle King was the WORST dress there :lol2: . The lady is wearing a church dress from 1992.. Heaven help us :lol2: .

  14. U people R hilarious i’m not getting into an argument with people that switch stuff around when it please themshe is a style stealer and everyone knows it

  15. Great cause! Glad to see my people supporting! Beyonce looks absolutely fab in her dress! Don’t see the pics with Jay, but both the Carters were on hand for the cause. Malinda and hubby look good too! Looks like all had a good time!

  16. @melissa i do not blame them not showing pictures of him. He got on shade at the event like come on. He need to cut his hair and the fuzz ball he got on his chin.

  17. MrsJones3 you’ll be shocked to know that Joy Bryant has a stylist! Still bad choices.

  18. Some folks are criticizing celebrities, their fellow citizens, because they bring light to a good cause. In addition, they raise some money for that good cause??? I’ll be danm! LOL

    Since some of you CHOOSE to criticized and to believe they don’t REALLY care for this cause [although they SHOW UP], What are YOU doing to help the children in New York city’s foster care system [or other cities]??? Of course, that is besides looking and criticising those who choose to be proactive???

    I’m for citizens who are not waiting for their government to fix everything for them. This is exactly what these ladies are doing. They are NOT waiting for the federal government to fix the NY foster care system. They take the initiative to help their fellow men & women & child. This is the WAY TO BE, and all you could do is criticized & DEVALUE their actions???

    When the government get involve in social issues they tend to mess up because, first, they are not experts on EVERYTHING. Second, it’s hard to find an uncorrupted politicians in Washington.

    Politicians specialty is passing laws [Whether right/ wrong lol]. Theirs intention, to help less fortunate children, is right, but they are going about it wrong because they are not expert on child foster care. This is understandable, for it’s not their specialties. The right thing for them to do in this situation is to live it to expert who SPECIALIZE in this field and to live it to well caring PROACTIVE citizens, like these ladies, to take good care of these children, so that it may be easier for them to growp up into good citizens.

    It is also hard to find uncorrupted politicians in Washington. You hear the news. During campaigns, they may say they are for great causes like assuring all children’s well being with you hard earn cash, taxes lol. However, when they get into office, they pocket your tax [your money], and they distribute it between their circle of friends, families & interest groups. This is not proactive is it? In fact, it is downright illegal. It is call stealing. If you and I steal, chances are , we will go to prison. However, when these corrupted politicians steal, they get a free pass. What are some solutions? More citizen should become PROACTIVE like these ladies. I know majority of folks find corrupted politician unacceptable; therefore, stop being the DORMANT MAJORITY. You have the power to hold these corrupted politicians accountable first by doing it yourself [Make sure you are part of the movement to secure all children well being in your city], and second, by holding the corrupted politicians accountable. If you find they misuse their power in office, kick them out! Do not allow them second/third terms. You should vote for the politicians with STRONGER characters, and who has CREDEBILITY [their {voting }reccords] on their side. You should set a STANDARD for your politicians [just like in relationships]. If you let them get away with certain things, they will continue to do it, and they will test your patients with newer things. That is why we have so many corrupted official in office. We let them get away with it.

    I’ve heard some horror stories about children in the system who have no where else to turn to. Anybody who is doing their part to raise the level of awareness by star power, or with the power of their wallet deserve anything BUT RIDICULES. The government is inefficient because they are not expert in this field and because of corrupted politicians. The only ones who hurt the most are the children. They hurt the most because the public is under the impression that the government will take good care of them, so they become the ‘government’s responsibility’. When the government fail to come through for them, they have no way to turn to but to citizens like these ladies who see the failures of the government, and they decide fix it with their appearance at such an event, with their purse, and with their words. SHAME ON YOU who DEVALUE & UNDERMINE their efforts…just because you CHOOSE not to understand

  19. if bee was stealing jlo’s style, then jlo stole it from heidi klum who actually wore the dress first. as a matter of fact bee rocked the same dress in green back in 2006, she must be stealing her own syle from way back in the day too :lol2:

    people are so pathetic now a days, it’s not even funny anymore 🙄

    bee looks fab and so does everybody else who went to the CHARITY event to raise awareness!

  20. “we might as well start it and finish it”
    No we don’t , we don’t have to do anything to satisfy a couple of miserable teenagers looking for themselves WE don’t
    LIke i said I’m sure half of these people DON’T CARE but by them showing up its a sign of respect and somewhat understanding So let’s stop with the fashion police i swear sometimes its like half of all the people here are -16
    Come on!

  21. That’s so wrong about Gayle wearing a church dress, but damn if it ain’t true!!! :lol2:
    I always wonder why she’s not dressed to the nines at all of these events..with all the industry pull, fashion connections, etc. that Oprah has. Come on now..
    I love Beyonce’s dress, I don’t care who wore it first. This is a good look for her.

  22. It is good to hear about people doing good things in the community, this is a good cause. It is good to see the newlyweds out and I mean Malinda and D-Nice.

    Beyonce goes everywhere with that bodyguard, did she really need him at this kind of event?? I don’t think I have ever seen him with her on the red carpet, so why would he need to be there. He ain’t bad to look at, but it’s weird seeing him in a picture at an event like this.


  24. It’s sad that these types of things do not get the attention they deserve , not just with Beyonce but other celebrities as well who do their part to raise awareness for a good cause.

    Case in point: ( I’ m using Beyonce as my example.)


    Saturday, October 4, 2008, at 8 p.m.
    America Airlines Arena
    601 Biscayne Boulevard, Downtown Miami
    786-268-1841 (Karla Jones)

    The stars will shine at the Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation’s 2008 Diamond Ball & Private Concert to benefit children’s healthcare. The Guest of Honor is international recording artist Beyoncé Knowles who will be inducted into Miami Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Hall of Fame for all that she has done for children. Guests will revel in the not-to-be missed musical performances by the legendary “King of Motown” Smokey Robinson, 70’s Diva Gloria Gaynor and 7-year-old Ethan Bortnick, the exceptional piano prodigy who has performed with the likes of Sheryl Crow, Nelly Furtado and Natalie Cole. The evening’s festivities include a lavish dinner for 800 on the arena floor. For the private concert guests who make a $50 donation to MCHF will enjoy the performances from select seats. For additional information, please call Danielle Pricken at 786-268-1794.

    Beyonce and her mom also designed a shirt in support of Barack Obama. OBAMA ’08!

  25. @Just the shirt can look better then that lol. Tina Turner design a obama shirt too.

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