Brown Sista’s New Fashion Contributor

Hi Everyone,

I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Shanteé, and I run the site . I’ve just been added to the Brown Sista family as the ‘Official Fashion Contributor’, and my job is to basically keep you all in the “know” of what’s hott in the world of fashion.

I’ll be posting regularly — mostly about new fashion trends, beauty tips, celeb-fashion candids, and who wore what, when, and where.

You can also check out all my posts by visiting the Fashionista101 link in the categories section, and view more about me here.

We might not all have the same styles or tastes, but we’re all Fashionistas of some sort!


  1. Will your fashion insights also include comments on men’s fashions?

  2. This is a female site so I doubt they will do men’s fashions just like they don’t do new on me. This is Brown Sista and the tile clearly says BLACK FEMALE CELEBRITIES.

  3. Sorry for my typos, meant to say the site doesn’t do NEWS on MEN and the TITLE clearly says Black Female Celebrities.

    Fashionista 101 I visited your blog and your style is dope. I have bookmarked you and welcome to Brown Sista.

  4. Welcome, welcome, welcome! I look forward to your posts, especially after visiting your site!

  5. Hello, I don’t comment often but do come to this every day, Stef. (Sorry if I spelled your name wrong) you do a fantastic job. Fashionista 101 welcome and I will come to your site, after visting it I really loved it.

  6. Welcome I visit this site quite often love to see sistas doing there thing. I’m looking forward to your fashion posts ya know a sista like myself have to keep up with the latest fashion, even if it’s a knock off version just as long as it fly lol ;0)

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