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What are your ideas on living well? Living Quality? Are you proud of your living space? Who inspires you to be your best? What can you do now to change the quality of your home? Your life?

My name is Melinda Lewis and you can affectionately call me GT. I’ll be Brown Sista’s “Home and Living Well” contributing editor. To learn more about me you can check out my site GetTogetha here. This won’t be a one way conversation so I encourage you to contact me here or you can drop a line at 

Live well. Live inspired. Live Fun. Get Togetha.


  1. Amber,I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO

    Hi, and welcome

  2. Loving all the new additions. What will your topics be about exactly? I love home decor and am a avid fan of the Home and Garden Channel. I tend to change up my space pretty often especially my bathroon which is relatively small and inexpensive to switch up quickly.

    I’ll check out your blog too and welcome !

  3. Hello and welcome. It’s funny this topic has come up. My husband and I have a lovely 1Bdrm apartment here in westchester NY. To be honest we are well off in our own way. His income is great and mine is pretty good but I am at the point where I want more. Living in Westchester NY is not the easiest. I have a 9-5 but I also have a Real Estate License that is not doing me any good at this present time. I haven’t sold a thing in over a year b/c the Real Estate Market is dead right now. So I will put that licsense on the shelf. I LOVE to work out so I am going for my Group Fitness license at the end of the year and I will do that on the side. If God blesses me in that area I will open a group fitness gym. Then I’ll be more stable.

  4. Welcome to the site GT. My idea of living is to take it easy not over do myself stay away from stress. As far as my living space i need more closets for my clothes . I have a big closet just for my shoes alone. I love shoes. I have like 80 pairs of shoes and boots. Who inspires me is my mother MICHELLE (RIP). She alway told me to be independent and take care of myself and live life to the fullest do not let nobody stur me wrong. As far as my life and home. As far as my life i just need a little more excitment there but over all it good. As far as a home not ready for it im not going to lie. So im happy with my apartment except the closets lol.

  5. Thank you ladies.

    I’m well aware that home covers many things. But my overall aim is to inspire you to live well, to love home, and to love life. I love pretty things; but I’m a bit holistic in my approach so I would never advocate running out and buying a whole bunch of stuff. Things don’t make you feel better but living quality does.

  6. I know I said alot. Truthfully I am very happy at home, with my husband, parents, brother, and sisters. It does not take much to please me. I am a family person. I’ll take family over friends any day which is probably why I dont’ have many friends. I can count them on one hand. I don’t need to go out EVERY weekend. I love blockbuster nights, book nights with some of my friends when we have tea and crumpets, and read inspirational books. And what inspires me to do better is God. I know he wants us to enjoy life and life it abundantly. He died for that cause…..and to save us!

  7. Welcome GT,

    Look forward to your posts!

    I am not happy with my living space, don’t get me wrong I am thankful for having a roof over my head and a place to call my own, but I want more space. I live in a 2 bed, 1 1/2 bath apartment with my husband. We have out grown this space, this was our starter home. I am looking for a 3 bed 2 or 2 1/2 bath house with all the trimmings.
    I need help with decorating, I would catagorize my home as plain so I know I will be looking forward to your posts to help me out.

  8. Ohhh! 🙂
    This exciting! I always lurk around your site, GT… looking forward to what you have in store for Brown Sista.

  9. Bienvenidos! I occasionally peruse your site, and enjoy it. I look forward to your post, because I need help, girl! 🙂

  10. Hi GT…welcome!

    @Liyah – Love your posts!!

    My idea of good living right now is enjoying my 2bdrm, 1 bath condo with my 3 year old. We have such a great time here because it’s spacious and designed like a maze. I think space at home is moreso what I need to inspire and motivated me to take on life’s daily challenges. I can’t stand being cooped up in a small area. I just recently downsized from my townhome which had an upstairs and downstairs, but I prefer that everything (washer/dryer, bathroom, bedroom, etc) is on one level now that I have my little one. I’m at the point of decorating it, but I’m stuck on ideas. I’ve been looking at the old IKEA catalogs and peicing ideas together from there. Other than that, I (we) am just taking my time enjoying my new home with my daughter – space and all. 🙂

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