Brown Sistas Party It Up!

Grammy madness is already in full swing as People Magazine threw a party to celebrate the upcoming 2008 Grammy Ceremony which doesn’t even air until mid February. Actress Garcelle Beauvais was in attendance and showcasing her post baby body quite nicely.

Other notable sistas at the celebration were Shar Jackson and Solange Knowles who took a moment to pose with Ne-Yo. I think Shar looks really pretty.

CNN hosted an event last night to pay tribute to everyday heroes and Mary J. Blige made an appearance with husband Isaacs and also performed.

I am loving everything about Mary’s performance outfit.

Tyra Banks was there too.


  1. Mary J has a bad shape but rarely is it ever mentioned. Her body is definitely on point and I love them boots :thumbsup:

  2. Tyra is absolutely georgeous!! Garcelle is also stunning, I agree Shar looks quite pretty for a change not feelin those grey tights though!!

  3. Garcielle looks great to have delivered twins not so long ago. I agree with Trish about Shar’s grey tights. Tyra looks model perfect…except for the bow. Not liking or feeling Tyra’s bow. For a minute there I could have sworn that Tyra was Beyonce. Mary always gives me ideas in fashion. She looks , and she is FABULOUS!!!

  4. Everyone looks great! I love Tyra but I hate that shoe sticking out and the bow! :brownsista: Mary is my gull! :bowdown: Her hair always looks like sumbody n da hood hooked it up straight from the kitchen with #33/144 blond yaki hair for Kim’s Beauty Supply, hair gule and scissors you stole from school or work! That’s why I love Mary! 😎

  5. Mary J is so classy. But I don’t like that blond wig she is sporting.

    Tyra Banks and Beyonce Knowles could almost pass for sisters.

  6. Garcielle looks great. I would kill for Beyonce’s hair. Love those shiny curls.

  7. Wi that is tyra lol. They all look good keep that way black sister.

  8. Tyra, and Tyra. I like Shar and Garcelle, too. No one keeps a better weave than Tyra. 😆 And I love that show.

  9. Garcelle just beautiful. Tyra GAWGEOUS! Mary, I hate the wig 🙁 Shar, :confused:

  10. [quote comment=”17079″]Mary J is so classy. But I don’t like that blond wig she is sporting.

    Tyra Banks and Beyonce Knowles could almost pass for sisters.[/quote]

    I know, right?!! I had to blink and correct my vision (especially w/ my contacts being dry right now- I’ll taken em out in a min) but yeah, Tyra looks like Beyonce in those pics for a min.

  11. Oh and if Shar is going to be making public appearances from now on, SHE NEEDS A STYLIST!!! A good one- one that knows those tights w/ that dress IS NOT the bizness!!! Str8 up!

  12. Where was Ciara’s nominations for the Grammys is all i have to say. They’ve ripped her off again! And yes Tyra and beyonce do look alike, i like shar shes so pretty and mary’s wig needs to go! and who is solange….a porn star?

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