Brown Sistas Visit TRL: Meagan Good & Rihanna

Actress Meagan Good and the rest of the cast of her new movie “The Love Guru”, all hit up MTV’s TRL today. The actress was of course there to promote her new venture which hits theaters Friday, June the 20th. In preparation for the release of her new film Meagan has also been giving a slew of interviews lately and shared some very interesting and in my opinion, good, advice on how she handles rumors surrounding her relationship with football player Thomas Jones.

Meagan says:

When you give a lot of information about your relationship, people think they’re a part of it, and people have a tendency to make judgments and opinions and ‘he said-she-said.’ The biggest thing about the entertainment industry is people trying to get up in your business and running up to you and telling you things. You have to have a strong relationship and not allow others to do that. Sometimes people don’t have bad intentions, but they know not what they do. He could be out with a woman and everyone’s like, ‘Oh, my god! He’s out with a woman!’and someone will try to come tell me. Don’t tell me about nothing! I don’t want to hear it, especially if I don’t know you, because for all you know, that could be his publicist that he’s with for the evening or that could be his sister or that could be his girl from college. You don’t know. You have to have trust in your relationship, and being insecure and all of that, it’s not worth it because if a man’s going to do something, let him do it so you can know what’s he’s about and you can keep it pushing.

I want to let young women know about relationships being a blessing and not a necessity. When you take that attitude, that’s when something great comes because there’s no desperation in needing to have something, needing to have to have a man. And also, if you take care of yourself, if you have your own career or your own goals, and your own things that you want, you don’t have to be thinking about someone else taking care of you.


Another Brown Sista to hit up TRL was of course Rihanna who too is about to embark on a promotional blitz in support of her “Good Gone Gone Bad: Reloaded” CD. As you all know her first single is a smash hit all over the globe and presently sits stop the HOT 100 singles chart in the U.S.

And in other RiRi (who gave her that nickname) related news, the singer says reports of her starting her own line of lingerie are false. “I love lingerie. I love buying it and making it. I would like to [have one] one day but we’re going to start with the fashion first — apparel and clothing.”

Too bad. I guess the public will just have to wait a little bit longer to get their hands on Rihanna’s underwear (lol).


  1. I love Riri. Meagan is a pretty girl but what’s up with the makeup? LMAO or is it my eyes?

  2. No Andre its not your eyes, her make up in the pics of her in the black and white dress looks terrible. Megan is cool but she re-runs things alot. She just wore those shoes. I know she is a human but for a celeb, it’s not cool to re-run clothing so frequent. She even does that with some dresses. Any way Rihanna looks great. She has a long neck like a dancer. I remember Wendy Williams said she looked kind of Alien like when she met her in person. She’s one to talk???

  3. Rihanna looks so pretty!!! I love her dress and make -up but not so much the hair!! However she’s fabulous!! Megan looks good But I hate the fact that her face looks lighter than her body in the first pics!!

  4. Meagan is often her own makeup artist is is very heavy handed with the concealer under her eyes. She could do better with her look but she is pretty hit and miss whereas Rihanna always gets it right.

  5. wow, that 2nd set of pics does no justice for ms. good

  6. Both ladies look nice with the exception of Megan’s too-white, under-eye concealer and Rihanna’s pleather pants. 😆

  7. Meagan’s make-up looks a mess but atleast she is trying to wearing outfits she hasn’t worn many times before. She is a pretty girl she just perhaps needs a make-up artist and a stylist. I love Rihanna’s style most of the time but I am not liking this new hair style. I like the color though…

  8. I was just listening to Rihanna’s Re-Release. I doubt she’ll release another song from this album besides Take A Bow, but Disturbia is a heck of a dance song. No wonder she hits hard on the international market.

  9. She confirmed that she will release Diturbia! I think it will be the last single (7 in total!!!)! I looooove this song it will do extremely well!

  10. How can you not love Rihanna. This girl is full of sass, spunk, funk and punk. Her hair looks so cute. Reminds me of Halle and it should remind Halle how great she looked with short hair. Come on Halle, do it girl, cut it off.

    Anyway, Rihanna, you are a total badass. Forget the naysayers. Yaahhhh!

  11. I was just wondering what was off in this picture of Meagan and yes it’s the make-up.

    Both these girls are beautiful but i must admit that Meagan doesn’t look natural. Has she had botox?? She looks touched up somehow.

    Love the haircut on Rihanna, reminds me of Kelis’s hair cut a few months ago. I really like the way she has pulled off interesting styles especially love the fact that she is not predictable.

    Variety is the spice of life!

  12. I usually don’t comment on these red carpet post but I must defend Megan for choosing to be “regular” as opposed to being a walking ad for a designer. I like those shoes. If I had them I would wear them to death even with the whole world watching. I agree that her makeup game is not a good look. It is rare that a celebrity puts on a bad face unless their not wearing any makeup at all.
    Ms. Rihanna is always gorgeous to me. I don’t follow her career but it looks like she is having fun—which is exactly what a 20 year old should be doing.

  13. so sick of artists “re-releasing” cds!!! should’ve put those songs on the first album!

    on the other hand…megan looks great

  14. also…megan needs to give those shoes a rest for a while before we get tired of seeing them. I mean, they’re fly but c’mon.

    …people love the hype. If Rihanna wore a trashbag with a belt across it they would call it creative and fashion forward. I for one don’t think she always gets it right. sometimes she does look a hot mess. JMO.

  15. Did Meagan Good, buy only one pair of shoes? I mean, I am not a celebrity but I own 120 pairs of shoes. In every photo I have seen her in, she has on the same shoes. Are
    they multi-purpose shoes or is that the print we all should be wearing with everything?

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