Brownsistas Reunite With Their Ex’s

It always puts a smile to my face when I see parents set aside their disagreements and in this case twitter beefs for the sake of what’s most significant ( their children). Recently brownsistas Mashonda and Tameka reunited with their ex’s to celebrate their son’s birthdays ( and looked fab while doing so). Tameka and Usher celebrated their youngest son’s Naviyd birthday with an egyptian themed birthday party. While Swizz Beatz and Mashonda celebrated their son Kaseem Jr. 3rd birthday party at FAO Schwartz in NYC. For those of you wondering, I know some of you are Alicia Keys did not attend the event. But, according to various media outlets Ms. Keys called Swizz Beatz frequently during the celebration. In related news it seems Mashonda is slowly but surely moving on with her life. She has now earned herself a new title entrepreneur. Mashonda has a new intimate and bathing suit line called January Joy. Brownsista Malinda Williams is a spokesmodel for the brand. Check out her tweet and pics below.

Mashonda Tweeted:Very excited,my intimate line will be available n South Beach this summer.Got an order today and it will be in heavy production this winter.


  1. I agree it is great when parents set their differences aside for a cause like this, but what’s sad is it didn’t have to be like that in the first place.

  2. Good for them. Being good parents doesn’t mean good couples! I have the same relationship with my daughter’s father and his wife. My husband and I get along so good with both of them. As long as she feels love, she could care less. I am thankful for her father and stepmother and he cheated with her while we date and were engaged but that was 12 years ago – I put my differences aside at least 11.5 years ago and my 13 year old is a well adjusted happy teenager getting on my nerves every chance she gets! In the long wrong putting your drama aside can work wonders!

  3. That’s when it matters most when it comes to the kids.

    I think it’s rally MATURE of them to be able to set aside their differences for the children.

    I know a few couples that broke up and act really immature. The kids have two birthday parties, one at moms and one and dads. It’s crazy.

  4. Mashonda shows how much a woman she is, in many ways even b4 this. i respect her swag.

  5. usher was so tacky for that song.yes, im late i don’t listen 2 radio fortunately or watch videos like that-heard it in beauty salon. Disgusting. sign the papers then, stop singing bout it.

  6. (at)RUSERIOUS yes that song Is tacky and the lyrics Is even worse….but nothing matters the most when children are inolved and a.keys should’nt have to be there she Is the reason why they are not together anyways

  7. I figured pictures of Swizz and Mashonda would come out like this to do damage control. Both of them make themselves look like immature idiots with the frequent twitter rants, like they don’t have the chance to talk in person. I was tired of the attacks and then saying put God 1st.

    How can media outlets say Alicia called? How would they know when his phone rang? It was a kids party and unless she called the store and it came over the loud speaker then those statements are to start drama at a decent event.

    While I like the song Papers just as a song and not the situation, I thought it was a low blow especially since Tameka can’t just put out a song of her own, Usher reaches more people and people will only see it his way and blame her.

  8. @ KOKO, I agree that the song reaches more people. Even if it’s just a few, there are people like myself who respect that Tamika is quiet about the situation. I read different things as they’re available on gossip sites and what not, but their personals aren’t my business.

  9. Cute kids. I’m glad Mashonda is moving on. There is no point in fighting for a man. Just take care of your responsibilities, be a great mom & be positive.

  10. alicia keys is soooo wrong i neva thought alicia keys had a voice she sucks live

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