Bubble Pop By Rihanna

With the release of Rihanna’s “Rated R” album just weeks away, it is no wonder new tracks from that from album, as well as previous ones, are starting to leak on the daily. The newest is “Bubble Pop,” a track some say will appear on “Rtaed R” and others say was a reject from the singer’s 2007 “Good Girl Gone Bad” album

Whatever the case, the Will.I.Am produced track is creating a lot of buzz and you guys can check it out here.


  1. It sounds like gggb era, hopefully im right because its not good imo.

  2. U Got To Be Kidding Me…OMG Three Failed Songs….Are u Serious…The Hype in my book is officially OVA!!!!!

  3. I love the track itself – it has a house/dance feel – and the lyrics are interesting. Her vocals are definitely getting better. She sounds sexy as hell on this.

    I’m pretty sure it’s from “Rated R” sessions, as there was never any mention of Rihanna working with Will.I.Am. two years ago for GGGB.

    Still interested to hear what the final product will sound like on Nov 23.

  4. I can’t to hear more tracks as the due date approaches! This track seems to still be unconfirmed. It’s super cute track though, I could definitely get down to it in the club.

  5. Yeah. Ummm this song is wack. The last one, Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova) was hott! I know she surprised the hell out of a lot of ppl with the Reggae/Barbados accent. Loved it, but I hate this mess! Bubble pop. WTF?

  6. This is a very good Will.I.Am track and a great song for Rihanna, it’ll be big internationally…especially, with the remix…I hope it makes the cut.

  7. I’m sorry but this whole CD sounds like a bubble gum type of CD which equals out to be wack!

    Someone says her vocals are better! you have got to be kidding me! She threw in that Barbados accent to throw you off the fact the song sounds stupid. She will not have a #1 nothing on this one and that includes her CD in it’s self..

    They could only do so much with her voice and that’s why they came up with these weak songs and if you are true you know it! The wait is over is a big washed up overrated hype just like the artits that is singing it. If them songs would’ve been done by Cassie, Christina, or even Ciara y’all would’ve dogged them out..

  8. Bubble Pop, it just sounds stupid. I will not buy her album though, all b/c of that Russian Roulette, a 12 boy just commited suicide, now it had nothing to do with her song, but I think in a time where so many young kids kill themselves, that stupid song should’nt be played, there is no reason for her to be so desparate.

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