Budget Body Butters

I am a huge fan of body butters. What I am not a fan of is the amount of money some companies actually look to charge for something that is essentially just a thicker version of a lotion.

Having said that, I have still found myself giving in to temptation and actually buying butters that have cost as much as $50.00.

However with the discovery of my new favorite butter, Black Opal’s Papaya Body Butter, those days are behind me.

Not only is Black Opal’s body butter less than half the price of other brands, but a comparison of the ingredients show few if any differences at all.

In other words, the same great smell and moisturization I’ve been getting from $50 brands, I could have been getting from Black Opal and for only about $10 a jar.

Other great body butters I have found that are economically priced include Naturally Clear Skin Body Butter (Walgreens: $5.99) and Botanics Nourishing Body Butter (Drugstore.com: $11.99).

Have a favorite body butter you want to share, cheap or not, let us know in the comments.


  1. My favorite products to buy and experiment with are mascara, foot creams and body butters. Don’t know why butter for the body seems so appealing but it is. Can’t really say I have a favorite cause really I will try just about anything. Spending fifty bucks is out of the question though. I have never bought one that cost more than twenty. I buy them for the smell and thickness. As long as theysmell good and don’t have greasy oils like petroleum in them I am game. Stay away from those that are basically made of vaseline. They are generally a rip off.

  2. Black Opal actually makes a lot of great products and their make-up gets great reviews. I’ll check out their body butters the next time I’m at Rite-Aid or CVS.

  3. I buy body butters from The Body Shop. They have a store in the mall near me and the prices are reasonable. Some smell better than others though. I always choose the fruity ones and sometimes mix them with a bit of Vaseline if I want an extra bit of umph.

  4. I think the name itself is appealing – body butter just sounds like you’re getting something really good, expensive. A friend of mine turned me on to Jones and Rose body butter which is really nice.

  5. I like Black Opal’s boddy butter and Jergen’s Body Cream is also a fave.

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