Calling All Haters

Are you a complete loser? Do you sit back, hate on celebrities and wish to God you had the opportunity to confront them and air your grievances? Well guess what? The CW is ready to give you that chance.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the network is quietly working on a reality show that will pair disgruntled haters with the celebrities they hate and the celebs will in turn try and win them over.

CW is rumored to be looking for everyday people to appear on the new show that is being developed for a network called H8R (how appropriate). The network declined to speak on the show, but did say they had several high profile celebs already lined up.

My Opinion: I can see someone like Diddy doing this because he has a career like a cockroach- absolutely nothing can kill it. However, I can’t see a Beyonce, Rihanna or Lady Gaga giving two $%^&&* about some stranger that doesn’t like them. The CW may land a few random celebs, but I can’t see too many tru a-listers agreeing to something so menial.

All interested haters can apply here.


  1. What? Really? Some people are serious with all that Hatred, why would you let some of these clearly deranged people near the object of their dementia? Idk what to say.

  2. I would loooooooooooooovvvvvve to be on this show!!

    Yes!!! bring on Sara Palin
    Beyonce and the whole knowles clan
    Jay-Z too
    Joan Rivers
    All Real Housewives cast members every version
    The kardashians
    can’t forget about the biggest hater of them all fitty cent!

    fifty I can’t stand yo ass!
    foxy brown
    lil kim

    The guys voice from the commercials
    I can’t stand that voice!

    Lil Wayne and all of young money
    You too Drake and Nicki

    Dr.Phil,Maury,Oprah,Barbra Walters

    I feel I have valid reasons for “hating” on these people and the voice.
    I must say I don’t really hate these people but they’re on my can’t stand list

  3. Yea u can find ALOT of applicants on here! They better have their bodyguards near by because some of these people hate these celebs like they killed their whole family.

  4. LOL @ THANKFUL’s long arse list đŸ˜†

    I hear you girl. Tell’em why you mad sis.

  5. This site is full of potential haters. All most of you all do is hate on celebs for no good reason. Some of you need to check yourselves.

  6. @ Thankful your comment made my freaking ***cold/rain/sleet/snow*** a-s-s day lmao.

  7. The CW will have no problem finding idiots to go on TV and shame themselves.

  8. What’s the point of the show? It’s going to allow haters to have the opportunity to be in the spotlight. Regardless they see the celebraties they hate that’s not going to change their minds about them. What a watse of time and money. Who cares? Everyone can’t please everybody and making a person change his or her perception about someone that hate is not going to make things better. These celebraties don’t care what people think of them so why should they waste their time encountering their haters to persuade them to like them. Smh…. society has gone downhill. # I CAN’T. ——–>

  9. And another thing this will give the haters the opportunity to be celebrities for their 15 minutes of fams so what’s the point? As I stated eariler. ——–>

  10. @Thankful really?!!! really hun?!!!

    you’re willing to embarass yourself, and your family just to tell people who are not hurting anybody and doing their jobs how much you hate them?!!!

    really honey?!!!

    Get a Life, PLEASE!!!!!!

  11. Agree with LOVE CHILD!

    @THANKFUL – You’re not that thankful if you express that much hate towards people. I know people have their personal opinions about certain things. But do you HONESTLY think anyone of those people you listed would give two damns of what you actually think? Ummm, NO! Cause you’re thoughts and hatred is what helped get them there.

    WOW @ the show though! SMDH!

  12. Another way of rewarding bad behavior and bullying people who have it going on into submission. Please people GET HAPPY!

  13. Totally agree with BlackSista!!!! they just want to do another show that will show mostly black people acting the fool on television just for shits and giggles!!!!

    @ SIncerely Jouet, SMDH at the show as well.
    what kind of foolishness? *in Tasha Mack voice*

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