Can You Date A Man With Long Hair?

The young man in the snapshot is model Ty Ogunkoya. If you goggle his name and come across different images of him, you might agree with me that he’s indeed a fine young man. But when I saw this latest snapshot of him, well I thought, “Hmm…..still a fine young man, but I can’t deal with the long hair.”

To each its own and it’s true that we all are looking for something different in a man. But can you date a man with long hair? Whether it’s dreads, extensions, or his real hair, are you comfortable with the notion of dating a man who has hair that could be longer than yours?

What do you think ladies?

FYI (Ty Ogunkoya is 6’1,” has hazel eyes, a degree in material engineering, and wears a size 10 shoe. Hmm…..maybe the long hair isn’t so bad after all! Lol!


  1. My ‘ex’ used to have long hair. He is Greek and in the Greek islands it is quite common to have long hair. But of course I got him to cut it all off few years ago. Just yesterday I was dying his hair and he thanked me for advising him to cut his hair a few years back. He has a degree in electronic engineering but I used to tease him that the long hair made him look like a Greek waiter.

    On the other hand I used to have shoulder length hair and I cut it all off even though he asked me not to.

  2. I don’t like dreads but if a guy has that good soft hair, i find it sexy. Like this guy in my class. His hair is long and curly and he always has it done but not in braids.

  3. But da guy in the picture…smh I got to say the nay-no to him.

  4. The only way I would date a man with long hair is if he put it in a pony tail. but if he chooses to wear it down, i don’t think i could do it. it would remind me of a woman.

  5. Ist he’s not fine, hazel eyes overrated, their not that appealing on a man nor a woman only a child.
    2nd dreads are the only long hair a man should be allowed to have.

  6. Well the guy in that picture looks like he has long permed or pressed hair and that’s a big no for me. I’ll only accept long hair on black or latino men in its natural state… so basically only on men with curly/kinky hair. and also dreads. I love long dreads. so sexy.

  7. I agree with DEESI… he’s NOT fine. he in no way appeals to me. as for long hair, the only long hair a black man should have is locs. period. men of other races can grow long hair if they like but i’m not dating them. it just does nothing for me.

  8. I hope whatever the answer is, It’s also okay for a man to refuse to date a woman with/without hair 🙂
    Ladies stop focusing on the insignificant details..

  9. “Ladies stop focusing on the insignificant details..”


    A dude w/ extensions?? Where dey do dat at?! LOL! …& why? 🙂

  10. hmmm I prefer w/ a nice cut fade, but I will say I find a man who has well taken care of dreds to be sexy. Of course he has to have a face to match that sexiness lol. But nevertheless there is just something about dreds that I love lol. However, I think the model in the picture up top is very handsome.

  11. He’s handsome in some ways. I think he’s gay, though (not that it matters). I’m married, but when I was single, I didn’t really look for long haired black men but it wasn’t a deal breaker. I like long hair on fairer skinned men (lighter Native American, White, lighter Indian men, etc)

  12. OK I just Googled his name and I don’t think he’s as handsome as I did at first. I take it back, lol.

  13. @ Yokessm…

    it’s not an “insignificant detail” it’s a preference. if a man doesn’t want to date a woman with/without hair… that’s his PREFERENCE as well. just like not wanting to date a fat/skinny person or short/tall… it’s PREFERENCE.

  14. NNE- You from the south? cuz we use that term all the time. (where dey do dat at) lol.

  15. @Zy: Well I hope your “Preference” doesn’t keep you away from a good man 🙂

  16. As long as it’s clean & healthy the length is insignificant.

  17. Don’t think I can. I rather have a more masculaine looking man. we both don’t need long hair, lol. No Ma’am!!!!!!!

  18. NOPE! I personally don’t care for long hair, long fingernails, perms, finger waves, gold teeth or excessive jewelry..I expect a man to look a certain way when he reaches a certain age..Cut your damn hair, pull you pants up and look and act your age.

  19. @Yokessm… trust me, it hasn’t. not to mention, there are PLENTY of good men out here who know how to cut their hair. i’ve got one so i’m straight thanks!

  20. that photo looks like rapper lil bow-wow lol with or without the hair

  21. In answer to the primary question: YES.

    Flip the script, ask the fellas if they’d date a sista who rocked a bald cut or fade?

    It’s just hair.


    Did someone up above say sumpthin’ about a man wearing extensions? Now THAT dude I wouldn’t date simply because he most likely wouldn’t be tryin’ to date ‘me’. *le geigh* LOL

  22. for your information, the extensions were down for a photoshoot, thats no his natural hair, google ‘ty ogunkoya’ and tell me he;s not fine!!!1 kmt

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