Candids: Ciara, Rihanna & More

Singer Ciara took time off from headlining the Screamfest tour to promote Rocawear’s I Will Not Lose campaign at Macys Herald Square. I cannot even feign the slightest bit of interest in this story because I really think it’s boring at this point. What are we suppose to be buying, the sob stories in these commercials of the clothes? I want to see a hot fashion spread or something from Ciara, anything except what we are getting now. Rocawear has a beautiful young woman as the face of their women’s line and yet has no idea what to do with her.

Pretty- but boring.


  1. :hifive: I agree with you steph, I am bored with it too. I thought there’d be a little more to it but I guess not “yawn”

  2. OMG, I didnt’ see the 2nd page….she ain’t got no draws on 🙁 she kind reminds me of Janet in the other pic

  3. Ciara really need to slow down in the gym she’s looking really manly again.

    I like the way she perform but I don’t think this child can sing a lick. Sorry ciara fans! :bag:

  4. Rockawear clothing line looks weak even with Ciara Advertising, Wasup with that.
    Always a Pleasure seeing Rihanna.

  5. Rihanna still looks Fly, broken foot and All. :thumbsup:

  6. ciara great dancer she is a strong reminder of janet hope she do as good as her
    Rihanna is breath taKing she is so beautiful that lil girl whoaa im not the kind to be extasied
    (====== spelling about women but wow

  7. im sorry but…….then again no im not sorry ciara does not have her own style there is too much JANET JACKSON goin’ on she is even tryin’ to get her flawless ABS, nobody can have Janet’s ABS 😆

  8. Really, Ciara is EXTREMELY boring. Nothing will spice her up.

  9. CIARA looks like CIARA AND JANET never look this gorgeous, and ALLIYAH never was this energitic on the stage. Please let this beautiful lady carve her path in history. Ciara is the closest entertatiner we have to MJ let support her for being a class act by not sleeping around before marriage. ROCAWEAR is a small part of her business plan. CIARA CLOTHING AND JEWERLY LINE will premier very soon. WATCH for afforable and trendy wear.

  10. JANET don’t have her own abs it surgery. CIARA abs come from 200-500 sit up a day.

  11. CHURCH….tell these ciara haters the truth patnas. i don’t care for the clothing either but all that janet aaliyahh bullshit is for the birds.

  12. Ciara is a sweetheart but she has the personality of a tree and her appeal is limited. She doesn’t remind me of Aaliyah or Janet. Jan is a better dancer and Aaliyah’s personality just lit of a room. The piss poor ads are just a reflection of who she is as a person, dull.

  13. Ciara is a bad bitch and yes she did shadow from Aaliyah! That’s not a bad thang….

  14. Janet abs? 😆 :dance1: Have you seen her abs lately? Nevamind! I guess anything could be possible with the likes of modern technology and surgery. But dayaam you go ciara for keepin it real!

  15. Janet’s abs are real. If you follow Janet and know her food diet when she is on point, she has one of the healthiest diets out of all of the celebs. And as for me, I ain’t hatin on her, as a matter of fact, I have her latest album and love it, but she does remind me of Janet and those pants do resemble Aaliyah’s in More than a women just watch the video

  16. Love the Kesyshia Cole album cover! LOVE the p


    Rihanna looks fierce!

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