Preview ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’ Video


If the fifty-five second preview is any indication, Shakira and Rihanna plan to bring the heat for the visual side of their latest collaboration “Can’t Remember to Forget You.”

The Joseph Khan directed clip features lots of hip swiveling and booty shaking fans of both divas have come to expect; with Rihanna clearly aiming to outdo Shakira on both fronts.

Both ladies bring their respective island flavas, with hopes the visual will help propel the single back up the Itunes chart, where it now sits outside the top 200.

If booty poppin’ can sell records, expect “Can’t Remember to Forget You” to go platinum.

The ladies are workin’ it for all its worth.



  1. I guess this is the New Norm. The people I like don’t get much shine, Tamia, Brandy, Heather Headly, Oh well. Moving on.

  2. Well from the animated photos above… seems a lot like “Beautiful Liar.” Just from them doing the whole similar dance moves. They both look beautiful, but I’m so over the whole “booty popping” aura. *shrugs*

  3. That’s great more pelvic thrusts, amazing, not like we haven’t seen this for the last decade already. I’m sorry but SNORE.

  4. I’m sorry and this is the same woman talking about AIDS and responsibility popping her ass for the millionth time, I just can’t. Peace

  5. Good lord! Everybody humpin’ and grindin’ the walls in their videos now! Mercy!

  6. People clearly didn’t forget to not buy that single. I knew it wouldn’t do well when I heard it. Shakira thought she could ensure herself a hit enlisting chart queen Rihanna but RiRi wasn’t enough. She needed a good song too.

    All that booty poppin can be blamed on the collabo being compared to Beautiful Liar and its epic video. Both women are trying to keep up.

    Not feeling that fake lesbianism stuff either. There was an article out not long ago blaming things like this and young girls trying lesbian sex and younger and younger ages. I believe it too. This used to be a white girl thing, now young black and Puerto Rican girls (I live in NY) are getting down with this behavior as well.

    One of our schools sent out a notice about and I personally attended a meeting a mother set up to alert of mothers of what their daughters are doing.


  7. What do pelvic thrusts and AIDS have to do with each other? You can be sexy in real life or on screen and still practice safe sex.

    Having said that, I don’t believe as many celebs practice safe sex as they would have us believe. I doubt Rihanna always uses condoms or has had any of her lovers tested.


  8. I knew 2014 was going to be something else for music, so I’m not surprised and is there an end in sight, I don’t think so! When a TV veteran like Katie Couric can’t get enough people to watch her show, but Bethany looks like she’s going to get another year, the Madonna and Miley smash up, eww!…the Grammy blackout, The Bachelor Show is still on the air, women as spouses have become more important or popular than a woman in her own right (Housewives franchise, baller wives, celebrity ex-wives, couples’ therapy, and famous wives and couples we love, i.e., Will and Jada, LL Cool J and Simone or our prez and first lady), celebrity baby bumps and kids, women are being greatly marginalized. To be seen and heard nowadays takes drastic measures.

    As much as people say they want real music, quality films other than about slaves or the help, other than Tyler Perry, this [the outlandish] is what will get attention and consumed. A single cost $1.29, we can make artists number 1 without this (lap dances), but I don’t blame them (they own nothing), it’s sink, swim or go home!

  9. @Dana You’re speaking the truth. I believe there is an agenda with vids like this. I don’t expect everyone to agree with or understand what I’m saying, but time/age has taught me a great deal 😉

  10. there are so many other treatments that can be developed to procure a sensual sexy video that isn’t so blatant! smh.

    welp, good luck with the single/song/performance whatever to them.

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