Cynthia Bailey Unveils ‘Cargo’ Line of Accessories

Introducing: Cargo by Cynthia Bailey

Model Cynthia Bailey is quite the busy little bee these days. With her Real Housewives of Atlanta reality show on hiatus, Miss Cynthia is busy delving into her other loves, namely, fashion and accessories. Cynthia said she’d be introducing her new accessories line soon and soon appears to be today. Via Instagram Cynthia unveiled Cargo, her gorgeous line of travel bags and accessories.

According to Cynthia, her Cargo bags are made of high end leather, suede and mohair and are designed for today’s busy woman or man. Cargo by Cynthia Bailey ranges in price from $125 for wristlets all the way up to $750 for larger bags.

Feel free to visit Cargo’s official website to see the entire line. It truly is quite stunning. Good for Cythia thinking about life after RHOA ends.


  1. The problem a lot of these women make is they don’t brand themselves on the show. Yeah Cynthia’s line is beautiful but why would anyone buy anything that expensive from her? She hasn’t branded herself in any way as someone who is a purveyor of style, class and etiquette. I’ve never seen Cynthia even talk about her accessories line on the show. I hope it does well. But she needs to do a better job at branding herself. The Kardashians have mastered that art, others could learn a thing or two.

  2. Nice.

    Is the little owl her insignia? Does she also use it on her sunglasses line? If not, she should.

  3. Yeah the prices are crazy, but I’ve seen that before. Luggage can be crazy expensive especially once a celebrity attaches their name. I’m loving it though. It looks well made and if I had the funds I’d drop a few hundred on that beige backpack.

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