Carol’s Daughter ATL Store Opening

Carol's Daughter

For all our ATL sistas, we have some news you can use. Carol’s Daughter will be opening up a new store at the Lenox Mall this weekend. The company has also teamed up with Mary J. Blige’s FFAWN organization to host a VIP charity event, in which 33% of all proceeds will go to the organization. Carol’s Daughter will also be setting up a mobile lounge at the mall on Saturday (12pm) and invites the public to come out and experience their mini beauty treatments (hair, nails, massage). Each guest will receive a 10% discount coupon to use at the new store.


  1. I heard that this stuff was terrible, I heard the products are greasy and the hair products are crap, I heard that they basically do nothing, and it’s overpriced. But it is for a good cause…

  2. I ordered some products from them and never ordered again. Prices are definitely inflated and like most cosmetics, do not do what they claim.


  4. I read GREAT things about Carol’s Daughter for years and purchased a few of their products myself last year. I haven’t purchased anything since. I think a big part of her appeal was that she was your average sister who started this grass roots business. I respect her for it too, but none of the products I bought were so great I would order them again or pay the amount I paid for them. I hear her Jelly products smell good and I might try them. If a store was near me I would even visit it and possibly try more of her products. I just felt no need to continue ordering stuff offline that was mediocre and overpriced.

  5. @ Dana

    I agree, we are eager to support black women who are “just like us” But $30 for grease. I ain’t havin’ it.

  6. I tried their hair balm and it is very good. It has a pretty smell and lots of oils. You get your money’s worth cause you only need a little bit. I’ve tried a lot of their other products too but none as good the hair balm.

  7. Yeah I used it on my daugther and was not impressed with the results. It is extremely greasy and smells funny after awhile.

  8. I remember this chick from youtube, she was a natural, and she was talking about how Carols Daughters products USED to be natural, and now they have artificial stuff in them. That’s not cool. The price is inflated and the product is filled with fillers?

  9. I saw the pics from the event online. Looks like everyone had a great time overall.

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