Alicia Keys Announces ‘Here’ Album + Unveils New Single


Alicia Keys’ ‘Here’ Album to be Released in November

First, can we all just take a moment to marvel at how absolutely gorgeous Alicia Keys looks in the above photo. The singer posted the image to her various social media accounts just moments ago while unveiling the title of her new album: Here, and it’s release date: November 4th. Alicia also blessed fans with a new A$AP Rocky assisted single titled Blended Family. The image above will serve as the single’s cover art. Fans who pre-order Here will also get an automatic download of the track.
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Watch: ‘In Common’ Video by Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys Celebrates Love in Black and White

Singer Alicia Keys has just unveiled the video for In Common, the first single off of her upcoming six solo album. The black-and-white Pierre Debusschere-directed clip turns a simple soundstage into a block party full of diverse dancers, who according to Alicia, help “illustrate the messiness of love in all its complexity.”
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New Music: 28 Thousand Days by Alicia Keys


Alicia Keys is back with a new song titled 28 Thousand Days. The tune was partially unveiled earlier this year when it was included in a commercial Alicia shot for Levi’s Jeans.

28 Thousand Days will be featured on a soundtrack Levi’s is producing as part of their Live in Levi’s campaign, which will kick off in the fall, shepherded by their new Women’s Denim Collection of which Alicia is the official face of.
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Alicia Keys Set to Direct Short Film

Alicia Keys is reportedly looking to add the title of director to her many credits. According to Deadline, the 30 year old singer/actress will direct a short film as a part of Lifetime’s original movie “Project Five.” An anthology of five short stories that explore the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives, Alicia will be joined by Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Patty Jenkins.

Aniston will serve as the movie’s producer, along with “Friends” creator Marta Kauffman.

“Our hope with Project Five is to entertain, inform and inspire dialogue, research and prevention,” Aniston said in a statement. “Otherwise, our goals are small — we want these films to move people and empower those affected by breast cancer to stand tall through this challenge, which impacts ALL of our lives, no matter who we are.”

Kauffman supervised the writing of the five individual scripts by TV veterans Stephen Godshaux, Jill Gordon, Howard Morris, Deirdre O’Connor and Wendy West. A fifth director will be announced soon.

New Music: Alicia Keys & Eve Are “Speechless”

Singer Alicia Keys recently tweeted what she called a “holiday treat for her fans.” The gift Alicia was speaking of is a new track titled “Speechless” which is produced by her husband Swizz Beatz and features rapper Eve. Alicia was quick to let it be known the song would not be featured on her new album and is not an official single.

Official or not, it is classic Alicia and one of the best songs she has released in years. If you hunger for the soulful sound the R n’ B diva made her trademark when she first stepped on the scene back in 2001, then you will absolutely positively love “Speechless.”

Give it a listen below.

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Tie The Knot

Congratulations go out to Alicia Keys and Kasseem Dean, aka Swizz Beatz. According to online reports, the happy couple married over the weekend at the home of a friend in the Mediterranean Sea. The ceremony was said to be super private, with only close friends and family members in attendance.

Alicia is said to have worn a white Grecian-inspired Vera Wang dress, accompanied by a bouquet of purple calla lilies. Swizz was outfitted in a Tom Ford tuxedo and the whole shebang was presided over by spiritual guru Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Alicia’s camp released a photo of the couple’s first kiss- which you can see above. Click to enlarge.

Confirmed: Alicia Keys is Pregnant And Engaged

I think the title of this article pretty much says it all, so rather than concentrate on Alicia I thought I would look at this through the eyes of Mashona (Swizz’s ex-wife) and women I know who have been through similar situations.

No doubt Mashonda is somewhere right now feeling a bit upset. The singer has already made it known that Alicia stole her man and now with a baby on the way, no doubt our sister must be feeling like Alicia has stolen her whole damn life. After all, just about a year ago it was Mashona who was married to Swizz and had just given birth to his child. Now the tables are turned and it is Alicia who has what Mashonda had just over a year ago.

I know I would be angry. To go from being a wife and mother to a single mother is a hard pill to swallow. That pill grows in size when you have lost your foundation- your man, your child’s father to not only another woman, but another family. Swizz has essentially replaced one family with another and damn if that ish don’t hurt.I know several women who have been through this and it is hard. It is hard to lose your man to another woman and then watch that woman have a child and have a full time father for her child, while your child is relegated to weekend visits or whenever Daddy can come by visits.

So to all the sistas out there who have had their lives stolen by cold hearted women who wanted what you had but weren’t woman enough to go out there and find their OWN man to have it with; I say keep your head up. God never closes a door without opening a window.

Source: People Mag

Sista Sighting: Alicia Keys In London With Swizz Beatz

After her sellout show last night at the O2 Arena in London, singer Alicia Keys was spotted heading back to her hotel with recently divorced boyfriend Swizz Beatz. Alicia had been put on pregnancy watch by the media after appearing in concert wearing very unflattering outfits that made her look like she had a pooch. The singer may have attempted to put those rumors to rest last night by appearing with Swizz wearing a short black belted around the waist mini-dress that left little room for speculation of a pregnancy.

The rumors however just won’t die as many are speculating that her unplanned pregnancy may be the reason why she isn’t sporting those spectacular Armani designs we reported on a few weeks back.